Game, Set, Strange: 22 Weird Sport Records That Steal The Show

Apparently quickest 100 meters or most consecutive backflips are too boring for some people. So they go above and beyond to create some really weird sport records.

1. Creative pumpkin carving while scuba diving

weird sport records: pumpkin carving while scuba diving

Yeah, you heard it right! Imagine carving a jack-o’-lantern while trying not to drown and fighting to keep the hollow pumpkin from floating away. Key Largo, Florida is home to this wacky contest so go check it out if you’re the creative type.

2. Longest time with live ferrets in your pants

weird sport records: ferrets in your pantsPeople actually compete to see how long they can keep a live ferret in their trousers! The name of the competition: ferret-legging, of course. The record stands at a nutty 5 hours and 30 minutes. Ouch!

3. Fastest speed on a modified lawn mower

weird sport records: Fastest speed on a modified lawn mower

Who needs a fancy race car when you can upgrade a lawn mower? The top speed ever recorded is a lawn-shredding 116.575 mph!

4. Most worms charmed to the surface in 30 minutes


These folks don’t play a musical instrument; they twang a stick on the ground to coax worms out of hiding. The record? A slimy 567 worms.

5. Most wins in the Toe Wrestling World Championships

Toe Wrestling World ChampStep aside, arm wrestling. This sport involves locking toes and trying to pin your opponent’s foot. Alan “Nasty” Nash took home the title 17 times!

6. Fastest wife carrying race

wife carrying raceThis sport involves carrying your spouse through a challenging obstacle course spanning 0.15 miles. The record time for the race? A swift 55.5 seconds by an Estonian couple.

7. Longest mobile phone throw

mobile phone throw

Fed up with your smartphone? In this sport, you can unleash your frustration by hurling your phone as far as possible. The record throw covered a whopping 362.3 ft (110.3m)!

8. Highest altitude ironing

Highest altitude ironing

For those who can’t bear to neglect their chores, this involves ironing clothes in the most absurd places, like the top of Mount Everest. The highest recorded ironing session reached an altitude of 17,850 ft (5,440 meters) above sea level.

9. Most hamburgers eaten in three minutes

Takeru Kobayashi

These folks are the real “burger kings.” The record stands at a staggering 12 hamburgers devoured in just three minutes by the gourmand Takeru Kobayashi.

10. Most dogs riding a single surfboard

dogs riding a single surfboard

Who says surfing is just for humans? The record is 18 skilled canine surfers catching waves on one oversized board.

11. Longest cherry pit spit

cherry pit spitting championship

Pucker up and let it fly! The record spit traveled an astonishing 93 feet and 6.5 inches (28.51m)!

12. Fastest time in the Knaresborough Bed Race

Knaresborough Bed RaceIn this sport, teams race down the streets on beds with wheels. The fastest recorded time is 12 min 9 sec for the 2.04 miles (3.27 km ) course.

13. Most wins in the downhill cheese race

downhill cheese raceOn a steep hill in England, people chase a wheel of cheese, and the first one to cross the finish line wins. Chris Anderson holds the most wins, an insane 23 times.

14. Fastest 100 meters sprint in high heels

100 meters sprint in high heelsChristian Roberto Lopez Rodriguez, a Spanish man with a thrill for the heel, ran a 0.0621371 mile (100-meter) sprint while wearing high heels in just 12.82 seconds.

15. Most Rubik’s cubes solved on a skateboard

George ScholeyGeorge Scholey, a British skateboarder and Rubik freak solved 500 cubes in just 40 minutes. We would have had trouble keeping our balance for the whole 40 minutes, let alone solving a Rubik’s cube in the process.

16. Most records hold by one person

Ashrita Furman

We just had to have this category as well. Ashrita Furman (USA) is your guy; he has set more than 700 official Guinness Records since 1979, currently holding more than 200 standing records.

17. Fastest 100 meter hurdles wearing swim fins

100 meter hurdles wearing swim fins

Another head scratcher! Christopher Irmscher established a world record with his time, 14.82. It appears no one was able to break his record for the last 15 years.

18. Most rotations hanging from a power drill

man hanging from a power drill

As insane as this may sound, the record stands at 148 rotations in a minute. We’re impressed the ceiling stood the test, this was quite the hurdle.

19. Most t-shirts undressed while bouncing a soccer ball on the head

man undressing t-shirts while bouncing a soccer ball on the head

Marcelo Ribeiro da Silva from Brazil went up to 22 tshirts which is a testament to his balancing abilities and patience, this required quite a bit of practice.

20. Longest swim wearing handcuffs

man swimming A record of 7.238 miles (11.649 km) was established by Shehab Allam from Egypt. Not only that, he also managed to be the first man to swim the Dubai canal at the same time.

21. Fastest 100m running on all fours

Kenichi Ito

Kenichi Ito (Japan) attempted to establish a record while running on all fours and it seems he got his way, pinning down the record at 15.71 seconds on November 6, 2015.

22. Longest time spinning a basketball on his guitar

Bernie Boehm

Bernie Boehm is the record holder here. He rotated a basketball on his guitar for 32.46 seconds, on 29 July 2021 in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.

They dared, they practiced, and they finally got their name etched into the Guinness World Records stats.

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Origin of the Guinness World Records

The whole idea was born when Sir Hugh Beaver, the managing director of the Guinness Brewery, got into an argument about the fastest game bird in Europe during a hunting trip in the 1950s. He realized there was no reference book to settle this kind of bar debates, and voila, Guinness World Records was conceived.

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