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03 May
23 Celebrity Deaths That Will Make You Say ‘What The…?’
We all know that life can be unpredictable, and that includes how we meet our end. From the absurd to the tragic, the entertainment industry has seen its fair share of weird celebrity deaths over[…]
02 May
17 Weird Alabama Laws: No Confetti Or Ice Cream In Your Pocket
While some of these weird Alabama laws may not be enforced as much (or at all) today, they are still strange and can get you into serious trouble. It’s a good idea to know them[…]
01 May
Weird But So Fun: 22 Must Visit Japan Tourist Spots
Are you planning a trip to Japan and looking for something unique and offbeat to do? Well, you’re in for a treat because Japan is full of weird and wonderful experiences that you won’t find[…]
17 Apr
31 Weird And LOL Gifts For Work Colleagues
Whether it’s for a work anniversary, birthday, or just to show appreciation, finding the perfect gift can be a tricky task. We’ve put together a list of some great gifts for work colleagues that are[…]
09 Apr
Light Up Life With 6 Most Weirdest And Unique Lamps On Amazon
Have you ever wanted to light up your room with a weird lamp unlike anything you’ve seen? Do you want a unique one to make your room stand out? Well, look no further! Amazon has[…]
02 Apr
26+ Wonderfully Weird And Unique Celebrity Baby Names
Picking a name for your baby is a task that takes time and you think of every aspect: to suit his personality, to sound ok matched with the last name and to have some uniqueness[…]
31 Mar
17 Weird Cartoon Characters That Are Worth A Second Look
Cartoonists just do that, take things to the absolute extreme, and overdeliver, in some cases creating characters that are impossible to show on TV. The following weird cartoon characters seem to somehow manage to escape[…]
27 Mar
15 Weird Platypus Facts: Webbed Feet, Venomous And Toothless!
There’s no doubt about it, the platypus is one of the weirdest animals out there. It’s like nature took a bunch of random animal parts and mashed them together to create this funky creature. I[…]
25 Mar
Weird Friday The 13th Facts: Black Cats, Ladders And Cracks
Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in many cultures, and over the years, there have been many strange and eerie occurrences that only added to its bad rep. We’ve gathered a few Friday[…]
23 Mar
21 Weird Conventions: Strange Hobbies Bringing People Together
From hobo enthusiasts to cheese rolling and toe wrestlers, there’s no shortage of bizarre events happening all around the world. And believe us, some of these weird conventions, championships or competitions are so insane we[…]

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