15 Weird Memes You’ll Probably Only Like If You’re Strange

You know you’re a bit strange when you find yourself relating to weird memes. If you’re like us and enjoy a good odd meme, then check out this list of 15 that are sure to make you laugh.

From relatable work memes to ones that celebrate your unique quirkiness, these are ideal for anyone who likes things that are a little out of the ordinary. So, scroll down, have a laugh, and maybe even share a few with your fellow strange friends.

1. The Funny Kid

The Funny Kid

Every class has a funny kid that is always ready to mess up with the strictest teacher. When a strict teacher comes to take class, every student sits silently. The funny kid is always ready to give answers to the strict teacher when he is yelling at the class for giving poor grades, or not submitting the assignment on time.

Also, when the class has pin-drop silence, suddenly a funny kid cracks a hilarious joke without even being fair to that strict teacher and the class bursts out laughing so hard.

2. The Due Assignment

The Due Assignment

When you have an assignment due but you have not prepared for it. you are worried about doing it, but not ready to complete it. Suddenly your professor extends the deadline and you feel so relaxed about having more time to prepare it.

3. The Funny Reaction

The Funny Reaction

Sometimes your friends show you a meme they found on the internet. They expect a funny reaction from you but you don’t show the reaction they want to see. Sometimes your friends get annoyed by your normal attitude instead of a funny reaction.

4. Studying After Exam

Studying After Exam

We all as students are always careless about our exam preparation. We usually don’t pay attention to studies the whole year until the final date is announced. We don’t have a regular self-study schedule to prepare daily lectures. Preparing one day before the exams is quite problematic for every one of us.

5. Get Up In The Morning

Get Up In The Morning

You can happily stay up late at night to watch your favorite seasons, wanting to complete the whole season in a single night. When you stay awake all night, it’s difficult to get up early in the morning to go to school or the office.

6. Skipping The Tutorial

Skipping The Tutorial

Whether it’s your job or anything that needs a little training before jumping up to the advanced level but sometimes when you skip the beginning sessions of training, you might find yourself in a panic situation when you have to practice an advanced level job having zero knowledge about it.

7. Pupil Dilation

Pupil Dilation

We all are fond of checking our cell phones again and again. When we wake up at night, we check our mobile if there is any notification from our boss or college professors. Due to mobile brightness and sleepy eyes, it’s hard to open eyes.

8. Headache


Headaches have various types such as stress. There is one more unique reason here that creates a headache, which is when you are using earphones and someone constantly disturbs you.

9. In The College

In The College

When we are in college, we enjoy it to the full extent but after college, we feel like we have lost all our energy. Most students don’t pay attention to the realities of life when they’re in college. But when reality hits and they have to encounter practical life, they feel depressed and exhausted.

10. Stealing The Jewelry

Stealing The Jewelry

When someone is addicted to drugs but doesn’t have money to spend, he always steals expensive items like jewelry from his home and sells them. The other thing is that despite knowing the reality, he doesn’t tell the truth when a lady from his home can’t find her jewelry.

11. Knowing The Right Answer

Knowing The Right Answer

Sometimes your class teacher asks random questions from any of the students but he can’t answer. The majority of your class fellows also have no clue. They are finding the answer here and there, or praying the teacher won’t call them. But one student who knows the right answer sitting confidently, and wishes the teacher would call him, and he will write the correct answer.

12. Doing The Best

Doing The Best

Sometimes we think whatever we do is not enough, right? We give out 100% and yet again we have to face a lot of problems. In these situations, we feel like the depression is just right behind us waiting to grab us.

13. I Don’t Know

I Don’t Know

Not everyone has future planning; they want to go with the flow. Suddenly, when a person asks them, “Now you’re an adult what do you want to do next? They stand with blank faces not knowing what to answer.

14. Nobody Cares

Nobody Cares

The Internet has the solution to each problem. Telling your problems to a counselor or explaining your pains to a therapist. Don’t you think it’s a quite similar situation if you tell a group of strangers that you want to die? Nobody cares!

15. Welcome To Teaching

Welcome To Teaching

Teaching is the most respected profession in society. But the bitter truth is that teachers have low salaries in most cases.  If anything is done accurately, or even if the students are not getting good marks, parents or the management blame the teachers.

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Summing Up

If you appreciate a good, weird meme, then you’ll love this list of 15 memes that are just strange enough to make you laugh. Some of them might be a little too out there for some people, but if you have a twisted sense of humor, then you’ll definitely enjoy these.

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