21 Weird Connecticut Laws: No Silly String Or Educating Dogs

Connecticut is one of the original 13 states of the USA. It’s small in size (ranking 48th from 50 with an area of just 5018 square miles) but it is one of the most populated ones (3,590,886 people as of 2015). The state is famous for (probably) the best pizza in the world, PEZ, hot lobster rolls, submarines, and inventors like Charles Goodyears and Elias Howe. And of course, there’s also weird Connecticut laws that we’ll be talking about today. Have fun!

1. Unless you’re blind you can’t use a white cane

weird Connecticut laws: no white cane if you're not blindWhite canes are only to be used by blind persons and doing otherwise comes with problems and fines.

2. You may not play scrabble while waiting for a politician to speak

Maybe cards? Mahjong then? This law is from Atwoodville, Connecticut and it’s one of the funniest we’ve heard about. We’re sure people will find other interesting games to play besides Scrabble.

3. Only white Christmas lights are allowed in Guilford

weird Connecticut laws: only white Christmas lightsTalk about ruining the Christmas spirit. Christmas should be a celebration of colors, of joy and happiness.

4. Illegal to keep town records where liquor is sold

Sounds pretty clear and a smart idea actually. We just wonder why it had to be a law? Wasn’t it clear this was not a good idea?

5. The police will stop you if you’re biking over 65 mph

weird Connecticut laws: biking over 65mph is illegal

The question is: who is able to bike that fast? Only 2 people in history managed to do it and they were pro athletes.

6. Disposing of used razor blades is illegal

So what do you do with them? And what happened that prompted the need for such a rule?

7. Crossing the street, when walking on your hands is banned in Hartford


Well, that’s oddly specific. Who did it? We have a right to know.

8. Silly String is banned In Southington

This dates back to the 1990s when a police officer got sprayed with silly string during a festival by some children. It seems there were also classic cars and shop windows that got the “treatment” so they had to do something about it. The fine for having or using silly string is $99.

9. No more than 4 devices in an arcade in Rocky Hill

arcade gamesWhat kind of an arcade is that?

10. Using a bean whistle is banned In Meriden

A bean whistle is used by the police and it’s prohibited for anyone else to own one or use it in any way.

11. No beautician can hum or sing while with a client in Waterbury

doctorWhy can’t they whistle or sing? Is it that bothersome to customers and wouldn’t doing this make the beautician feel better and do a better job? Strange law.

12. Firetrucks will not exceed 25 mph even when going to a fire!

It happens in New Britain and it’s madness! They should be allowed to go as fast as possible in case of fire and not be hampered by such laws.

13. A town dump may not be used to campaign

town dumpSeriously, a politician did this? It’s pretty funny to even think about it but maybe some politicians would feel at home there.

14. Dressing like a clown is illegal if the intent is to cause harm

It may sound very weird indeed, but some years back there was a very scary clown epidemic sweeping the whole country and this kind of rule had to be enacted.

15. Frowning in public is fined with $1

windows signIt’s always better to smile and be happy. And you can’t be fined for it.

16. Discharging a firearm from a public highway is illegal

Only police officers are allowed to discharge firearms this way and the fine for doing this is around $100.

17. Buying alcohol on Sundays, after 8pm is not allowed

alcohol bottles

It’s best to do your alcohol shopping earlier in the day.

18. Releasing balloons for any purposes is banned

Is releasing balloons illegal in Connecticut? Yes. There’s a $90 fine included if you do this for any reason, advertising included.

19. In Bloomfield, it’s not ok to eat inside your car

burgerWhat happens if you’re really peckish?

20. Walking backwards after sunset is not ok

It’s weird that this needed to be in the books (and why just in Devon, Connecticut?) because it’s clear that walking backwards in the dark is very dangerous.

21. In Willamantic, horses need a red taillight to travel on the road at night

man on horseIt needs to be securely attached to its rump while traveling on highways and streets.

REPEALED: It was prohibited to marry if you were a feeble-minded person

Feeble-minded persons and imbeciles were prohibited to marry. The law has since been repealed.

MYTH: No kissing your wife on a Sunday

It was believed to be true in Harford but this is only a myth.

We hope this was an interesting read and maybe you’ve even had a laugh at some of these weird Connecticut laws. We surely hope so. Have an awesome day! And if you’d like more weirdness, stick around the site as there’s plenty to go around 😉

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Are you not allowed to teach any dog anything in Hartford CT?

In Hartford, Connecticut, it is prohibited to educate dogs in any way although the term “educate” is not clearly defined so we don’t know what it means in this case.

Is there a law about pickles in Connecticut?

There is no law about pickles in Connecticut. This whole rumor/thing started in 1948 when some people were arrested for selling pickles that were unfit for human consumption.

When someone asks you what is the pickle law in CT just point them here to find out more about this.

Is silly string illegal in CT?

Yes, but just in Southington, CT.

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