Make Gifting Great Again: 18 Must-Have Donald Trump Gifts

With several trials looming over his head, with the 2023 presidential election being right around the corner, and with a lot of loose ends showing everywhere, Trump is again the talk of the town. So, supporters and haters, rejoice, we have Donald Trump gifts for all teams.

Gifts for Donald Trump Supporters

1. Patriotic Gangster Anti-Liberal Republican T-Shirt

Donald Trump Gifts: Patriotic Gangster Anti-Liberal Republican T-Shirt

A mix of patriotism and gangster vibes, it’s the ultimate conversation starter at BBQs and family gatherings. Just be ready for a few eyebrow raises and chuckles wherever you go.


2. Talking Pen

Donald Trump gifts: Donald Talking Pen

Looking for a pen that’s as opinionated as your Uncle Joe after one too many beers at Thanksgiving? Well, here it is! It’s perfect for those moments when you need a dose of political sass at the office or a laugh during boring meetings.


3. Trump Socks

Donald Trump gifts: Trump socks

Loud and proud, just like the big Don himself. Whether you’re a Trump supporter or just a fan of bold fashion statements, these socks will get you noticed. Wear them to a rally, a party, or just around the house when you want to feel like you’re part of the electoral process.


4. Donald Trump Motorcycle Action Figure

Donald Trump Motorcycle Action Figure

This pint-sized President Trump on a motorcycle is a laugh inducing miniature. Whether you’re a die-hard Trump fan or just appreciate quirky collectibles, this action figure is a must-have addition to your collection. And it’s not just another funny face, this is a friction powered toy, just push and let go.


5. Donald Trump Birthday Garland Portrait Banner

Donald Trump Birthday Garland Portrait BannerAdd some presidential pizzazz to your birthday celebrations with this eye-catching banner. Featuring a caricature of Donald Trump, it’s perfect for parties where you want to inject a bit of humor and politics into the mix. Hang it up, snap some photos, and create memories that will have everyone talking.


6. President Predicto

President PredictoYour very own slide of presidential wisdom with President Predicto! An Oval Office oracle that answers your burning questions with a simple shake. Instead of asking your significant other if you should adopt another dog, go to Trump and shake the guy until you get your yes.


7. Donald Trump Trumpinator

Donald Trump Trumpinator

Trump supporter or not, this is all shades of cool! This isn’t just your typical bobblehead; it’s the Trumpinator! A unique fusion of political memorabilia and pop culture art, this collectible captures the essence of the 45th president.


8. Talking Trump Birthday Card

Talking Trump Birthday CardMake your loved one’s birthday great again with this talking Trump birthday card. It’s a hilarious way to send birthday wishes with a political twist. Open it up, and the former president’s voice will surprise and amuse one lucky republican.


9. Trump 2024 Mugshot President T-Shirt

Trump 2024 Mugshot President T-Shirt

It’s a conversation starter, a fashion statement, and a nod to the unpredictable world of politics all rolled into one. Wear it proudly or give it as a gift to fellow political enthusiasts who appreciate a bit of irreverent humor.


10. Donald Trump Ducky

Donald Trump Ducky

Make bath time the best time with these rubber squeak duckies featuring a baby Trump twist. Squeeze them, let them float, and enjoy some squeaky fun in the tub.


Gifts for Trump Haters

11. Evolution Anti-Trump Mug

Evolution Anti-Trump Mug

A chuckle guaranteed mug that might validate your anti-Trump feelings. Start your day with it, have one at the office and heck, even go for a tea before bed with the same mug.


12. Original Dump Trump Pen Holder

Original Dump Trump Pen Holder

This holder is like a mini protest in your cubicle, and it’s perfect for pens, pencils, or anything in between. But make sure your office is ok with this kind of statement/protest, we wouldn’t want for you to end up in hot waters.


13. Trump Vanilla Candle

Trump Vanilla Candle

Trying to think of ways to surprise someone for his birthday? THIS IS IT! Since very few people are okay with growing older this will be a hit with the right crowd.


14. Prison Trump Tshirt

Prison Trump Tshirt

Whether you’re a staunch critic or simply appreciate clever humor, this is just funny. The pout, the tan, the hair, everything is so, so funny. On top of that, the fabric seems to be really good so you’ll get a lot of wear out of it.


15. Donald Trump Toilet Paper Brush

Donald Trump Toilet Paper Brush

We LOLed so hard at this one! Whenever you’re facing hard times just grab the big ol’ orange head and brush away, everything will be squeaky clean once again. Nothing cleans “data” as good as him.


16. Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump

Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump

Pure gold here! This book is a collection of satirical poetry that offers a different perspective on the former president. Not only that but you’ll get a reference for each line used! Don’t believe us? Just read the sample and you’ll see we were spot on!


17. Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Donald Trump Toilet PaperIt’s not just a roll, it’s a humorous twist on everyday essentials. Whether you’re a Trump enthusiast or someone who enjoys a good prank, this novelty item adds a playful touch to your bathroom. Use it or display it, you get fun either way.


18. Funny Trump Sandwich Notebook

Funny Trump Sandwich Notebook

Whether you’re jotting down ideas, doodling, or scribbling notes, this notebook is sure to make you grin big time whenever you grab it from the desk. If you’re big on fun stationery this is worth checking.


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Love or hate him, Trump has the power to generate reactions regardless if he stays put or if he makes a political statement. These Donald Trump gifts prove just that, there’s a ton of products to buy no matter the side you’re on.

What are some weird products endorsed by Trump?

Trump Steaks: In the past, Donald Trump endorsed a line of steaks called “Trump Steaks.” However, this collab received mixed reviews and faced challenges in the marketplace.

Trump Vodka: Trump Vodka was another business endeavor associated with the former president. It was launched in 2006 but was discontinued in 2011.

Trump University: Trump University was a for-profit education company that offered real estate courses. It faced lawsuits and controversy, leading to its closure in 2011.

Trump: The Game – In the late 1980s, Trump released a board game called “Trump: The Game,” which aimed to simulate the real estate mogul’s business deals.

Trump’s Fragrances: Donald Trump also had a line of fragrances, including “Success by Trump” and “Empire by Trump,” which were released in collaboration with Estée Lauder.

Trump’s Tie Collection: Trump’s line of neckties, often featuring bold designs, has been part of his fashion brand.

Trump’s Books: Donald Trump has authored several books, including “The Art of the Deal” and “Think Like a Champion,” which have been both popular and controversial.

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