25 Weird Inventions That’ll Make You Question Human Creativity

We live in an age of innovation where the boundaries of human creativity and imagination are constantly being pushed to new heights. However, through the years, people have come up with some truly bizarre and unusual ideas that make us question their purpose and practicality. The world is full of strange and sometimes wacky inventions that have captured our attention. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most weird and wonderful inventions that have ever been created.

1. Suntan Vending Machine, 1949

weird inventions: suntan vending machine
Picture: AP

Star Manufacturing Co. came up with this no-brainer. All you needed was a dime and 30 seconds to spare. Betty Dutter, pictured above, demonstrates just how easy it is to get a quick glow up.

2. The Pet Rock, 1975

super weird inventions: pet rock
Picture: United Press International

Gary Dahl marketed a rock as the perfect pet, complete with a “training manual” and a cardboard box “home.” This strange invention became a fad, selling millions of units thus making him a millionaire.

3. The Baby Cage, 1922

the baby cage

In the 1930s, some parents in urban areas used a wire cage attached to their apartment windows as a way to let their babies get fresh air without leaving the building. Emma Read was the one to submit the patent and said the reasoning behind this was her intention to give babies access to a breath of fresh air in the middle of polluted cities. This bizarre invention has since fallen out of favor and you all can guess why.

4. The Egg Cuber, 1977

weird inventions egg cuber
Picture: goretro.com

In the 1970s, the Egg Cuber was introduced as a way to turn boiled eggs into perfectly square shapes. While it had some novelty value, it ultimately failed to catch on. The chicken’s face says it all, really.

5. Dog Tongs, 1960s

weird inventions dog tongs
Another head scratcher. Apparently this was used in churches in Britain to get rid of unlawful dogs that didn’t want to leave the premises.

6. Goofybike, 1939

weird inventions goofybike
A fitting name for an invention that looks the way it does. The guys are pedaling while mom is busy sewing. Unfortunately, Charles Steinlauf’s creation never saw the light of day.

7. MM7 Selektor, 1958

weird inventions MM7 selektor
Claus Scholz was the genius behind this one. “What I eventually want to build is a machine that can virtually do any normal chore. I want to reproduce mechanically and electronically the thinking processes of the human brain to arrive at a machine that can think for itself.” Guys, any takers, we could do with a couple of free hours every day.

8. Milk Fashion, 2011

German fashion designer Anke Domaske was the first to pioneer a fabric called QMilch which uses the casein protein, a protein that is naturally found in milk. The “cost” of a single dress? Six liters of milk.

9. Rain Goggles, 1930s

weird inventions rain goggles

Invented by Mr L. A. C Davoran, these are the goggles we saw in silly cartoons while growing up. Apparently, they were a thing for drivers with open cars.

10. The Baby Mop, 2012

weird inventions baby mop
This was introduced as a way to combine childcare and cleaning. It was essentially a onesie with mop-like material on the bottom, so that babies could crawl around and clean the floor at the same time.

11. Honegar, 1959

weird inventions honegar
Invented by Dr. DeForest C. Jarvis, is a mix of equal parts honey and apple cider vinegar which failed to go viral. Now you might have seen a different take on this being suggested by different lifestyle and wellness experts.

12. Double Ender, 1949

weird inventions double ender
Feeling like sharing a pipe? This was designed to fix this never ending issue but failed big time.

13. CueCat, 2000

weird inventions cue cat
Picture: Denise Chan/Flickr

The premise was simple: you use these to scan links in order to open them. Basically, the starting point of QRs, if you may. Branded an expensive mistake, costing about $6.50 to manufacture and being seen as a commercial failure.

14. Power Mower of the Future, 1957

weird inventions power mower
Picture: AP

Equipped with pretty much everything you might want around you when dealing with overgrown grass, from radio telephone to air conditioning, this five foot diameter mover was decades ahead of its time.

15. The Portable Hat Radio, 1930s

weird inventions hat radio
Aka how to overcomplicate stuff. Invented in Berlin, this never caught on despite benefiting from several upgrades, in terms of materials and design.

16. Massage Helmet, 1960s

weird inventions massage helmet
Talk about progress and courage! Imagine trying to relax with that thingamajig on your head, pumping air in order to calm you down after a 9 to 5.

17. Rubber Bumper, 1930s

weird inventions bumper
A.J. Grafham did his best at trying to keep pedestrians safe with this weird invention. A rubberized seat was his solution to avoiding unwillingly injuring pedestrians that happened to find themself in the way of a speeding car.

18. Cat-mew Machine, 1963

weird inventions cat mew
Straight from Japan we have this horror show that was meant to be a mouse trap. Its eyes would lit and it would meow 10 times every 60 seconds in order to let the mouse know the house is well-guarded.

19. Doughnut Dunker, 1937

weird inventions doughnut dunker
For those of us who hated getting their fingers wet while dunking their doughnuts in coffee. The amount of extra steps this invention added we kinda have an idea why it tanked.

20. Cyclomer, 1932

weird inventions cyclomer
Feel like going for a bike ride but could also do with a swimming sesh? Say no more! Get your Cyclomer and hop in the water while riding your bike.

21. Dynasphere, 1930s

weird inventions dynasphere
We wouldn’t be that surprised if we saw this on the road today but this alternative road vehicle caused quite the communication when it was first presented.

22. Butter protector, 1950s

weird inventions butter protector
Do you know those busy mornings when you press the snooze button way more than you should and you’re super late? This is where the butter protector comes in handy as it prevents you from accidentally dragging your shirt through the stick of butter while reaching for the toast.

23. Pug Anti-Bandit Bag, 1959

weird inventions anti bandit bag
Invented by John H. T. Rinfret, this briefcase would spill its content if a thief tried to steal it. This seems a bit counterproductive…

We agree, some of these inventions may seem downright ridiculous. However, it’s important to remember that innovation often requires taking risks and thinking outside the box. Who knows what other strange and fascinating ideas will be dreamed up in the future? It’s always interesting to look back at the strange and weird inventions that have helped shape our world.

And talking about inventions wait until you see the weirdest drinks ever invented by people!


What are the best inventions of 2021?

Time Magazine rounded up the absolute best inventions of 2021, ranging from gadgets to full body treadmills and unbreakable baby bottles.

What are some of the weirdest inventions ever made?

Oh, there are so many! Here are a few that come to mind: a device that lets you lick your cat, a pillow that doubles as a sneeze guard, a bicycle that runs on washing machine power, and a toaster that prints your face onto your toast aka the selfie toaster. And those are just the tip of the iceberg!

Why do people even bother inventing such weird things?

Some people just have really creative minds and enjoy coming up with wacky ideas. Plus, sometimes weird inventions can actually solve a problem or make life more fun or lead the path to an invention that no one foresaw! And let’s be honest, sometimes people just want to see if they can bring their crazy idea to life.

Do any of these weird inventions actually sell?

Believe it or not, some of them do! While many of these inventions might seem totally ridiculous, there are always people out there who are willing to pay for something unique or quirky. Plus, some of these weird inventions might have niche markets that are willing to shell out for them.

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