Who we are:

We love weird things from good stories to weird top lists, videos, images and so much more. We are a team of individuals from around the globe (some of us might be from outer space) that love finding, writing, and showing the weirdest things on Earth and beyond from the weirdest animals that ever lived, The weirdest holiday destinations and so much more.

The adventure of finding all kinds of weirdness is the name of our game and you can expect to become the biggest website on the web for all kinds of weird findings.

Start your weird journey with us!

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How does it work:

Simply browse through our blog pages and select and click on the lists and articles that catch your interest. Since we started this weird project in 2022 we just have one list at the moment but with more amazing content coming in we will start organizing with more lists to make it easier to find whatever it is you came looking for.

You would love it if you can share the stories you love on your socials, it would really help us and with more people visiting this website the more weirdness will be discovered.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help you stay weird, and find out about some of the weirdest things that exists on this planet! We are hoping to entertain you with lists about all weird things. We will regularly update the website with more weird content to keep you excited about reading out website.

What more we can say? The world is full of weird things!


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This website of course, but besides that we also love sharing our content on social media and interacting with people from all around the world.

What more we can say? The world is full of weird things!

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More options will become available, your request is more than welcome and you can always get in contact with us here.

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