A Whiff Like No Other: 14 Weirdest Smelling Perfumes In The World

Ever catch a whiff of something so bizarrely captivating that you couldn’t help but wonder, “Who in the world would want to smell like that?” Well, we’ve made a list with just that, perfumes that defy convention and leave your nose in a state of delightful confusion. From scents that mimic sushi to ones that smell like rain-soaked pavement, we’ve done our best to cover all bases. These are some of the most weirdest smelling perfumes ever concocted, believe us!

1. Wet garden soil

dirt perfume

“Dirt” by Demeter captures the earthy aroma of wet garden soil. It turns out this was a nostalgia move as this perfume “was made to smell exactly like the dirt from the fields around the Pennsylvania family farm belonging to our founding perfumer. We think of this as April 10th when the plowing begins in the Northeast U.S. – the beautiful scent of turned earth with a touch of last season’s corn stalks..” And yes, some people go wild for this kind of smell. Sounds strange? Maybe, but there are plenty of weird facts about our senses that would baffle you once known.

2. Burnt rubber

weirdest smelling perfumes: Bulgari man in black

In Bvlgari’s “Black” the note of rubber adds an industrial and edgy quality. The fragrance combines rubber with amber and woody notes, for a bold and avant-garde scent. It’s the kind of perfume that if you click with it from the get go, you will end up having a new favorite scent for years to come.

3. Chlorine

weirdest smelling perfumes: Dark Ride smells of chlorine

“Dark Ride” by Xyrena has subtle notes of chlorine, the type of scent you don’t expect to get from a perfume. Add mildew to this equation and you have a very wacky bottle of perfume. Are people going crazy over it? No it’s rather a niche perfume but worth checking out if you’re keen on going for less popular choices.

4. Books


“Library Ghost” by Poesie captures that book scent you get when you step in a library. It combines “studious marshmallows surrounded by books, ink, and polished wood” to create an atmospheric and literary fragrance. The same goes for Nui Cobalt Designs and its “Bibliopholia”, you have paper, fresh ink, oak and mahogany, pipe tobacco, and a faded leather scent.

5. Petrol

Fahrenheit perfume

We’re not talking about a full-on gas station smell, more like a faint diesel scent. Dior “Fahrenheit” smells like Sicilian mandarin, wood and leather notes, with the occasional hint of petrol.

6. Sushi

Demeter perfume: Sushi

Demeter lands on this list again, this time with their “Sushi” perfume. This fragrance gives strong sticky rice vibes, all thanks to the seaweed, ginger, and lemon hints. A fresh yet delightful smell that seems to be perfect for the summer.

7. Rain

Rain Demeter perfume bottle

This is the closest you will get to rain in a bottle. “Rain” by Demeter captures the scent of wet pavement after rain, a fresh and urban fragrance experience waiting to be experienced. It’s like taking a stroll through the city during an unexpected rain.

8. Fresh linens

weirdest smelling perfumes: Byredo linen smell

The comforting smell of freshly laundered clothes is a popular scent and Byredo excels with their “Blanche” perfume. They’ve mixed white rose, pink pepper, and aldehyde among others and somehow managed to create the perfect Sunday afternoon laundry day experience.

9. Paper and ink

L'eau papier smells of paper and ink

“L’Eau Papier” by Diptique or how you can mix white musk, rice, mimosa, and santal, to name just a few, and end up with a perfume that smells like a relaxed afternoon in front of your journal.

10. Thunderstorm

"Reflection" by Aether Arts Perfume

“Reflection” by Aether Arts Perfume embraces what is known as petrichor, the earthy aroma released when rain falls on dry soil after a thunderstorm. It’s a fresh and invigorating fragrance that celebrates nature’s dramatic moments.

11. Bacon

Wright N°100

Yes, you read that right. Some perfumes actually aim to capture the savory, smoky essence of bacon. Wright Brand’s “Wright N°100” was released back in 2022 to celebrate the brand’s 100th year anniversary. It’s a bold move, and whether you want to smell like breakfast is entirely up to personal taste.

12. Car workshop

Series 6 Synthetic – Garage

“Series 6 Synthetic – Garage” by Comme Des Garçons is rather self-explanatory. You get kerosene, a mild leather-scent and strong wood notes, all packed in a white tempted bottle.

13. Funeral home

Funeral Home perfume

Ahem, another homerun from Demeter. These guys take their perfumes dead serious, pun intended. “Funeral Home” has that eerie, uncomfortable yet so familiar carnations, chrysanthemums, and lilies scent.

14. Cannabis

weirdest smelling perfumes: Cannabis Flower perfume

Mark Crames produces the perfect perfume for this, “Cannabis Flower”. It was intended to replicate the marijuana smell almost perfectly, the reviews for it seem to be mostly positive. So next time you want to shock your loved one with a unique scent, go for this one.

Well, that’s about it, folks. You’ve hopefully found a few good ideas for when you’re into one of those weirdest smelling perfumes out there.

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