25 Weirdly Funny Named Places And Cities In Australia
If you’ve ever visited Australia or at least did a bit of searching for city names there, you know they like to add all sorts of weird and funny names to their locations. We’ve rounded[…]
15 WOW And Weird Human Abilities – From Geek To Superhero
We’re about to delve into the world of weird human abilities and discover some of the most mind-blowing talents that the human body possesses. We’re talking about people who can do things you never even[…]
16 Weird Looking Cars That Are Sure To Make You Look Twice
The history of automobiles dates back to 1886 when the three-wheeled Benz Patent Motor Car, model no. 1 paved the way for a quicker and more enjoyable way to travel.  History gave us insanely cool,[…]
Weird Things To Search On Google: Bizarre Searches 101
Google is our greatest tool and our biggest enemy. We use it to document stuff, to put wrong diagnoses that prevent us from getting a wink of sleep, to watch funny stuff or to waste[…]
13 Weird College Mascots: From Charlie Choker To Johnny Poet
Nothing says team spirit more than a mascot that has an interesting story and is loved by all. Well, not quite… If we’re talking about weird college mascots, the following oddities take the cake. We’re[…]
13 Weirdest Products for Dogs You Can Find on Amazon
Every dog owner wants the best for his furry companion and these weird dog products on Amazon do just that, they fix a problem despite how odd they might sound at first. Are you planning[…]
Craziest ChatGPT Prompts – 70 Bizarrely Weird Text Prompts
In case you’ve somehow managed to avoid any contact with the online world over the last couple of months, here’s the gist: AI is bigger and better than ever before! Launched in November 2022 by[…]
10 Creepy Places In The US With A Weird History
There are many creepy places in the US, most of which are well known and visited by many tourists or thrill seekers alike. But how about a few lesser known ones that not everyone and[…]
Weird Candy From Around The World: 36 Weird Tasting Candy You Must Try
From gummy worms that look like real worms, to bottle caps that taste like soda, get ready to expand your candy horizons and discover some truly unique and wacky treats. Here’s our list of weird[…]
25 Weirdest Games For PC That You Can Play ASAP
We had fun doing the research for this listicle #somanylaughs We expected to bump into several gems but the amount of weird games available to play even now is I N S A N E![…]

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