Unleash the Quirk: Why These 19 Weird Board Games Rock


We’re all guilty of mindlessly scrolling through our smartphones, zapping away at pixelated candies or conquering virtual kingdoms. But what if I told you there’s a peculiar world of board games out there, brimming with oddities and eccentricities, just waiting to captivate your imagination and deliver a gaming experience like no other? So let’s dive headfirst into the realm of weird board games!

1. Butts in Space: The Card Game

weird board games: butts in space

How funny is this game? Well, you play as Bow Butt, Hairy Butt, Classy Butt, or Butt Butt. The point of the game is simple: you have to stash as much toilet paper as possible and you’ll be crowned the winner. Fun for people of all ages, this is a cool contender for family game night.


2. Cosmic Frog

weird boardgames cosmic frog jpg

A strategic, sci-fi themed game where players control a frog-like alien species competing to collect the most valuable artifacts. Bright cards, bright characters, weird rules, and an even weirder concept: you’re a frog eating bits of land with the sole purpose of creating a new world.


3. Guts of Glory

weird boardgames Guts of Glory jpg

Guts of Glory is a strategy board game that simulates a gladiator arena battle. Players control a team of gladiators and must use strategy and tactics to defeat their opponents. You have to “eat” a wide array of stuff, all so you can please the crowds.


4. Consentacle

weird boardgames consentacle jpg

And yes, this game is all about consent. You’re either the human being trying to woo a tentacle-covered female alien or the alien herself. The language barrier is a big issue making communication tough but if you go for the easy mode at first you will be allowed several gestures that might help you progress faster.


5. P.U.! The Guessing Game of Smells

weird boardgames PU guessing game jpg

P.U.! The Guessing Game of Smells is a party game where players have to guess the smells of various scents. The game comes with 50 mystery scents, ranging from pleasant to downright stinky. Players take turns smelling a scent and then have to guess what it is. Not for the faint of heart, some of the smells are not easy to stomach.


6. Calamity

weird boardgames Calamity jpg

This is a rather classic insurance-based game where you have to insure a lot of weird stuff.

7. Kolejka

weird boardgames Kolejka jpg

A board game about grocery shopping. To be more precise, about queuing and having zero clue what shop is about to get a new delivery. This is not produced anymore so your best chance of playing it is to find it online sold by people trying to unload it. For non-Polish speakers, the name of the game is “Queue.”


8. Pass The Pigs

weird boardgames pass the pigs jpg

In the category ‘Creative Dice’ we have this gem. A travel-size game that was obviously designed as a way to kill time, Pass the Pigs has a very short learning curve: you just have to throw the pig-shaped dice. The position in which they land will get you a set number of points, the winner being the one that reaches 100 points first.


9. Capital Punishment

weird boardgames capital punishment jpg

From the creators of “Public Assistance – Why Bother Working for a Living?” we have this oldie but goldie. With a strong political vibe, players can also use liberals to free their convicts aka putting them back on the street.

10. Inhuman Conditions

weird boardgames inhuman conditions jpg

Five-minute party game, or how to get your fun on without having to play for hours. You have an Investigator and a Suspect. The investigator has to figure out if the suspect is human or robot, simple as that.


11. Zimby Mojo

weird boardgames zimby mojo jpg

A solo or co-op game with a rather simple purpose: you’re a shaman of a tribe of vicious cannibals and you want to become the new Cannibal King. To do so you have to kill the current King and steal his crown.


12. Smokers Wild

weird boardgames smokers wild jpg

You make dough by avoiding smoking at all costs. Chock full of weird jokes and twists, this game is a rare vintage find.

13. Snifty Snakes

weird boardgames snifty snakes jpg

A handsfree game that kids will fall in love with, while adults are left reeling in the corner. It’s frustrating, annoying at times but fun nonetheless.

14. The Crazy Cat Lady Game

weird boardgames the crazy cat lady game jpg e1687450004827

Win the game by having the biggest cat pack simple as that. Follow the board’s instructions and you’ll know how to play the game, there’s really no need to read a fluffy rulebook for this game.


15. Freakface

freakface boardgame

Relive Halloween night again and again and again. Proceed at your own risk, this is as spooky as it gets. In fact, the game manufacturers went above and beyond in making sure people know what they’re getting themselves into: “Freakface!!! is a very visceral experience and we have rated it X. Anyone under the age of 18 is NOT permitted to play. Pregnant or players with a fragile or nervous disposition are strongly encouraged NOT TO PLAY THIS GAME!”

16. The Mushroom Eaters

weird boardgames the mushroom eaters jpg

A trippy, weird board game about being on shrooms. Weird board? Check. Weird cards? Check. If this sounds like a must-have for you, brace yourself, this game is rather hard to come by.

17. Arranged!

weird boardgames arranged jpgOriginally a Kickstarter project, Arranged! explores the culture of arranged marriages. You start with three girls and a matchmaker, the girls doing their absolute best to avoid getting married. Not for the woke-type, expressions like “child bearing hips” are used with no second thought.

18. Echidna Shuffle

weird boardgames echidna shuffle jpg

There will be a lot of backstabbing and swearing involved. You have to move bugs from leaf to leaf, bugs that have the same color as the leaf itself. You will find it weirdly fun, but beware, some friendships might be left strained after finishing this game.

19. Doggie Doo

weird boardgames doggie doo jpg

The guys from Goliath said it best: “Feed your doggie, and squeeze the leash. After he makes his gassy sounds – plop! If you are the player who cleaned up the doo, you get a fart token. The player who has the most tokens at the end of the game wins!” If it’s gross and even better, poop-related, chances are kids will love it and from reading some of the reviews we can safely say this seems to be a hit with the younger audience.


Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a curious novice, there’s a weird board game out there waiting to captivate your imagination. So gather your friends, ignite your sense of adventure, and embark on a journey filled with laughter and unexpected twists.

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What are some super popular weird games?

The following three popular weird board games have gained a lot of attention:

Exploding Kittens. This highly entertaining card game combines strategy and luck as players attempt to avoid drawing an exploding kitten card. It features quirky illustrations and hilarious actions that keep everyone on their toes.


Betrayal at House on the Hill. In this suspenseful game, players explore a haunted house, discovering creepy secrets as they go. The game takes a unique twist when one player becomes a traitor, leading to an intense and unpredictable showdown.


Mysterium. In this cooperative game, one player takes on the role of a ghost communicating with other players through dreamlike visions. The goal is to solve a murder mystery by deciphering the clues provided by the ghost.


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