33 Weird Utah Laws: Alcohol Is Bad, No Snowballs And No Betting Candy

Utah has amazing parks like Zion or Arches National Parks, beautiful lakes that you can explore by boat, ski resorts (here you’ll actually find the biggest in the US) plus many other things to see and do. It’s a wonderful place where you could easily spend a few weeks and never get bored. But, if you’re considering a trip there it’s best to also be familiarized with some of the weird Utah laws. Not knowing them could lead to trouble.

1. Burying A Pet Must Be Done Within 48 Hours

weird Utah laws: burying pets within 48 hoursAny more than that and you could face dire consequences. Backyard burying is allowed but you must also bury your pet at least 3 feet underground.

2. It’s Illegal To Marry A Cousin

We actually don’t think this is weird and wonder why not all US states have such a law. Marrying your cousin is probably not the best idea, no? This law helps prevent incest or/and defects that could happen with such a marriage. If you’re at least 65 years of age then you could marry your cousin if a district court has approved that either party can’t reproduce.

3. Don’t Bother The Milkman

weird Utah laws: no bothering the milkmanIn Price City, Utah you must not bother the milkman, a city engineer and other city employees. All communication should start from them and not you. We wonder what happened here that you can’t even ask them simple questions?

4. Innkeepers Can Ask For A Deposit Of Up To $500

If your child is “problematic” and can cause damages to a hotel room, innkeepers can ask for a $500 deposit. This can be used in the event the child breaks something. Often, parents may be required in writing, to state/promise they will pay for potential damages caused by their kids. The deposit may be refunded if nothing bad happens.

5. You Need Consent From The Mayor To Herd Animals In The City

herding animals requires permits

Why would you herd animals in Utah? Who knows? This might have happened 100+ years ago but surely not now? No matter how strange this one is, it’s still in effect and one of the weird Utah laws most people aren’t aware of.

6. Don’t Throw Snowballs

Don’t annoy travelers, cars or pedestrians by doing this (throwing snowballs, rocks or other things) or you risk getting in trouble. We agree that it’s annoying to have this happen to you but we weren’t expecting the need for an actual law to combat this.

7. No Changing The Weather

weird Utah laws: don't change the weather

If you want to increase rain or snow or change the weather in any way, you are not allowed to do so in Utah, without consent from local authorities. Cloud seeding might be ok in other states but not here. It’s illegal to try and modify weather in any way, shape or form.

8. No Open Containers Of Alcohol In Your Car

Unless you’re pulled over for a break you must not have open containers of alcohol in the car. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the trunk or under the seats. You risk a $750 fine or 90 days in JAIL or both! It might sound funny to hear you can end up in jail for such a thing but it can happen.

9. Hunting Elephants Is Illegal

elephantsWait, are there elephants (that could be hunted) in Utah? This is a law passed in 1909 that should have been abolished by now.

10. At Least One Hand Must Touch The Bars When Riding A Bike

If you don’t do this, you will get a ticket as many others have already experienced. Always have one hand on the bars and you’ll be fine.

11. Be Careful What You Do In A Boxing Match

boxing matchHitting with anything other than a part of the body or biting are not allowed in a boxing match in Utah. Participating or even promoting an ultimate fighting match will lead to those persons being charged with a class A misdemeanor.

12. Whale Hunting Is Illegal

The problem with this law is that there’s no whales in or near Utah. So why is this law still in effect?

13. More Than 2 Liters Or Less Than 200 Ml Of Alcohol Are Illegal

BeerUnless you are a licensed retailer you are not allowed to buy more than 2 liters of alcohol. But few people know that mini bottles of 200ml are also a no-no.

14. Causing Any Catastrophe Is Illegal

Whether you do this on purpose or out of recklessness, you will be guilty of a class C misdemeanor. Anything from causing fires, floods, avalanches, explosions will get you into serious trouble in Utah.

15. It’s Illegal To Bring Alcohol Into Utah

suitcaseAnd you can pay dearly for it so don’t do it! It’s just not worth the hassle.

16. Alcohol Without Food Is Not Good

In Utah restaurants you MUST order food if you order alcohol, otherwise they won’t serve you.

17. In Salt Lake City, You’re Not Allowed To Play A Fife For Advertising Purposes


At some point in time, playing a fife or drum or making noises with a bell or whistle for advertising purposes was a big no-no. You’re also prohibited from using indecent language so be careful what you say or someone might wash your mouth with soap.

18. If You Let Your Horse Free The State May Take It And Sell It

You are obligated to take care of your horse and keep it confined in a proper space. Stray horses were a big problem in Utah 100 years ago when this law was approved. Things have changed a lot since then but they still didn’t abolish the law.

19. In Salt Lake City You Aren’t Allowed To Bet Candy

candiesSounds weird? That’s because it is. You can’t play or bet in games of slots, dice, etc. for candy or other valuable things. Why candy?

20. No Swearing If You’re A Woman In Logan

Women aren’t allowed to use bad words in Logan, Utah and if they are caught doing so they will be fined. And if you thought this is discriminating since only women can’t do this just wait a bit. If a woman commits a crime in the presence of her husband then HE is 100% responsible!

21. You Won’t Find Any Liquor Stores Open For Business On A Sunday

liquor storeBetter buy your alcohol on Saturday, then. And the same applies for Christmas and Thanksgiving so plan ahead.

22. Driving On The Sidewalk Might Sound Cool But It’s Illegal

This shouldn’t even be an issue as it’s clear you shouldn’t drive a car on the sidewalk. But, there are those that might use the sidewalk as their road if they are inebriated, maybe in a hurry because of an emergency or just trying to do something “cool”. If you’re one of those people, don’t do it. You’ll endanger yourself, other people and will be fined or even end up in jail depending on the offense.

23. In An Emergency You Aren’t Allowed To Sell Alcohol

alcohol bottlesWhat’s up with Utah and all these alcohol laws? If the governor proclaims an emergency, you must not sell alcohol under any circumstances.

24. You Can Request Authorization To Kill/trap A Beaver

Picture this: you’re minding your own business and a crazy beaver starts harassing you and your property. Don’t laugh, it can happen! What can you do? In cases where a beaver is doing damage to private property, one can contact the Wildlife Board and get special permission to do something about this.

25. A High Hat Can Mean A Misdemeanor

no high hatsIn effect ever since 1989, this law states that you can’t wear a high hat within a theater. Surely high hats don’t have that bad of a rep anymore, no?

26. Red Foxes And Skunks Are Up For Grabs

You can apparently take any of these animals without special approval. This law seems very strange and maybe it shouldn’t be this easy to get ahold of a wild animal?

27. Fishing Doesn’t Mean Crossbows Or Explosives

lakeYou aren’t allowed to use any explosive, poison, pellet gun, firearm, electricity or crossbow to fish. The only exception is when fishing for common carp when you are allowed a crossbow for some reason.

28. Milk Discrimination Is Not Ok

Anyone involved in the milk business must not discriminate between cities, communities, localities, sections of the state. Not following this rule will make one guilty of a class B misdemeanor.

29. No Dancing At Night?

no dancing at nightThere’s a very strange law in Monroe, Utah that states that daylight must be visible between dancing partners! And if you think this law was made 100 years ago or more you’d be dead wrong. It was conceived in 2000. Why? Only the people that made it know and they won’t tell.

30. In Salt Lake City It’s Against The Law To Carry A Violin In A Paper Bag

If you’re caught doing this while walking down the street you will hear violin songs and they won’t be pretty.

31.Treating Headaches With… Gunpowder Is Illegal

man sittingWas it ever legal? Why are we even talking about it? In Trout Creek this is still prohibited so better stick to an aspirin so you don’t get bigger headaches from the fine you could get if you use gunpowder as a treatment.

32. It’s Illegal To Go Into Convenience Stores After Dark Without An Id!

This might be the weirdest one yet! If you like going to convenience stores after dark then you’d better have an ID on you. What’s this, a communist country?

33. Detonating Nuclear Weapons Is Not Ok At All

nuclear power plantWho knew, right? Just when you think you found the right place to do this you find out it’s illegal. Such a bummer.

Like we said, there are plenty of weird Utah laws that are still in effect. Some make you wonder why they were created in the first place while others just don’t apply to our times anymore. Good to know them to stay out of trouble if you’re visiting Utah.

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Is it illegal to not drink milk in Utah law?

If you’re lactose intolerant then you’re out of luck. It’s actually illegal to not drink milk! Weird? To say the least! Dairy farmers seem to have powerful friends to have such a downright strange law on their side.

Is it illegal to hunt whales in Utah?

Yes, hunting whales or capturing whales is illegal in Utah and any other US state.

Is beer illegal in Utah?

No, beer is not illegal in Utah. You must be at least 21 years to consume alcohol in this state and there are also many alcohol related, weird Utah laws we’ve already talked about in the article. Check them out because some are really strange and you can easily get on the wrong side of things if you don’t know them. And Utah is not the friendliest state when it comes to alcohol.

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