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27 Nov
Rap’s Rebel: 19 Weird Tupac Facts You Might Have Missed
We were all shocked to read the latest development in Tupac’s murder case because, let’s face it, so many years have passed since then, we think no one had any hopes for some updates. Well,[…]
26 Nov
Game, Set, Strange: 22 Weird Sport Records That Steal The Show
Apparently quickest 100 meters or most consecutive backflips are too boring for some people. So they go above and beyond to create some really weird sport records. 1. Creative pumpkin carving while scuba diving Yeah,[…]
25 Nov
Dreaming In The Wild: 17 Weird Ways Animals Sleep
Having not enough sleep or no sleep at all makes us cranky and jittery. Same goes for the animal kingdom, and more. Imagine giraffes going for an 8-hour sleep. She would end up as lunch[…]
24 Nov
Beyond The Buckeye State: 19 Weird Things To See And Do In Ohio
Ohio is a wonderful place to visit, with its 3 C’s (Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati) offering a lot of interesting places to visit and explore. There’s nature with state and national parks, ice fishing in[…]
23 Nov
From Controversy To Blacklisting: 15 Banned Movies That Sparked Outrage And Debate
We like the gore. We like the shock factor. And we like to see the unexpected but most of the following banned movies went to great lengths to create something that is sure to impress[…]
22 Nov
Beyond The Casket: 15 Weird Funeral Practices
If there’s something we know for sure is that we all die. At least for now. Who knows what technology might offer in the years to come. Until then, we have funeral practices in place[…]
21 Nov
Wisconsin’s Legal Shenanigans: 21 Weird Wisconsin Laws
Wisconsin has a lot to offer from great fishing lakes, Milwaukee’s Summerfest, many hills and mountains to explore, beautiful beaches to The Harley-Davidson Museum or many winter activities. It’s a beautiful place, especially in the[…]
20 Nov
Brushes, Bullets And Bandits: 10 Weird Art Heists
Weird due to the item being stolen and weird due to the manner of the heist. Weird all around. These weird heists or heist attempts are to be savored, laughed about, and why not, put[…]

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