Pelican State Peculiars: 19 Weird Louisiana Laws

Louisiana is a place where you go if you want peace and quiet, if you want to slow down the rapid pace of today’s world. Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport, Metairie, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Natchitoches, Monroe – all beautiful places to visit and explore. Besides the beauty these places have to offer there are also some quite peculiar and downright weird Louisiana laws to learn about. Enjoy!

1. No robbing banks and using a certain pistol

Weird Louisiana Laws: no robbing banks and using a certain pistolIt’s illegal to rob a bank (nothing out of the ordinary so far but wait for it) and then shoot at the bank teller with a… water pistol. We’re sure this happened at least once and this is a way to discourage this and any kind of bank robberies actually. You’re bound to think twice before trying to rob a bank even if you don’t have a real weapon on you.

2. No obscenities on the telephone

Yep, this is illegal in Sulphur, LA. This refers to both obscenities and any kind of harassment. The harassment part seems ok and should probably be punished in any state but what about saying a few cuss words? Maybe to a friend? Should that be punished? We don’t think so. There should probably be certain limits to this and not get good people into trouble just for saying a few WTF or who knows what else.

3. No sex with cows

cowsWhat is there more to be said? Humans shouldn’t have sex with animals.

4. In Port Allen, more than two people picketing on a sidewalk is way too many

Hmm… seems like someone doesn’t like picketing. You need to be at least 5 feet apart from another picketer at all times.

5. Biting is a no-no

Weird Louisiana Laws: no bitting

This one is a bit strange. So if you bite someone with your real teeth that’s considered a “simple assault” but if you’re using false teeth then it’s “aggravated assault”.

6. Never tie your alligator to a fire hydrant

Well of course not. That’s not proper etiquette, is it?

7. No fortune telling in Port Allen

Weird Louisiana Laws: no fortune telling in Port Allen

Here fortune telling is against the law. No palm reading or predicting the future.

8. No condom throwing from parade floats during Mardi Gras

Talk about weird Louisiana laws! Is it new condoms or used ones?

9. Stealing an alligator means 10 years in jail!

alligatorThey do take their alligator safety seriously in Louisiana, don’t they? The punishment is up to 10 years in jail and this refers to even something from the alligator (like its skin or a part of it) from another person who rightfully owns it.

10. No ingesting blood, urine or other stuff

Talk about eating strange things. Any ritual where you’d do such a thing (why do this?) is prohibited.

11. Crawfish stealing is also bad

crawfishAlso a bad thing to do in Louisiana and since there’s a specific law dealing with this you should understand this is very serious and will be punished accordingly.

12. No delivering pizza to a friend without their knowledge

Ah, goodbye pizza prank calls. It was fun while it lasted but now there’s a $500 fine for this so that’s one expensive order.

13. It’s prohibited to mock a participant in a boxing match

boxing matchPlus betting on this and insulting people at such events. Well we’re sure this didn’t happen or isn’t happening nowadays, isn’t it? It’s not like people would do these kinds of things.

14. No “fake” matches

This relates to the above. It’s illegal to hold fake or sham matches of boxing or wrestling. We’ve all seen a few of those whether it’s boxing or especially wrestling.

15. Peeing in the city’s water supply is not cool

louisiana laws water tank scaledNot only that but you can get up to 20 YEARS in jail for doing this! We wonder how they catch people who do this. And what about peeing in public pools? The water in those places is often “fishy” to say the least.

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16. No drinking during meetings

City commission members should not drink during a public meeting and if they do there’s a $50 fine in it for them. While $50 isn’t much it’s still something and aims at discouraging people from doing this at an inappropriate time and place.

17. Don’t decorate public Christmas trees


This is too bad because there are people that would like to do this and would do a swell job of it. We understand that you shouldn’t injure such a tree in any way but decorating it? Well, that should be ok as long as you don’t add something offensive to it.

18. Beads from Mardi Gras shouldn’t be thrown from more than 8 feet

So throwing them from the third story is not ok at all. There have probably been accidents while doing exactly this hence this law is in place now.

19. In Jefferson Parish, LA, you need to cook the garbage before feeding any hogs

garbageSounds weird? It is but if you stop and think about it, giving all sorts of garbage to hogs can lead to serious health problems so this makes a bit of sense then, doesn’t it? Anyway, we’d like to see someone cook this “garbage” before feeding the hogs.

We hope you found a few of these weird Louisiana laws to be entertaining or at least interesting.

Is drinking blood illegal in Louisiana?

Yes. This is illegal in the state of Louisiana.

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