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30 Aug
Ancient Tales, Living Legends: 24 Mythical Creatures In History
Mythical creatures managed to capture our imaginations for centuries. We’ve read about dragons and unicorns, mermaids and sphinxes; these powerful mythical creatures are present in our stories, our dreams, and our fears. They represent the[…]
29 Aug
Bow Down To The Queen: 19 Beyoncé Trivia Gems Only Superfans Know
Unleash your inner fan and delve into some seriously cool Beyoncé trivia. From her early days in Destiny’s Child to her chart-topping solo career, get ready to be blown away by the fascinating world of[…]
22 Aug
21 Weird Alaska Laws: No Drunk Moose Or Kangaroos In Barber Shops!
Alaska is known for the breathtaking landscapes combined with a diversity of animals. And there’s also the wonderful and hospitable people that live here. But there’s also something “interesting” that not many people know about:[…]
21 Aug
The Pagan Side Of Festivity: 8 Holidays With Pagan Origins
We use holidays as a way of bringing the family back together, of getting in touch with our beliefs and why not, to get a few days off work. When you take each celebration/holiday and[…]
17 Aug
Forget Cats And Dogs: 12 Unique Pets For The Eccentric Kind
Millennials raised the bar and Gen-Z are here to keep the bar rolling; more and more people opt for pets, even more since remote work and freelancing have been up and going. The following list[…]
09 Aug
Crazy Kleptomaniacs – 17 Strangest Things Ever Stolen
You would think that having a safe for your valuables is enough to consider yourself safe. Well, actually not, especially if you cross paths with a cooky thief. Some of the strangest things ever stolen[…]
31 Jul
9 Weird Elon Musk Episodes That Weren’t His Best Moments
Elon Musk is one of the most known people on earth. Some love him for what he’s done for car travel and for space travel. Others like what he has to say (and he often[…]
27 Jul
Legally Strange: 25 Outlandish And Weird Ohio Laws
Ohio is a lovely place, with many beautiful places to visit and explore. It’s also a great spot to find some really strange, puzzling and downright odd laws. So, if you’re in the mood for[…]
25 Jul
14 Stage Invasions: Fans Throwing Stuff During Live Performances
The trend of throwing random stuff on stage got more and more traction, with things taking a turn for the worse in most cases. Bebe Rexha was hit by a phone because a guy thought[…]
22 Jul
YNW Melly: The Highs, Lows And The Weird
UPDATE: On July 22, 2023 the double-murder case against YNW Melly has ended in a mistrial. The jury was deadlocked for 3 days. The Broward County State Attorney’s Office officially declared it will be retrying[…]

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