11 Of The Smallest Hotels In The World And What Makes Them Special

Regardless if you’re looking for world’s smallest hotels for your own amusement or to check stuff off your bucket lists, the following accommodations are unique in their own way and worth all the praises they get. Clearly not for the claustrophobic traveler, these locations bring more and more awareness to the concept of tiny hotels, tiny traveling, called whatever.

1. Eh’häusl Hotel, Germany

smallest hotels in the world

This is the Guinness world record holder for the smallest hotel, only 570 square feet (53 square meters). It’s narrow, it’s small and it started having a whole different usage in the 18th or 19th century. Because local laws prohibited marriage if you were poor, poor people who didn’t own their own home bought this house in order to bypass those laws. Meaning they get married, done deal, and then proceed to sell the house to another couple in “distress.” Now it’s a quaint, cozy hotel equipped with a mini-spa that is rather hard to book since it’s such a popular destination.

2. Tubohotel, Mexico

smallest hotels in the world: Tubohotel, Mexico

A capsule hotel where the room itself is a concrete tube. Amazing views, especially at night when everything is quiet and peaceful. It has 20 rooms, a swimming pool, playground, is pet-friendly and has shared bathrooms. This is an unique experience for the solo traveler or the couple that wants to cut down on costs.

3. Volkswagen Beetle, Jordan

smallest hotels in the world: V. Beetle, Jordan

Guys, we admit it, at first we thought this was a joke but it’s the real deal. Yes, not a fancy destination. Yes, not a fancy stay. But for the adventurous type this is worth checking out. As you might have guessed it, the amenities are in close proximity. And even though the “hotel” is quite close to the road, you won’t be disturbed by traffic since that road sees very little to no traffic on a daily basis.

4. Central Hotel & Café, Denmark

worlds smallest hotels Central Hote Cafe Denmark jpg

A hotel on top of a small café you can stumble upon in København, Denmark. Breakfast is included, all you have to do is go downstairs and enter the café. One room only, so not a location for the whole family. It’s eclectic, cute and not that overcrowded, it’s not a pod, that’s for sure!

5. Grand Hotel De Kromme Raake, The Netherlands

worlds smallest hotels Grand Hotel De Kromme Raake jpg

One of the smallest hotels in the world comes with a very retro exterior that matches the interior. A former grocery store that was eventually converted into a one-room hotel back in 1989 in Eenrum. If you want a hotel just for yourself, this is a no brainer.

6. Capsule Inn, Japan

smallest hotels in the world: Capsule Inn, Japan

The first capsule hotel in the world, this hotel was inaugurated in Osaka in 1979 and has since been featured everywhere, both online and offline. A huge downside is the fact that this is a men-only location so no women allowed.

7. The Pod Hotel, United States

worlds smallest hotels capsule hotel USA jpgAnother capsule hotel, this time in the US. Their philosophy is to only have the bare necessities: no ironing board, no pay per view movies, no room service, all these being services that add unnecessary dollars to your final bill. Their rooms are compact, functional and fun.

8. Manshausen Island Resort, Norway

worlds smallest hotels Manshausen Island Resort jpg

Manshausen is a 55-acre private island In Nordland, Norway, accessible by boat only. Their sea cabins are built with nordic minimalism in mind: they’re airy, roomy enough so you don’t feel overcrowded and designed with ceiling to floor windows. Their tagline is “where sea and mountains meet” and boy do they overdeliver with the list of activities available. You can’t go all the way to Norway and stay indoors all day, this is a very outdoorsy destination. Sea-themed activities include snorkeling, kayaking, fishing or scuba diving while land-based activities range from climbing and target shooting to hiking. Plus, in the winter, you can ski on virgin trails.

9. citizenM, Globally

worlds smallest hotels citizen m jpg

A hotel chain present all around the world that focuses on providing accessible lodging in trendy, touristy destinations that easily racks up the bill by a lot. With over 20 hotels across North America, Europe, and Asia, along with 18 new hotels under development globally, we’re talking about versatility and accessibility. The rooms have all the high-tech you might need, all jam packed in 150 square feet (14 square meters).

10. CityHub Amsterdam, Netherlands

worlds smallest hotels CityHub Amsterdam jpgIf you’re a digital nomad, check this out! With a strong Wi-Fi connection, built-in speakers, and lighting controlled by an app, this place will keep you connected 24/7. It has a self service terminal meaning you check-in and check out at your own terms, heaven on Earth if you’re the introvert type. As for the rooms, they’re big enough to have a king-size bed, a shelf and a mirror. Plus, you can fully stand up so yeah, not that tiny.

11. Das Park Hotel, Austria

worlds smallest hotels das park hotel jpgAnother concrete tub design, this time in Ottensheim. Made from recycled old sewer pipes, this is the less-fancy option of the Mexico tubes. Clearly not for everyone, this is the kind of hotel where you need to be sure you can live with having to cross the street to get access to amenities, amenities that you have to share with others. With personalized wall paintings from Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa, this would be a stay to remember.

With more and more entrepreneurs deciding to focus on the concept of tiny hotels, we’ll see more and more of these open all around the globe. Focused on providing the best possible accommodation in the least amount of square feet, this is a very interesting and challenging direction for the hotel industry and we’re here for all of it. Just like the world’s smallest hotels featured above prove, there’s something for everyone, you just have to do your research.

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What is the world’s most expensive hotel per night?

The Submarine Hotel. It costs $292.000 per night. A very peculiar and amazing experience, this submarine comes with soundproof rooms and your own private chef.

Is there a 7 star hotel in the world?

worlds smallest hotels Burj Al Arab jpgYes. Burj Al Arab is the number one hotel in the world.

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