23 Weird Michigan Laws: No Serenading Or Destroying Radios!

Michigan has a lot of beautiful spots you can visit but it also has a lot of crazy or downright weird laws you should definitely be aware of. If you plan to visit any US state you should be aware of these kinds of laws. Every state has them and it’s better you know them beforehand. So here are some really weird Michigan laws.

1. In Rochester, the head of police must inspect all bathing suits

weird Michigan laws: bathing suit inspectionBefore or after you’re in them? Now that is the question, isn’t it?

2. In Detroit, your pig must have a ring in its nose or it’s not allowed to run free

No ring, no freedom or I don’t see a ring on this finger as one pig said.

3. Seducing and corrupting an unmarried girl can come with a 5 year prison sentence

So you can’t meet girls and try to date them? And how will these girls get married if no man can approach them?

4. In Wayland, it’s ok to have your cow on Main Street as long as you pay 3 cents daily

weird Michigan laws

Now there’s something worthwhile for just $3. Imagine how many cows you could have on Main Street…

5. In Michigan, you aren’t allowed to sell a car on a Sunday

It’s against the law to do this so better leave it for Monday.

6. No lovemaking, in a car

Unless it’s parked on your own property! In that case, it’s perfectly ok. We wonder what happens if someone sees you while doing this? Or what if a child sees this? Perhaps more specifications should be made to this law.

7. Robbers can file lawsuits

weird Michigan laws: Robbers can file lawsuitsIf they got hurt in the house they were trying to rob. Well, that doesn’t make any sense! If he/she got hurt while trying to ROB someone they shouldn’t be allowed to sue the owners for any kind of damages because they were there to do a bad thing. Very weird!

8. In Soo, you’re not allowed to smoke in bed

Guess they don’t want you to fall asleep and cause a fire.

9. In Clawson, it’s legal to sleep with cows, pigs, goats, horses or chickens

Yes, that is correct! There’s an actual law that states this and allows a farmer to do this. It sounds weird and gross but this is still a law in Clawson.

10. Scowling your wife is illegal on a Sunday

Why only on a Sunday?

11. In Niles, one must get out of their car on the side with the sidewalk

This shouldn’t be a law, it should be common sense as doing so can prevent a lot of potential injuries or accidents.

12. You can’t be drunk and be in a train

It’s either one or the other because trains and drunk people don’t mix well. It’s illegal and you will get into trouble if you do this.

13. Don’t destroy your radio!

weird Michigan laws: don't destroy your radioOr you’re in for some trouble. It seems radios are very special in Michigan and you shouldn’t destroy one on purpose.

14. In Harper Woods, it’s illegal to sell parakeets

If those parakeets are actually painted sparrows. Someone surely did some painting to get this made into a law.

15. In Grand Haven, throwing abandoned hoop skirts into the street is a finable offense

You will be fined 5 dollars for each hoop skirt thrown on the sidewalk or street.

16. Adultery is illegal

And yet it will not be punished unless there is a formal complaint made by the affected wife or husband.

17. Anyone over the age of 12 may carry a gun!

This is one of the weirdest and craziest laws we’ve heard of, especially considering all the shootings happening in the US. As long as someone hasn’t been convicted of a felony, they can carry a handgun even if they are 12. It’s very hard to believe but this is true in Michigan.

18. No putt-putt golf after 1:00 AM

These types of golf courses need to close at 1:00 AM tops.

19. In Detroit, they don’t allow you to tie an alligator to a fire hydrant

What is this world coming to? You can’t even tie your alligator to a lovely fire hydrant?

20. It’s illegal to live with your girlfriend or boyfriend

You must be married to live together in the same house.

21. In Kalamazoo, the law prohibits you from serenading your girlfriend

Who knew serenading your girlfriend could be so bad?

22. It’s illegal to kill a dog

So far, so good as this should not be legal. The catch is the law continues “using a decompression chamber”.

23. Last Sunday in June is called “log cabin day”

That’s not too bad, considering the other laws on this list.

Repelled or Questionable/Possible Laws

These are laws that have either been repelled or we’re not sure if they are laws or not anymore. Since these weird Michigan laws are interesting we’ve added them here for your enjoyment.

You’re not allowed to swear in front of women and kids

Repealed 2002

Bounties for killing starlings and crows

10 cents for crows and 3 cents for starlings, to be precise. Repealed 2006

At the Joe Louis Arena, in Detroit, security guards could confiscate anything

If they considered that item could be used to be thrown onto the ice. The Joe Louis Arena was closed in 2017 and then demolished.

Possible law: A woman is not allowed to cut her own hair without the permission of her husband

This is something some sites state as being true but we couldn’t find evidence of that. From what we can tell this might not be a valid law after all. You can find more information about this here. There might be religious cults that have this “law” but we couldn’t find an actual law that states this.

And that’s all for weird Michigan laws. There’s a lot of them and some are really head scratchers. And if you’d like more weirdness why not check out our Weird Florida Laws to see how they compare to Michigan (Florida has some doozies as well).

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What are the unnecessary laws in Michigan?

We think a lot of the laws we’ve talked about above can be described as “unnecessary” or not appropriate anymore. For example, the law about tying an alligator to a fire hydrant just doesn’t make any sense.

Is verbal abuse a crime in Michigan?

Yes, verbal abuse or emotional abuse is considered a crime in Michigan.

Can 3 people get married in Michigan?

No. 3 people can’t get married in Michigan. Plural marriages are not legal.

Is prank calling illegal in Michigan?

Yes, it is illegal to make any type of contact with other people using threatening or obscene language against them, their family or their property.

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