From Strange To Striking: 13 Weird Coffee Gifts For Java Enthusiasts


Buying gifts is rarely easy but narrowing it down at least a bit helps a lot. Is your friend clueless without his morning cup of coffee? Say no more! These funny and even weird coffee gifts are sure to be a hit.

1. Dramatic Coffee Mug

coffee mug

Apparently non-coffee people, those weird freaks that wake up and feel peppy by default still find it hard to understand that us, coffee-powered individuals need a bit more time to feel human. Sip your coffee and let them know you’re not ready yet for human contact.

What people are saying: “This mug was a huge hit! The recipient laughed and loved it! It was made just for him!! LOL It’s of great quality and I highly recommend!”


2. The Mug With A Hoop

weird coffee gifts
It’s cute, it’s the perfect gift for any coffee aficionado and it’s dishwasher safe. Add some mini marshmallows to the mix and you are done, an unbeatable combo.
What people are saying: “Got this for my husband for Father’s Day. He prefers to use an oversized cup for his coffee rather than a regular sized mug so he loves it.”


3. Floating Coffee Cups

weird coffee gifts: floating coffee cups

A novelty decor piece for the office, for the kitchen, for the coffee bar at home, whatever, it just works. It comes in two colors, the cream and brown set is the one we like more.
What people are saying: “I was afraid they’d be slightly too heavy but nope, they’re good. I have them up on a shelf and despite taking other jars on and off the shelf all day, these stay put.”


4. Funny Hand-painted Giraffe Ceramic Coffee Mug

weird coffee gifts giraffe jpg

This is for all the animal lovers out there. The mug that will brighten up even the moodiest mornings. The mug that has the biggest odds of being ‘stolen’ by one of your family members because it’s that funny.

What people are saying: “I got this as a gift and it was super cute and the quality was really good it looks exactly like the picture”


5. A Cool Milk Frother

weird coffee gifts: milk frother
This is the practical gift we were talking about earlier. If you like your coffee extra frothy this is the tool to get. And that loveable cow print #amust

What people are saying: “I’ve used Aerolattes for years to foam up and mix cream into my morning coffee. It also works with hot chocolate and protein drinks. Mine have lasted for several years, and I can’t say enough good things about them.”


6. Coffee Decor for Coffee Bar

weird coffee gifts coffee bar decor jpg
Store your precious coffee near this fun setup. Small warning, check the size, the mini burlap sack is 2.3 x 1.9 inches while the wooden crate measures 4.8×2.2.2×2 inches (LxWxH). It’s a novelty piece, not a car on which you can store your own coffee.

What people are saying: “I liked this pickup a lot. My husband liked it even better!”


7. Funny Engraved Spoon

funny spoonThey really went home with this one! If you know someone who is mad about his coffee and big on humor, this fun coffee spoon is the answer.

What people are saying: “My mom thought this was hilarious in her little coffee themed birthday gift. Cute!”


8. Cat Coffee Mug With Cell Phone Holder Lid

cat coffee mug
Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially reached that point where seeing coffee mugs with a built-in phone stand is not a rare sight and this cat-themed bug proves it. So go ahead and enjoy your coffee while binge-watching your fave show.

What people are saying: “I bought this for my husband, who always wants a morning mug with a lid, but had to find a good match.


9. Bob Ross Self-Painting Mug

bob ross mug

Give this to someone without letting them know the gist. As you pour hot liquid into the mug, a Bob Ross painting will appear. If they’re a Bob fan, even better!

What people are saying: “Bob makes a disappearing act when the liquid is warm in the cup. Nice way to remember Bob!”


10. Build On Brick Mug

brick mugEnjoy your morning cuppa while letting your imagination run wild. Available in a ton of colors, this mug is compatible with most building blocks so chances are you already have extra blocks for it somewhere around the house.

What people are saying: “It’s not flaky at all! It is adorable and young or old are thrilled to be gifted one!”


11. Funny Cat Coasters Pack

cat coastersPicking a favorite is an impossible task, each one is both weird and cute at the same time. We love the fact that it has a cat for every mood so use the right one to broadcast live just how you’re feeling at the moment.

What people are saying: “I need a coaster so I thought I’d use something that was totally adorable and make you laugh. Always there to support the small business owner!”


12. Retro Vinyl Record Coasters

vinyl record coasters
Another practical and fun gift, that’s also quite a statement piece, no matter where you place it.

What people are saying: “They hold up against moisture, they are a good thickness. They feel like a real record. The holder is super easy to understand and holds together well.”


13. R2-D2 Novelty French Press

r2-d2 french press

We just had to feature this one. For thematic parties or for day to day use, this french press coffee maker makes for an awesome gift.

What people are saying: “I gave it to my son for his 45th birthday. He is a real Star Wars fan. A little novelty to add to one’s person.”


Let’s be honest, all these weird coffee gifts would be great for your family or circle of friends but you could just as easily get something for yourself. As always, the goal is to find something that won’t end up shoved on a shelf in the garage, you want something they use and like, daresay, even love. Some weird, some funny, some just practical, but all awesome in their own right.

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What would a coffee lover like?

Most coffee lovers may like coffee and coffee accessories, kettles, grinders or the classic: mugs.

What coffee to get someone when you don’t know what they like?

If it was us, we’d get some form of cappuccino, maybe caramel.

What is a Javaphile?

Javaphile is a person who is a big fan of coffee.

Are coffee drinkers happier?

Coffee helps release dopamine in the brain, so coffee drinkers are indeed happier.

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