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21 Apr
The 13 Weirdest Last Names You’ve Ever Heard
Names are important. They can represent your family tree, your heritage, and your identity. But sometimes, people are born with names that are just a little bit strange. In this blog post, we will take[…]
18 Apr
The 13 Weirdest Buildings In The World Will Blow Your Mind
Have you ever seen a building and thought, “What on Earth were they thinking?” Sometimes, architects get a little too creative with their designs, and the results are some of the strangest buildings in the[…]
17 Apr
The 20 Weirdest Majors for Unique Students to Study
When you think about college majors, the first things that come to mind are business, law, medicine, and engineering. But what about the weirder options? There are several unusual majors that students can study at[…]
16 Apr
The Weirdest Clouds Are Like An Art In the Sky (Look Up!)
Daily we see lots of different shapes of clouds in the sky. It feels like an expert artist showing his art to the whole world. Have you ever wondered what the reasons are? How do[…]
09 Apr
10 Weirdest Laws in Texas Will Leave You Scratching Your Head
If you’ve ever been to Texas, you know that it is a state with many personalities. From the southern drawl of the locals to the wide-open spaces, Texas is unique. But did you know that[…]

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