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04 Nov
From Wrinkles To Mops: 17 Of The Weirdest Dog Breeds
Some four-legged companions defy convention and the following so-called weirdest dog breeds out there prove that. The truth is that each dog breed we encounter has a story as unique as its appearance so read[…]
03 Nov
Friendly Or Frightening? 11 Creepy Facts About Dolphins
Dolphins are praised for their intelligence and apparent friendliness. They are loved worldwide because they are playful and have a certain thing that makes them stand out. And while they can do a lot of[…]
01 Nov
Fantastic Fungi: 17 Of The Weirdest Mushrooms Nature Has To Offer
Amidst the bushy bush and beneath the forest canopy lies a world where organisms with peculiar shapes, colors, and behaviors thrive – the world of mushrooms. Let’s explore the weirdest mushrooms that nature has come[…]
31 Oct
Quirky Gigs, Big Bucks: 19 Weird Jobs That Pay Well
Ready to discover the quirkiest and most lucrative gigs out there? Dive into our wild world of weird jobs that pay well. From professional cuddlers to professional line standers, these unusual money earners prove that[…]
30 Oct
31 Weird Georgia Laws: No Stink Bombs Or Piggyback Riding
Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi, the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coca-Cola plus the largest US peanut producer. It’s also a beautiful place, with a lot of interesting and[…]
29 Oct
Crowns And Curiosities: 19 Fascinating Yet Weird Royal Facts
We like watching them on Netflix, we like watching them in the gossip section, we like fantasizing about living that kind of life. But how was/is life as a member of the royal family? We[…]
26 Oct
The Odd And The Unusual: 17 Of The Weirdest Science Experiments
In the name of science. For global recognition. To feed some innate, unnatural curiosity. Whatever the reason, these studies pushed the boundaries of curiosity and ethics. Join us as we explore the unconventional, the eyebrow-raising,[…]
25 Oct
Deception Unmasked: 11 Famous Hoaxes That Fooled The World
Throughout history, the human imagination has given rise to astonishing stories and remarkable mysteries. Some of these tales have captivated the masses, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. Next we’ll cover the world of[…]
24 Oct
Secrets Of The Unfound: 13 Treasures That Have Never Been Found
We’ve all heard tales or saw Netflix ministries about treasures that have never been found. From ancient legends to modern-day enigmas, these treasures have teased adventurers, historians, and fortune seekers for ages. 1. The Amber[…]
23 Oct
21 Weird Arizona Laws: No Grass Eating, Helmets Or Stealing Soap
Arizona is known for the desert (being one of the most arid states in the US), cacti, cowboys and a rich history. There are also lots of special foods Arizona is known for like the[…]

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