Weird Candy From Around The World: 36 Weird Tasting Candy You Must Try

From gummy worms that look like real worms, to bottle caps that taste like soda, get ready to expand your candy horizons and discover some truly unique and wacky treats. Here’s our list of weird candy from around the world with 36 different, strange and some even gross types of candy. Enjoy :)! 


While the taste might not be a wow factor, the shape is definitely weird or unexpected. 


weird candy from around the world: JawbreakersStarting with a classic,  these hard candies are so big, they’re almost like tiny planets. Already a cult classic, this mouth-full candy can be found in a more manageable form, so look for the less hard ones if you haven’t tried them yet. 

Sour Patch Kids 


Small, humanoid-shaped candies that are sour, then sweet. And then sour, and then sweet. And on and on, because you never have just one. 

Booger candy

Boogers candyQuite a show stopper, Box of Gummy Boogers fit in the sour candy category. If you go past its unpleasant name and shape/color you might enjoy these. 

Gummy worms

gummy worms (weird candy)

I know, these are mild since we’re all used to seeing them all around the supermarkets. They’re long and squishy, just like real worms! 

Lollipop armpits

These lollipops are shaped like armpits, complete with hair and sweat stains. Because we all love extra realness when it comes to our candy #sarcasm

Chocolate stones

Hard to tell these aren’t real stones but yes, beneath that stone-like color and texture lies delicious chocolate. 

Life savers

We would like to have assisted at that meeting. How are life savers even on a list with possible candy shapes?! 

Eyeball and everything eye-related shapes

Being it for Halloween purposes or just for the fun of it, the classic eyeball never disappoints. It’s fun, it’s gross, it’s weird. And if it has a slimy texture as well you’re in for quite the experience.  

Bottle Caps

bottle caps candy

Small, disc-shaped candies that look like the caps on soda bottles. 5% weird, 95% unexpected. 

Penis and other privates candy

weird candy from around the world

And the obvious ones, the candied private parts. Being it breasts, ovaries or penis, the chuckle is guaranteed. 

Yummy fried eggs

Sunny-side-up fried eggs, complete with a yellow yolk and a white marshmallow base.

Gummy dentures

gummy denturesThese candies are shaped like dentures, complete with a pink gum base and white teeth.

Candy sushi 

This candy is designed to look like sushi, with gummy rice, fruit roll-up seaweed, and candy fish.


Burgers, extra spiciness and even beer, these are just some of the peculiar and downright weird tasting candy some manufacturers decided to bet on.  

Chocolate covered crickets 

A feast that only a handful of people will indulge. Just imagine: toasted grasshoppers dipped in savory chocolate. Yum or huge pass?

Chocolate covered bacon 

muddy pigs candy

Another hit from the chocolate section, this bacon chocolate duo is rarely a crowd favorite but it has its fans. 

Grass Candy

The candy that tastes like fresh-cut grass, which may sound strange, but some people love it. 

Japanese KitKat Flavors

Japan is known for its wild KitKat flavors, such as wasabi, matcha green tea, and even sake. Because, let’s face it, it’s impossible to think of weird candy and not mention Japan. 

Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans

Harry Potter candy

If you’re a Harry Potter enthusiast these candies are worth checking out. They come in a variety of flavors, some good and some bad, a perfect choice for any party!

Curry Candy

The candy with the same spicy and savory taste as a good curry. Indian food lovers might get a kick out of these small, hard candies that have a spicy, curry flavor. 

Durian Candy

Ever tried this fruit? It’s known for its strong and pungent smell. This candy captures that same aroma in a small bite-sized candy. It’s not for everyone, that’s a fact. 

Guinness-flavored Chocolate

Guiness Luxury Toffee

Candy that has the same rich and malty taste as a pint of Guinness?! YES! And of course, don’t eat chocolate and drive #SafetyFirst

Lobster Candy

If you’re an adventurous eater you might get a kick out of these. 

Hot dog gum 

Taste: hot dog-inspired. Shape: hot dog bun inspired. No guesswork here. 

BeanBoozled Jelly Beans

BeanBoozled candyIt looks like regular jelly beans, but they are anything but normal. Each color has two flavors, one tasty and one terrible, such as toothpaste or rotten egg. This is the poster boy for lottery candy.

Bacon Candy Canes

Bacon-lovers, rejoice! Classic candy cane shape infused with bacon flavor for an extra gross effect. It’s perfect for those who love the taste of bacon in everything.

Blue Cheese Candy

Blue Cheese candy

The same pungent and savory taste as blue cheese so if you tend to add this cheese to your cart, the candy alternative might be right up your alley. 

Buttered Popcorn Jelly Beans

With the same buttery and salty taste as a bag of popcorn, you might call them a fun twist on a classic movie snack.

Cucumber Candy

This candy has the same fresh and crisp taste as a cucumber. Can you say you had a salad if you devour a bag full of these?

Pickle-flavored candy canes 

Next up, the pickled version. They’re made with real dill pickle flavoring and taste just like pickles, but in candy form.

Ketchup-flavored candy

Ketchup candy canes

If you add ketchup on everything and we really mean on everything, this candy is for you! These small, red candies taste just like ketchup, with a sweet, tomato-y flavor that’s surprisingly addictive.

Gummy fried chicken

Fried chicken drumsticks that taste just like fried chicken drumsticks. 

Hot Tamales

Cylindrical candies that are hot and spicy, just like the Mexican dish they’re named after. This candy has a spicy cinnamon flavor that’s not for everyone. Some love the heat, while others can’t handle it. A classic choice that seems to stand the test of time. 

Gravy candy 

gravy candy

Do you love gravy so much that you wish you could eat it in candy form? Well, now you can! These small, brown candies taste like real gravy, with a salty, meaty flavor.

Cheeseburger candy

These candies taste like a real life cheeseburger, with a sweet, burger-flavored outer shell and an ooey gooey, cheese-flavored filling.

Bacon-flavored jelly beans 

For all the bacon lovers out there we have these jelly beans that taste like real bacon. Go for that salty, smoky flavor that is sure to leave an impression. 

Sriracha lollipops

weird lollipops

Another contestant from the spice category, these bad boys are spicy and sweet altogether, just like the real deal. 

We’ve explored some truly wacky, unique and weird candy from around the world. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, sour, or spicy, there’s candy out there for everyone. So the next time you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, why not try something a little out of the ordinary? You might just discover your new favorite candy!

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What is the weirdest candy in the world?

There’s a few that could win that title: Sour Flush Candy Plunger with Sour Powder Dip, Garbage Candy or what about The Toe Of Satan?

What is the most delicious candy in the world?

Well, each of us is different so this is very subjective but here are a few that you might really love:
White Rabbit
Kinder Schoko Bons
Ptasie Mleczko

Share your own favorites in the comments.

What is the least liked candy?

Sorry if any of these are you favorites. Most people seem to hate these:
Wax Cola Bottles
Tootsie Rolls
Candy Corn
Necco Wafers
Circus Peanuts

What are Millionaires Candy?

If you’re from the South then you know what these are and how delicious they taste. With caramel, pecan or chocolate, these are favorites to many people and can be found in grocery stores (mostly in the South).

What is the oldest known candy?

The first candy (that we know of) was probably made from nuts, fruits and honey by the Egyptians around 2000BC.

What candy lasts longest?

Jolly Ranchers would be our bet (or lollipops).

What is money candy?

If you’re looking for money that is sweet tasting then go for the Smarties Candy Money that are dollars and cents, tasty treats you’ll love.

What candies are no longer made?

We miss them too:
Seven Up Bar
Butterfinger BB’s
Altoid Sours
Reggie! Bar
Life Savers Holes

Rest in peace, delicious treats.

What is the best candy in the world according to data?

Check out this article to find out.

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