Outrageously Unique: Exploring The 30 Weirdest Sports In Existence

Sports have been a part of human history for ages. Requiring only body strength or adding an odd-shaped ball to the mix, people liked to keep themselves busy and entertained. This is how popular sports like tennis, soccer and bike riding came to fruition. But amidst the well-known sports, there are some truly bizarre ones that defy imagination, logic or both.

1. Toe Wrestling (1976)

weirdest sports: toe wrestlingA game that you might have played as a kid now has its own championship. The World Toe Wrestling Championships are annually held at Ashbourne Heights in Fenny Bentley, England and everyone seems to have a blast.

2. Bossaball (2004)

Bossaball: weirdest sports in existence

Played on an inflatable court with trampolines, players perform acrobatic moves while trying to spike the ball into the opposing team’s side.

3. Chess Boxing (2003)

weirdest sports: chess plus boxing

Chess Boxing is like the ultimate brain-meets-brawn mashup! It’s a crazy sport that combines the strategic genius of chess with the physical intensity of boxing. One round in the ring throwing punches and dodging blows followed by an intense game of chess.

4. Face Slapping (2017)

Face slapping is one of the weirdest sports in existence

It’s exactly what it sounds like – two competitors take turns slapping each other across the face with all their might. They stand there, staring each other down, and then BAM! A slap to the face. The aftermath is just as horrific: the swelling, the bruising, the unrecognizable faces.

5. 360ball (1990)

360ball gameA spike ball and squash played around a concave disc. Played in countries like Spain, France, and Germany, this requires extraordinary athletic skills.

6. Sporthocking (2007)


Originating from Germany, this is a youngman’s game, all that skateboarding, juggling, parkour and sitting down scenarios require a lot of effort. These athletes transform a basic stool into a tool for epic tricks and pure entertainment and we’re here for it.

7. Oil Wrestling (4,500 years ago)

Oil WrestlingA sport backed by years and years of traditions, oil wrestling started around 4,500 years ago and it’s just what. Two oiled-up individuals fighting for a trophy.

8. Man vs. Horse Marathon (1980)

Man vs. Horse MarathonWe had to do a double take for this one, we didn’t think this was a real thing. Guess what, people are going crazy for this 22 miles race where you have to prove you’re faster than a horse.

9. Wheelbarrow Olympics (2001)

Wheelbarrow Olympics

Another childhood game translated into grownup fun and a medal for the winner. Held annually in the Hosszúhetény village in Hungary, you can participate solo or in teams.

10. Shin-Kicking (early 17th century)

Shin-KickingDescribed as the English version for martial arts, this is one of the strangest sports we’ve encountered but somehow is just as fun and painful as it sounds. First, you have to kick your opponent in the shins. If he falls to the ground due to the excruciating pain, you get a point. Three rounds in, the one with the most points wins.

11. Zorbing (2011)

Zorbing football is among the weirdest sports out there

You probably had no idea this was a sport and not just a weekend pastime for the whole family. Originating from Zorbing, or the going down the hill in a huge inflated ball sport, Zorbing football just adds a ball to the mix.

12. Bog Snorkeling (1976)

Bog Snorkeling

A sport with a rather long history, bog snorkeling is clearly not for the faint hearted. The requirements are simple: muddy water and a snorkel. Any volunteers?

13. Ostrich Racing (1890)

Ostrich Racing

Apparently humans like to test the racing abilities of every animal/object known to man so ostrich racing is therefore a sport. You jump on an ostrich, safely grab them to make sure you don’t fall off and if you’re the first to cross the finish line, you win.

14. Jugger (1980’s)


Featured in the ‘The Salute of the Jugger’ movie, the real-life version is way different from the post-apocalyptic one featured. It’s still chaotic and fun and quite a challenge, so give this one a look.

15. Extreme Ironing (1997)

Extreme Ironing

This has to be one of the weirdest sports on the list! Why? How? Underwater, on cliffs, on top of super high buildings, apparently the sky isn’t the limit!

16. Quidditch (2005)


Also referred to as quadball, this is a huge sport for the potterheads but people that are not too familiar with the Potter franchise are quite surprised to see this is a real sport. The rules differ from the original one since obviously, levitation is not yet possible but you still have to carry a broom between your legs otherwise it wouldn’t be fun, wouldn’t it?

17. Milk Carton Regatta (1980)

Milk Carton RegattaIf it floats, I sits, the human version. Do yourself a favor and google this sport, the creativity some people pack is absolutely insane, some of the design they come up with look unreal!

18. Poohsticks (1928)

PoohsticksAgain, a game where we have world championships. If you’re a Winnie The Pooh fan then you already know this game was first described in “The House at Pooh Corner.” You have to throw a stick in the water, all while standing on a bridge, and then run to the other end to see who won.

19. Cycle ball (1893)

Cycle ballA game with German origins, cycle ball or “radball”, is basically soccer on a bike, with the bike having no brakes whatsoever. Each match has 2 20-minutes periods and, as expected, the team that scores the most points wins the game.

20. Lawnmower Racing (1970s)

Lawnmower RacingWe have the British Lawn Mower Racing Association (BLMRA) to thank for this. Now present in several countries, this is just as fun as it sounds.

21. Goanna Pulling (1985)

Goanna Pulling

Spoiler alert: this Australian sport has nothing to do with goannas! You have two contestants that play a tug-of-war kind of sport, they have a strap around their neck. The goal is simple: pull the other guy over the line.

22. Unicycle Hockey (Unknown)

Unicycle Hockey

If you thought hockey was hard, try riding a unicycle while you try to score points for your team. This is more than a past time, they even have official leagues for this sport.

23. Dog Surfing (1920s)

Dog Surfing

We have California and Hawaii to thank for this one. Alone on the board or with their trusty human, the dogs never fail to make an impression.

24. Shovel Racing (1970s)

Shovel RacingApparently this started with ski-lift operators using shovels to quickly go down the mountain. If you have snow, a slope and a metal shovel you’re good to go, you can have your own winter shovel racing championship.

25. Wife Carrying (1992)

Wife Carrying

A game with Finnish roots that involves a man carrying a woman and being married is not mandatory. There’s a world championship for this one, too!

26. Bed Racing (1965)

Bed Racing

The folks from North Yorkshire, England came up with this lil’ nugget. You’re racing on a bed on wheels that can also float since you’ll have to cross a river.

27. Underwater Torpedo League (2017)

Underwater Torpedo League

An emerging water sport that was put together by two guys right after leaving the Marine Corps and this is your hint: you need to be in excellent condition in order to be able to play this game. However, this isn’t just underwater fun, NFL players resort to underwater torpedo as a means of training for their next game.

28. Cardboard Tube Fighting League (2007)

Cardboard Tube Fighting League

This is even cooler than it looks! Equip however you seem fit, let your creativity run loose and get ready for battle. Best part about it? Everyone aged 5 and up can be a part of this craziness.

29. Fireball Soccer Presumably (1297)

Fireball Soccer PresumablySoccer but keep it dangerous aka the ball is on fire. Hugely popular in Indonesia amongst students, it requires a strict set of rules, fasting for 21 days is included.

30. Urban Golf (1990s)

Urban GolfInstead of lush fairways and manicured greens, you’ll be teeing off from crowded streets, alleyways, and even rooftops. Something worth exploring if golf is your thing.

And done, these are some of the weirdest sports we could find for now but don’t worry, the human mind is always cooking something. We can bet that in the years to come on the weirdest sports list will have a lot of new entries. Any oddballs we’ve missed? Share your favorite funky past time in the comment section, we know there’s way more weirdness out there than we could have covered.

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Is Cheese Rolling A Sport?

Hell yeah! Wikipedia lists this as a tradition dating back to 1985. Apparently people have a ton of fun running down the hill for a piece of cheese.

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