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Who we are:

We love weird things from stories to lists, videos, images etc. We are a team of individuals that love finding the weirdest things in life such as the weirdest animals that ever lived or the weirdest holiday destinations and so much more.

We love the adventure of finding out weird things on earth or on the Internet and present our findings in awesome lists.

How does it work:

Simply browse through our blog pages and select and click on the lists and articles that catch your interest. You are also welcome to share to your social media and leave a comment to join the conversation.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help you stay weird, and find out about some of the weirdest things that exists on this planet! We are hoping to entertain you with lists about all weird things. We will regularly update the website with more weird content to keep you excited about reading out website.

What more we can say? The world is full of weird things!

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