Hamster Heaven: 19 Weird Hamster Toys & Accessories He’ll Love


Are you a proud hamster parent looking for new and exciting ways to keep your furry friend entertained? Gone are the days of boring plastic wheels and generic tunnels – we’re talking about weird and unusual toys that will keep your hamster engaged and curious. And who says these toys are just for your hamster’s benefit? Let’s be real, watching your hamster peep its tiny head from a circus-themed fluffy house is just as entertaining for you as it is for him. From the practical to some of the wackiest and most unique hamster toys out there, we’ve got you covered.

1. Hamster Foraging Educational Game

hamster toys: Hamster Foraging Educational Game

A fun and super study toy that will keep your hamster engaged and in touch with its natural instincts. To order to get him accustomed with this new toy we suggest hiding his absolute favorite snacks in it and see how he reacts.

In their own words: “ My hamster, Loki, loves it when I hide treats in these! My normally shy hamster isn’t even afraid to give these a go in front of me!”


2. Hamster Wood Chew Toy

hamster wood chew toys
Dental hygiene is a must for hamsters, things can quickly go south if they don’t grind their teeth naturally. This bright colored platform will help with that while also keeping physically healthy and mentally stimulated.

In their own words: “My hamster seems to really like this toy. The wood is thick and good quality. She’s had it in her cage for a few weeks and it’s holding up to her chewing well.“


3. Hanging Hamster Hammock

hamster toys hammock

How cute is this?! For sleeping, for hiding, for burrowing snacks, it can be whatever. And it’s eye candy for you.

In their own words: “My hamsters use theirs for stashing their sunflower seeds and other snacks lol. ”


4. Suspended Coconut

suspended coconut

You can use this with the stand it comes with or without and that chew toy will keep him busy. You can opt to have the blue padding out and have it replaced with natural bedding to make this more familiar.

In their own words: “Well if this isn’t the cutest thing I’ve seen in my life.”


5. Kaytee Critter Cruiser Pet Powered Exercise Car for Hamsters

exercise car for hamsters
A hamster-powered toy that is suited for bigger hamsters. Go for the option that includes a track as well so you can control his range of motion and make sure he doesn’t end up near the stairs or other dangerous places.

In their own words: “If you have kids and a hamster this is a must-have.”


6. Chew Toys Set

chew hamster toys set
Toys galore in this pack! A tired hammy is a happy hammy and this set clearly provides enough options.

In their own words: “They immediately started in on them! Instant boredom solution !”


7. Banana Hamster Bed Hammock

hamster toys banana hammock
This is sure to steal some giggles when you see your hamster up in his very own hammock.

In their own words: “We love our hamsters and they are in love with their bananas hammocks. It’s a super cute snuggly warm place for them to cuddle up and sleep!!”


8. Hamster Hammock

hamster toys hammocks
Another suspended fun for your hamster. Those extra leaves make him a veritable jungle boy.

In their own words: “Good quality and quantity for price! Would recommend for a starter cage!”


9. Guinea Pig Foraging Toys

hamster toys foraging 2

A well-made, functional toy that will challenge your hamster. It’s made from natural wood, formaldehyde-free and sturdy enough to last more than just a couple of days.

In their own words: “Buzzy enjoy finding her food. When I place this in her cage she finds all the treats every time”


10. Dwarf Hamster Wooden House

hamster toys wooden house
We get strong “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” vibes here. Except this is a cabin. Made from wood. For hamsters.

In their own words: “I did have to sand all of the entrances bc I was worried my babies could get splinters, but after that my dwarf hamster, Teddy, was winding her way through it. ”


11. Silent Runner Wheel + Cage Attachment

hamster toys silent runner
If you’re tired of having sleepless nights because your hamster likes to run his marathons when you’re snoring this might fix that. It seems to be way quieter than regular wheels and it’s not a huge eyesore either, double points.

In their own words: “I like the in and out multiple points of entry. My bigge boy has plenty of room and now all he does is run. Good for him 🙂 Happy with my purchase.”


12. Marchul Hamster Hideout

hamster toys hideout
A very hygge hamster hideout, with a very minimalist design: white with just a hint of natural wood.

In their own words: “Perfect size, it came assembled and it’s easy to clean. My son and the hamster love it!”


13. Hamster Sand Bath Container

hamster toys bath container
Who knew, hamsters do use a litter box if you provide them with one. And this one is easy to get out of the cage, easy to clean and it cuts your workload tremendously.

In their own words: “Yes, your hamster wants a litterbox”


14. Cactus-Shaped Hamster House

hamster toys hamster hideout

No surprise here, rodents like to chew like crazy so ceramics is the way to go if you want to have a hideout that will stand the test of time.

In their own words: “It’s pretty cute, and plenty of space for even a Syrian hamster to hide in. Comes with a little cushion, and the top is removable by twisting it and pulling it off.”


15. Small Animals Chew Toys Gift Set

hamster toys chew toy set
A diverse gift box for your hamster baby. You don’t need an occasion, just have these treats on standby for when you want to spoil him rotten.

In their own words: “Was a cute lil idea for little fur babies”


16. Hamster Hideout Hut

hamster toys wooden hideout
A quality, easy to assemble cactus and breakfast cart combo. Let’s admit it, the hideout part is for him, you get to have fun seeing his lil’ head through the cart.

In their own words: “This hideout for hamster is really good and for the price too and it’s big enough for Syrian hamster which that was one of my biggest concerns.“


17. Ceramic Adorable House

hamster toys ceramic hideout
Another ceramic goodie with a hilarious shape. Plus, it’s the perfect refuge for those super hot winter days when the bedding makes it way too warm for them.

In their own words: “This is a perfect size for my dwarf hamster. It gives her enough room to pile bedding in it and around the opening. The ceramic keeps any smells away and keeps the temperature comfortable.”


18. Circus Hut

hamster toys circus hut
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Its machine-washable pee pads (you get two) make it stand out in the crowd since you don’t have to wash the whole thing every single time they have an accident.

In their own words: “Quality fleece with plenty of padding and easy to remove pee pee pads. I honestly have nothing negative to say about this item. It’s cuteness overload”


19. Knot Nibbler

hamster toys knot knibbler
Dye coloring? Check. Fun puzzle toy? Check. Prize inside? Check. Being left with a lot of smaller chew toys once the puzzle is done aka taken apart? Check.

In their own words: “We have a good sized Syrian Hamster and she really enjoys this toy.”


That’s it! The key is to keep things fun, diverse and interesting and mix up your hamster’s playtime routine. So go ahead, treat your little furball to a new toy (or two or three) and watch them discover new ways to play, reduce their and explore. Go through these, check the reviews and see what hamster toys you should add to the cart.

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What kind of toys do hamsters like?

Most hamsters love exercise wheels, ladders or tubes. Anything that keeps them active is good.

What makes hamsters happy?

Having enough food, feeling safe and comfortable will make your hamster the happiest. Make sure he has lots of water and enough toys to play with and exercise on.

Do hamsters do OK alone?

Hamsters are solitary animals and will do well alone. They don’t get lonely and can spend their entire life alone and be just fine.

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