25 Weirdly Funny Named Places And Cities In Australia

If you’ve ever visited Australia or at least did a bit of searching for city names there, you know they like to add all sorts of weird and funny names to their locations. We’ve rounded the following list with weird city names in Australia that are bound to make you smile and/or wonder what they were thinking when they named these places. Enjoy!


Now that’s a mouthful. And there’s 8 Os in here, what’s up with that? The name comes from the Wolloomooloo House, which was John Palmer’s home. The place is a suburb in Sydney with a quite charming feel to it.

BUBBLE BUBBLE (Northern Territory)

If you’re wondering why it was called this way, well, it was because of the water that bubbles. Should have seen that one coming, right?


CHRISTMAS TREE WELL WALK (near Perth, Western Australia)

It really gets you in the mood for Christmas, doesn’t it?

BOOK BOOK (New South Wales)

Guess it’s a place where they read a lot? This area is part of the traditional lands of the Wiradjuri people who named it this way.

BONG BONG (New South Wales)

Because you can’t have a bong without another.

XXXX BORE (Northern Territory)

Does anyone else think this could do with a few more Xs? Or what about a D at the end of BORE? Wouldn’t have made it stand out more?

BOOTI BOOTI (New South Wales)

This is either a place where we can find treasure or where you can just kick back, relax and admire some… well, the name says it all, doesn’t it?



The original road from Barrington just stopped in the paddock of a farmer which meant it led nowhere else which is probably the inspiration for this unusual name. It’s pretty catchy: Nowhere else like Nowhere else. So catchy they used it twice! There’s another city in South Australia that’s named this way.


What does the saying happy go lucky mean? It definitely means this place, somewhere where you can be carefree, where you don’t plan that much (or at all) and just accept what comes your way without being too worried about what can happen or the future. Seems like a perfect description for this place.

COME BY CHANCE (New South Wales)

Makes you wonder who exactly came by chance here and then decided this was a great name for a town?

JACKALASS (New South Wales)

Not too bad of a name. Just imagine if we took away that “AL” in the middle there. Now that would be something else.

LOTTERY CREEK (New South Wales)

This is why you haven’t won the lottery yet: it’s because all the cool numbers are hanging around this creek.


THE GUNBARREL HIGHWAY (Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia)

Named this way probably because of the gangs that used to rob settlers at gunpoint. Or it could be coming from Len Beadwell, the chief surveyor who said his team should be called the “Gunbarrel Construction Company” since he loved to improve fuel capacity and constantly drew double straight lines for this.

USELESS LOOP (Western Australia)

Where do you live? In a Useless Loop. What’s up with Australians and names like Useless Loop, Nowhere else, Come by chance?

DESOLATION HILLS (Western Australia)

Not the funniest place to live in. On those same lines, in Australia they have mountains called Mount Despair and Mount Disappointment.

BUMCOOLER FLAT (Southern Australia)

Come again now?

say what

SUICIDE BAY (Tasmania)

This has a sad past and was named this way because of the massacre of 30 Aboriginal people.

HARD TO FIND DAM (Western Australia)

When the most obvious choice seems to fit the location best you just go with it.

WOOP WOOP (Western Australia)

How cool would it be to have Woop Woop on your ID?

UGLY CREEK (New South Wales)

They could do a beauty pageant here.


Makes you want to go and see it, right?


Because that’s where liberty comes from, we guess.

FIDDLETOWN (New South Wales)

The perfect place to fiddle?

Australia really loves their KNOBS and CHINAMAN, don’t they? KNOB has been used 624 times to name towns, hills or mountains. CHINAMAN “just” 364 times.


Believe it or not, this was the name they went with for a seasonal creek.


They have a LOT of cool named places in Australia. It’s like they were drunk or who knows what when they came up with these, right? We hope you’ve enjoyed our 13 weird city names in Australia and we’re certain you’ll fill the comment section with some other strange or funny names of your own.

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What is the longest city name in Australia?

Mamungkukumpurangkuntjunya. Try saying that 3 times in a row. And just wait until you hear what it means. In regional Pitjantjatjara language it basically means “where the devil urinates”. Isn’t that a nice place to live in?

What is a funny Australian city name?

Where do we even begin with this? There are so many funny names in Australia that we would need 2 days to go through them all. Here are a few for your entertainment:

Eggs and Bacon Bay
Sausage Gully
Quality Knob
Foul Bay
The End of the World

Where is Banana in Australia?

There’s actually a place called Banana in Australia, located in Queensland with a small population of 356 people.

What is the coolest city in Australia?

This is different for each person but it would probably be one of the following:

Gold Coast

Does Australia have 2 names?

It actually has more than that. Here are just some of the names Australia is know as:

The Land Down Under
Down Under
The Great Southern Land
The Lucky Country
The Sunburnt Country
The Wide Brown Land

What are some funny town names in Victoria, Australia?

Australia has a lot of them and many are located in Victoria. Hope you like them.

Teddy Bears Gap
Titwobble Lane
Plus good, old Sausage Gully.
Fat Cow Creek
Murdering Hut Creek

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