15 Weird Ancient Weapons: Bizarre But Effective Battle Tools
Throughout human history, warfare has been a constant reality. From ancient times until now, people have developed various weapons and strategies to gain advantage in battle. Hidden among the pile of weapons you would expect[…]
21 Weird Statues That Make You Want To Stare For Hours
Statues have been used as a form of art and cultural expression for centuries, with many iconic pieces scattered across the world. However, there are also many unusual and weird statues that defy convention and[…]
The English Language Is Weird And These 51 Words Prove It
English is a fascinating language, filled with thousands of weird words that are rarely used in everyday conversation. From quirky nouns to obscure adjectives, the English language is full of surprises. Have you ever wondered[…]
From Ukulele To Typewriters: 23 Weird Celebrity Hidden Talents
We love them for the thing that made them famous but the thing is, celebrities are much more than good script readers or 3 minute singers. Known for their on-screen talent and glamorous lifestyles, many[…]
The Simpsons Did It First: 12 Predictions They Got Right
Love it or hate it, “The Simpsons” has quickly become one of the IT shows of our times. The humor and the iconic characters along with the show’s seemingly ability to predict random events have[…]
20 Weird, Funny Or Unusual Traditions Around The World
Weird traditions exist in every corner of the world, some odd, some strange, some downright bizarre. From throwing tomatoes at each other to tuna tossing,  we’ll explore some of the most intriguing and unusual traditions[…]

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