17 Weird Cartoon Characters That Are Worth A Second Look

Cartoonists just do that, take things to the absolute extreme, and overdeliver, in some cases creating characters that are impossible to show on TV. The following weird cartoon characters seem to somehow manage to escape the censor and are part of some very popular or unpopular shows.

The Tick

weird cartoon characters The Tick

A bumbling superhero with a blue suit and antennae, The Tick is known for his over-the-top catchphrases and absurd adventures. If you’re on board with his wackiness, check Peter Serafinowicz’s adaptation.

Hint: Don’t feel like reading today? You can scroll down and watch the video instead, Enjoy!

Rick Sanchez

weird cartoon characters Rick Sanchez

And the man itself, brilliant but morally ambiguous character with a penchant for interdimensional travel and reckless behavior.

Triana Orpheus

weird cartoon characters Triana Orpheus

The goth daughter of Dr. Orpheus from the Adult Swim series The Venture Bros., Triana is a sarcastic and aloof character with a love for the supernatural.

Woodrow Waylon “Woody” Johnson

Woodrow Waylon "Woody" Johnson

He is the incompetent and delusional park ranger from the animated series Brickleberry. He’s a walking disaster with a love for guns, booze, and inappropriate behavior. Despite his shortcomings, Woody is somehow still in charge of the park, much to the dismay of his long-suffering staff.


XavierThe main character from the surreal and bizarre Adult Swim series Xavier: Renegade Angel is a wandering, philosophical creature with a snake for a hand and a third eye on his forehead.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

The main character of the surreal anime series of the same name, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is a goofy afro-wearing hero who fights villains with his nose hair. Yess, nose hair!


CatDogA conjoined creature with the front half of a cat and the back half of a dog, CatDog is a bizarre and often hilarious character though hard to digest at times. The cat character borders on extreme misery and anxiety while the dog one is upbeat and so, so silly.

Beavis and Butt-head

Beavis and Butt-headThese two are a pair of slacker teenagers with a love for heavy metal music and a general lack of intelligence. Beavis is the taller and more dim-witted of the two, with a distinctive laugh that sounds like “heh heh heh.” Butt-head is shorter and slightly smarter, with a sarcastic and often cruel sense of humor. Together, they spend their days watching music videos, harassing their neighbors, and getting into all kinds of trouble.

The whole cast of “Drawn Together”

The whole cast of “Drawn Together”If you’ve watched the show you already know what a mess of a series this was. From the Disney princess and Spongebob spoofs to a retro overweight sex bomb and a gay video game character, there’s a lot to deal with.

Bojack HorsemanBojack Horseman

The washed-up former star of the sitcom Horsin’ Around, Bojack is a depressed and self-destructive horse struggling to find meaning in his life. Trying to revive his career, he accepts projects that don’t fit him only to leave having to deal with his excruciating monologues.


KillfaceKillface (real name Evelyn) is the arch-villain and one of the main characters from the Adult Swim series Frisky Dingo. A white-skinned alien with a large head and a sharp wit, constantly plotting to take over the world all while speaking in the most obvious British accent. He’s a complex character with a dark past and a tragic backstory, making him one of the most interesting and unique characters in adult animation.

Red Guy

weird cartoon characters Red GuySome of you might remember him from The Cow and Chicken show. He would be the arch-nemesis for all the main characters but somehow he fails miserably. The lines along with the plot itself make us wonder how this show stayed on air for so long.

Ren Höek

Ren HöekFrom the Ren & Stimpy Show, Ren is a disturbed and volatile chihuahua. He has a deep-rooted passion for violence and chaos all while often getting himself and his dimwitted friend Stimpy into all sorts of trouble.

Carl Brutananadilewski

Carl BrutananadilewskiThe lazy and vulgar neighbor from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Carl is a hilariously inappropriate character with a love of sports and pornography.


KrummAaahh!!! Real Monsters had its fair share of weird but Krumm is truly something else and you get this just by looking at his photos. Hairy armpits on display, eyeballs always high up in his hands so he can see (obviously) and has a strong BO issue that is somehow part of his tactic.

Jake Tucker

Jake TuckerFrom a show where almost all characters are normal – humor us on this one – Jake is the odd one out, literally. His upside down face opened the door for a ton of puns while also generating a lot of shame and disgust from his own father, the infamous Tom Tucker.

Mr. Hankey

Mr. HankeyI’m guessing we all know who Mr. Hankey is. This talking pile of feces has a disturbing upbeat disposition and all in all, represents Christmas. Because nothing says Christmas more than it…

Being it your ol’ regular show or full on adult cartoons, the following characters have one thing in common: their bizarreness.

Now that you’re done with this, how about some of the weirdest games for PC to play when you want something… different?


Watch 17 Weird Cartoon Characters That Are Worth A Second Look


What is the weirdest cartoon character?

It would probably be a battle between Him from The Powerpuff Girls and Krumm from Real Monsters.

Who is the most evil cartoon?

We’d have to go with The Joker from Batman for this one.

What is the oldest cartoon character ever?

Fantasmagorie cartoon

The oldest that we know of is Fantasmagorie (1908). It had a running time of just 80 seconds.

What is the most recognizable cartoon character?

Probably Mickey Mouse.

What is the most creepy cartoon?

There are a lot of those around but we selected a few that we think are worthy of this distinction:

Constantine (2005)
Gravity Falls (2012)
Werewolf by Night (2022)

Who is the creepiest Disney character?

King Candy from Wreck-It Ralph? Red Skull from Marvel’s Captain America? Or how about Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest?

What are some creepy kids cartoons?

Beetlejuice, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Freaky stories, Animorpsh or Creepy Crawlers are surely too creepy for small children and yet some of us watched these when we were way too little.

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