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06 Dec
Weirdest Reasons People Faked Their Own Death
It turns out some people take the phrase “gone but not forgotten” to a whole new level. We gotta admit, doing research for this piece on the weirdest reasons people faked their own death we[…]
05 Dec
Mistletoe Misfits: 17 Weird Christmas Traditions That Make The Season Bright
Ah, the holiday season—a time for twinkling lights, cozy sweaters, and some seriously weird Christmas traditions. From shoe-throwing superstitions to festive log-poop rituals, our global holiday traditions are a merry mishmash of the heartwarming and[…]
04 Dec
Strange Wires: The Unpredictable Weird Robots Era
Make your pick: we have robots that are designed to simplify workflow for us humans, robots that can improve the education process, robots that boost our serotonin just by looking at them. It’s pretty clear[…]
03 Dec
Hungry Greens: 13 Weird Carnivorous Plants And Their Feeding Habits
While inadvertently our mind might wonder to Venus Flytrap, the most famous representative, the plant world has way more weird carnivorous plants than this. Most of them pretty, some of them not looking the part,[…]
02 Dec
Wit And Wisdom: 9 Eccentric Philosophers Through the Ages
Sometimes with a great mind comes great weirdness. And the following eccentric philosophers are a testament to that. Their living arrangements, their take on life, their rituals, their language, their pets, there was something odd[…]
01 Dec
Kentucky Kookiness: 17 Laughable And Weird Kentucky Laws
Also known as the Blue-grass state, Kentucky is the place where both Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy and Abraham Lincoln, President of the Union, were born. Isn’t that something? It’s a state filled with[…]
29 Nov
Shopping Wonderland: 11 Unusual And Weird Amazon Gadgets You Can Buy
  Amazon, the rabbit hole of stuff you browse for at 2 am only because you can’t sleep only to discover something that fixes a problem or the other. We’ve all been there. We tried[…]
28 Nov
Weird And Convenient: 15 Animal-Shaped Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Adore
Cooking should be fun and these animal-shaped kitchen gadgets do just that. You could buy them for yourself, like the independent adult that you are, or you could add them to the table to keep[…]

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