Ancient Tales, Living Legends: 24 Mythical Creatures In History
Mythical creatures managed to capture our imaginations for centuries. We’ve read about dragons and unicorns, mermaids and sphinxes; these powerful mythical creatures are present in our stories, our dreams, and our fears. They represent the[…]
Bow Down To The Queen: 19 Beyoncé Trivia Gems Only Superfans Know
Unleash your inner fan and delve into some seriously cool Beyoncé trivia. From her early days in Destiny’s Child to her chart-topping solo career, get ready to be blown away by the fascinating world of[…]
21 Weird Alaska Laws: No Drunk Moose Or Kangaroos In Barber Shops!
Alaska is known for the breathtaking landscapes combined with a diversity of animals. And there’s also the wonderful and hospitable people that live here. But there’s also something “interesting” that not many people know about:[…]
The Pagan Side Of Festivity: 8 Holidays With Pagan Origins
We use holidays as a way of bringing the family back together, of getting in touch with our beliefs and why not, to get a few days off work. When you take each celebration/holiday and[…]
Forget Cats And Dogs: 12 Unique Pets For The Eccentric Kind
Millennials raised the bar and Gen-Z are here to keep the bar rolling; more and more people opt for pets, even more since remote work and freelancing have been up and going. The following list[…]
Crazy Kleptomaniacs – 17 Strangest Things Ever Stolen
You would think that having a safe for your valuables is enough to consider yourself safe. Well, actually not, especially if you cross paths with a cooky thief. Some of the strangest things ever stolen[…]

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