19 Cute Dog Outfits That’ll Make Your Pup Look Irresistible


Calling all dog moms and dads! Is your furry friend feeling left out of the fashion game? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! From cozy sweaters to trendy jackets, we’ve got a whole bunch of cute dog outfits that will make your pup look adorable as heck.

1. Dog Pajama Jumpsuit

dog outfits: dog pijama


Home lounge wear for the doggos, beware. This cute pajama has all the essentials: it’s lightweight, has a comfy collar and it comes in a fun, fun print.

In their own words: ”Very light weight and super soft”


2. Sweater with Khaki Overalls Pants Jumpsuit

dog sweater
The combo we didn’t even know we needed! The pants look so fun, he’s like your usual cool, fun dad.

In their own words: “Slips right on really easily. And as his first outfit ever – he actually struts around in it and my other dog is even jealous.”


3. Fun Print Tshirt

cute dog outfits: prints

This is beyond hilarious! The “I still live with my parents” pun is sure to make everyone LOL. And that’s not all, the fabric is both breathable and soft, as it should when it comes to dog outfits, we want them comfy. Cute but comfy.

In their own words: “I love it!! My dog loves it. Basic t shirt. Looks so darn cute.“


4. Cotton Dog Hoodie

dog hoodie

Available in 6 prints and colors, this hoodie gets high marks for its quality and fit.

In their own words: “Stretchy enough for his comfort without slipping out of place and creating a safety hazard.“


5. Denim Overalls

dog outfits: overalls
When you search for cute dog outfits a denim jumpsuit is not the first thing to pop up in your mind. This is why we do the groundwork, so you can find these gems in an instant. Overall, these overalls are a versatile and fashionable addition to any wardrobe.

In their own words: “My Frenchie loves his coveralls, they fit great and adjustable“


6. Handmade Dog Poncho from Authentic Mexican Blanket

dog clothes poncho
Besides making your dog look like a real superstar, this poncho also acts as a stress reducer, for example when a big thunderstorm has just started. Just make sure you don’t put it on too tight.

In their own words: “Perfect fit and well made“


7. Double Layer Raincoat

cute dog outfits: raincoat
If you’re a Yellowjackets fan – popular psychological drama rn – this will be an inside joke between you and your dog. The feedback is great and with so many spring showers on the agenda this makes total sense.

In their own words: “No dislikes. It will keep my doodles curls from getting tangles from the rain.“


8. Dog Spencer Sweater

dog clothes sweater
My stars, this screams dad sweater. The knit, the color combo, the best part about it: it’s 100% wool so you know your doggo is safe and warm even in the coldest of morning walks.

In their own words: “I absolutely love this little sweater vest and my handsome pup looks so dapper.“


9. Dog Knitwear

dog outfits: knitwear

The turtleneck sweater had to be on this list. It’s easy to put on and off while also giving strong my-dog-is-fancier-than-you vibes.

In their own words: “My dog loves it“


10. Tie Dye Dog Hoodie

dog clothes tie dye hoodie
Premium fabrics, trendy colors and design, just what you want for a cute dog outfit that is easy to match with yours.

In their own words: “Fits perfectly and my dog loves it! Light enough but can be warm enough too.“


11. Reversible Dog Jacket

dog clothes jacket
The catch? It’s waterproof and windproof. This is that kind of jacket that will soon become a favorite since it’s so easy to put on and clean.

In their own words: “Our elderly dog likes far more than I thought he would“


12. Lightweight Velvet Dog Onesie

dog clothes velvet onesie
A sloth print. For dog pajamas. Perfect! Just what you need to send your dog a signal he should cut it out with the super early wake up calls.

In their own words: “Pup loves these! Great quality and they are soft! “


13. Striped Knitted Sweater

dog clothes striped sweater
This is quite the banger. The whole print look is both classic and on trend, we guarantee he will be the cutest dog in the whole park.

In their own words: “Fits great, sizing chart worked well, and my puppy looks adorable in his new sweater. Absolutely recommend this!“


14. Windproof Small Dog Coat

dog clothes fleece jacket
Here we have the absolute classic, for those who hate taking risks. Pick your color and you’re good to go.

In their own words: “This coat fits great, seems to keep her warm (I hope) and looks great on her.“


15. Striped Tshirt

dog clothes striped tshirt
A rainbow delight for when you want to A. keep your dog warm B. keep some of the dog hair away from the furniture. Works both ways and it’s darn cute!

In their own words: “This is an adorable, comfortable light weight cotton t-shirt. “


16. Soft Sweater

dog clothes soft sweater
Easy to wash and dry, this is the norm in terms of dog outfits. What makes them extra fun? The colors, nothing says “my dog is up for anything” like a deep pink sweatshirt.

In their own words: “Great fit! Size up!“


17. Doggie Raincoat

dog clothes ducks raincoat
Another rainy day goodie, with the necessary ducky print in tow. Guys, this might be our absolute favorite so far, it’s beyond adorable!

In their own words: “I love this, I bought one for each of my dogs!“


18. Classic Turtleneck Sweater

dog clothes turtleneck
A cable knitwear to finish off strong with knitwear. Scratch that a PERFECT cable knitwear.

In their own words: “The collar is long enough to nearly cover her ears. The arms cover her well too. I need to get another one in a different color, Thank you“


19. British Style Plaid Coat

dog clothes coat
It has a hoodie, reflective strap & leash hole along with enough thickness to make it both comfy and warm so your dog doesn’t walk around like he’s a stuffed toy.

In their own words: “it’s very soft good quality and my dog thinks that it’s a chew toy.“


We hope you got some inspo for dressing up your furry bestie. But try to remember, the most important thing is that your pup is comfortable and happy, no matter what kind of cute dog outfits they’re wearing. Now go forth and let your dog’s personality shine through their outfits!, regardless if they’re rocking a casual hoodie or a fancy bow tie.

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Dog outfits sizing chart

Well, this is a big issue and in a lot of cases dog parents are left disappointed because the clothes are either too big or too small. Always, and we do mean always, check the manufacturer’s sizing chart. They might say medium but this doesn’t mean they refer to a medium-sized dog.

How do you size a dog coat?

To size a dog coat, you will need to measure your dog’s chest girth, neck girth, and back length. Here’s how to do that:
Measure the chest girth aka the widest part of the dog’s rib cage.
Measure the neck girth aka the base of the dog’s neck where the collar would sit.
Measure the back length aka the distance from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Measure along the dog’s spine from the collar to the base of the tail.
Compare the measurements you’ve got to the size chart provided by manufacturer and see where you’re at.

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