Fluffy And Fluffier: 17 Funny Animal Pillows For A Good Cuddle

You have an interior designer come to you and say: “You know what this living room is missing? A huge cat pillow.“ You get these because they’re fun, unexpected, a cute gag gift, a great toy for any kid, or a cuddly buddy for the full-on adult. So let’s proceed, we rounded up some of the funniest animal pillows we could find.

1. Side-eye doggo pillow

Side-eye doggo pillow
The look that will scare the living daylight out of your visitors. You can’t go wrong with this for a very realistic jump scare. Or you can carry it in your arms as you walk down the street and see how many people stop to pet it.


2. Banana duck pillow

funny animal pillows: Banana duck pillow

Technically not a pillow, but it was too weird to pass it down. The kind of animal + fruit combo you expect to see drawn by your kid. It’s weird but fun and it makes for a good cuddling companion if you buy the 35.4″ version, it’s a big guy. Talk about funny animal pillows, no?


3. Fat cat pillow

Fat cat pillow

Marketed both as a plush toy and a pillow, the full on display cat is not for the sensible ones. Its danglers are not something you overlook, of that we’re sure. Just lay your tired head onto its fluffy belly and enjoy an afternoon nap, this pillow might not have what it takes to take first place as your go-to pillow but definitely one of those cool and unexpectedly funny animal pillows. 


4. Tired pug pillow

Tired pug pillow

Have you ever seen a pug without its tongue out? This pillow immortalizes their funny expression but takes it one step further, you get a tired pug as well. It’s cute, it’s a bit weird but for a pillow intended for animal lovers it’s just right.


5. Spider leg cat pillow

Spider leg cat pillow
The cat that looks nothing like a cat or how to get a 2 in 1, a plushy thing to wrap around your body and a fluffy pillow to put your head on while you scroll on your phone. Small word of caution, though: make sure you don’t stumble across it at night, you will get quite a scare.


6. Funny frog pillow

funny animal pillows: Funny frog pillow

A frog that sports a very unusual look for a frog. Those plump lips look like a caricature of some certain ladies but regardless of the intention they had for this pillow, it sure is funny, you can’t help but have a reaction the second you make eye contact.


7. Cowboy cat pillow

Cowboy cat pillow

Who in the name of Frodo came up with this genius design? And the fact that they made it ride a pony instead of a huge horse, you know, to keep things real, makes it even funnier. Cat lover or not, this is one weird pillow and a must have!


8. Titanic cats pillow

Titanic cats pillow

Another banger from the same company, now in a catty reenactment of Titanic, Catanic. We love the plot twist with the goodie basket and the assumption that these guys will make it. And those two rats just floating nearby, a master’s touch!


9. Cat with baguette and a coffee

Cat with baguette and a coffee

The fluffer who couldn’t stop snacking. We feel you, lil’ guy, we get the munchies too. This 12×20 linen pillow will steal the spotlight in any room. And might trigger the occasional craving as well.


10. Cabbage dog

Cabbage dog
To us this pillow looks like a corgi that was stuffed inside a big, fluffy cabbage. And this makes it even cuter! You’ll receive a 14” fluffy pillow that will be perfect for you toddler, pet, or for any adult that likes cute and fluffy stuff.


11. Round cat pillow

Round cat pillow

Stop the press, this might be the pillow we never knew we needed. It has so many potential uses, using it to keep other cats from entering your house is just one. You can sleep on it, give it to your pet, cuddle it during movie night, whatever you might fancy. And those chubby little paws peeking from under his belly? The cuteness is unbearable!!!


12. Fish pillow

Fish pillow
A 15.7 fish aka a huge funny animal-shaped pillow that you will fall in love with, especially if you watch tv in bed a lot, this is the perfect headrest. If you want, you can also use it as a back pillow for T-O-T-A-L comfort


13. Hen pillow

Hen pillow
This and the round fat cat featured above would make a lovely team, the chicken and the cat that took almost half of your couch. That lost look, the funny and too small wings along with its short legs, everything is pure perfection.


14. Long cat pillow

Long cat pillow

It comes at 19″ long and we were about to say they could have made these longer when we realized they also have a listing for 51” ones. That’s a whole lot of cat and we’re not complaining, we just can’t believe our eyes.


15. Funny meme pillow

Funny meme pillow

Poor chihuahuas, they never seem to get a break, they always manage to end up on all kinds of products, from mats to mugs, and most of the time they have this frightened/annoyed/weird expression on their face.


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16. Dogs on bikes pillow

Dogs on bikes pillow
The home decor touch that will refresh any decor. You get four pillowcases, each featuring a dog on a bike. The dachshund with strong French vibes is our favorite, he’s the cutest one from that whole bunch.


17. Corgi on a whale pillow

Corgi on a whale pillow

The corgi that secretly wants to be king Neptune. Holding a trident and riding a whale, this pillowcase is surely out there. But let’s be honest, who cares? If you like it, check the sizes and add to cart, simple as that.


And that’s all from us. Hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of funny animal pillows. If you’ve got other cool ones, don’t be shy and share them in the comments.

Thanks and don’t forget to Stay Weird ;)!

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