Weird Cat Names: Would You Ever Name Your Cat This?

If you’re a pet lover, coming up with a name for your newest addition can be daunting. While there are many regular names, sometimes you want to get creative. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not consider one of these weird cat names? From bizarre to humorous, these selections are sure to get heads turning. So, would you ever name your cat this? Read on to find out!

1. Kit Kat

Cats always show a sassy and blunt attitude. Their multidimensional personality made it hard for you to understand them. Kit Kat is a name for those cats who are sweet, loving, and quirky as chocolate with the person. The owners named their cats; these were creative and just wanted to go with a unique and straightforward character, easy to pronounce.

2. Nano

Contrary to a cat’s personality, if your cat lacks social skills and is uninterested, then a nerdy name like Nano is suitable for her. Nano is also a prefix in physics which means extremely small. In fact, in Greek, the word ‘Nanos’ means ‘ if you are looking for a weird name for a small cat or Munchkin breed, then this name will fill the bill.

Cat Names

3. Grigio

We are not moving from talking about cats to wine lovers instead of looking for a mutual connection. So before you get drowned by the drink, let’s decide on a weird and unique name for your cat. This name came from North America from a wine lover owner. Grigio also means ‘grey’ in Italian. So if your cat is of grey shade, you can also go with this name.

4. Keyowo

What if someone asks you, would you ever consider naming your cat ‘Keyowo’? It may look weird, but it’s a lovely and cute name. Keyowo is a Korean name that means ‘cute’. This name is best for cats with playful personalities, charismatic characteristics, and mesmerizing eye beauty. You could also use this name if you are a huge fan of South Korean people and plan to visit Korea once in a lifetime.

5. Min-ho

Have you ever heard of this name? It’s another Korean name we suggest for your cat. If you are a fan of kdrama and kpop, you probably know this name. Lee Min-ho is a famous South Korean actor, model, and singer. A man with beauty and lots of talents. Name your cat ‘Min-ho’ if their qualities also resemble this outstanding TV actor.

6. Yoda

Yoda is another famous Star Wars-themed cat name. He’s petite and intelligent, much like your canine companion. Yoda, like your furry friend, is so tiny and wise. Quite a clever kitty you have! It’s the best name for your kitty.

Cat Name

7. Apollo

It’s an ancient Greek and Roman name for God. Apollo is a God of light, prophecy, music, and beauty. If you admire Greek and Roman mythology, this name is suitable for your cat. Apollo is also a name for the spacecraft that delivered the first man to the moon. So it’s also great for astronomy and space lovers’ cats. So while your kitten won’t be landing on the moon, Apollo could be the right pick for a name.

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8. Siri

Another weird name that you can choose for your cat is Siri. Siri, a virtual assistant found in Apple devices, is an excellent name for your kitten. If your kitty companion is always on the lookout for your phone call, give her the name Siri. While your cat won’t be able to remind you of your next appointment or provide weather information, she will provide plenty of love and support. Be careful to distinguish between them both so she doesn’t run away when you instruct Siri to make a call or send a text message.

9. Grumpy

You would have probably heard of the grumpy cat, which gained fame because of her grim face. Her distinct appearance is the result of her underbite and feline dwarfism. She earned almost 2.7 million followers on Instagram and was part of memes for a long time. So if you are a fan of Grumpy Cat and your cat is also bad-tempered and crotchety, name her ‘Grumpy.’


10. Loki

Fans of Loki had a piece of good news; they can also use their hero name for their cats. Loki was the brother of Thor and the God of mischief. His schemes create havoc across the realms. If your cat is also mischievous, hyper, playful, and active in exploration, name her Loki. Loki is also the name of a famous social media cat popular for her vampire look. You can also use that inspiration to name your cat this weird name.

11. Dewey

If you are an avid reader, you might want to name your cat after something that has influenced you. For example, Dewey being a heartwarming true character inspired people worldwide. For a male cat, Dewey, like the Dewey Decimal system, could be a terrific selection.

12. Pi

If you are still unsure what to name your cat, go with ‘Pi.’ It’s a simple, unique yet popular name among cats, dogs, and hamsters. In mathematics, Pi equates to 3.1415926. And the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter is this indefinite decimal, which has no limit. So pi is a short and pleasant name for your new feline friend.

cat name

13. Ajax

Do you also use Ajax to clean all the dishes mess? Are you so satisfied with it that you can think of giving your cat this name? Ajax is also the name of a Greek hero from the Trojan war. So name your purrfect kitty companion Ajax after the Greek hero’s name or dish soap. It works in every manner you look at it!

14. Java

Java is more than just a slang term for coffee if you’re a programmer. On the other hand, JavaScript is a popular computer language—and a brilliant geeky cat name. So name your cat ‘Java’ and get motivation from time to time to learn the language.

15. Tofu

Food lovers can also name their cats after their favorite food. For example, tofu is low-calorie with high nutrients and a delicious taste. You can call this food-inspired weird but unique name to your cat. This name would be ideal for a white cat, even if your cat would never go near the real thing.


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So, what do you think? Are these weird cat names any worse than some of the traditional ones we see every day? We don’t mind them, as long as they suit the cat’s personality. What about you? Would you ever name your feline friend one of these quirky monikers? Let us know in the comments below!

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