Weird Things To Search On Google: Bizarre Searches 101

Google is our greatest tool and our biggest enemy. We use it to document stuff, to put wrong diagnoses that prevent us from getting a wink of sleep, to watch funny stuff or to waste our free time. It was to be expected to find a ton of weird and  uncomfortable questions from people that were aching to know the right answer. Here are 15 weird things to search on Google right now (but others beat you to it): 

“Can a person survive on a diet of pizza alone?”

weird things to search on Google: living on pizza

The question that almost all kids had at least once had to pop on this list. From a surviving point of view, if you vary your toppings and include veggies while opting for healthier meats, like chicken breast and turkey, the answer might be yes. When you break it down, you have flour, tomato juice, meat and veggies along with the dairy of choice.

“How to become a mermaid?”

This is not a skill or appearance you get after undertaking training or taking some pills, so no, your best shortcut would be to pay for a mermaid costume and be done with it.

“Can chickens lay square eggs?”

weird things to search on Google: square eggs?

Granted, to most of us this is a silly question but curiosity is a wonderful thing and some people were wondering if a chicken can lay square-shaped eggs. The short answer is no, as chickens can only lay eggs that are oval or round in shape.

“Is the earth flat?”

Every time this question is typed into Google a geography teacher facepalm himself. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary and this theory being debunked time and time again, some people are still in the flat-earther team.

“Can you eat a whole airplane?”

Man eating an airplane

While it’s not recommended, you get zero nutrients out of it, technically speaking, it is possible to eat an entire airplane. You just grind it down into a fine powder and consume it over many, many months. We’re guessing this originated from Michael Lotito, the man who “ate” a Cessna 150.

“Can you train a goldfish to play basketball?”

We feel like this was coming straight from a kid’s keyboard, a kid that really wanted a play buddy.Goldfish are the go-to fish if you want to train them to perform simple tricks though, but basketball hoops is not one of them.

“Can cats see ghosts?”

weird Google searches: Can cats see ghosts?

This seems to be quite the popular question. With there’s still zero scientific evidence to support this claim, some cat owners seem to believe quite the opposite, they’re convinced their feline companions can detect eerie and gory spirits.

“Can I sell my soul to the devil?”

Again, a popular question, seen in movies, cartoons, games, online articles, you name it. Making a deal with the devil – being it because you want to get the new iPhone – is never a good idea, none of these scenarios ended well neither in any of the mediums we’ve mentioned.

“Is it possible to time travel?”

weird things to search on Google

Time travel is a popular subject in science fiction, but many people wonder if it’s actually possible to travel back or forward in time. While some scientists believe that time travel may be theoretically possible, we’re not quite there yet in terms of technology and understanding the laws of physics.

“Can a person live without a brain?”

Short answer: no. Long answer: if you’ve undergone severe brain damage you MIGHT be able to survive but your chances for a normal life are not there anymore.

“Can you swim in a pool of Jell-O?”

Can you swim in a pool of Jell-O?

A Jackass experiment research or a kid’s dream, there’s only two ways this scenario could work. Otherwise, put it to rest, there will be no swimming involved, at most you would puddle around. The second option would be sinking directly to the bottom of the so-called pool.

“Can you survive a nuclear blast by hiding in a fridge?”

You have to be an Indiana Jones fan to understand where this is coming from. In “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” our main man survives a nuclear blast by hiding in the fridge. Scientists have long disapproved of this myth but it still pops up, apparently.

“Can you make diamonds out of peanut butter?”

weird things to search on Google

We’re stalling this one a bit? What do you think? Yes or no? Guys, it turns out this is a resounding yes scientists have been able to transform peanut butter into diamonds but to some extent. They’ve also called the process an ooey-gooey one, our words, not theirs. No, you cannot make diamonds out of peanut butter.

“Can you fly by flapping your arms?”

No, humans cannot fly by flapping their arms. That’s why we’ve invented wingsuit flying , to get as close as we can to the whole flying experience.

This is a never ending subject and we will always have lists of weird things to search on Google, even more so now that ChatGPT entered the chat and you ask him even the weirdest of the weirdest things. So, pinky swear, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve search for online? And just to get the ball rolling take a look at the craziest ChatGPT prompts that people are entering in the chat box to see some really weird stuff!


Fun Google Tricks

Guys, we guarantee these are worth checking up:

  1. Your own times. Just type “set timer for x amount of time” and and it will start automatically.
  2. Have a hard time deciding? Use Google as your decision tool. Pick your side and type “flip a coin“. Voila, the fates have decided.
  3. A very useful tool would be the IP listing. If you need to know your IP and have no idea where to look, head to Google. Type in “What’s my IP” and Google will display it onscreen.
  4. Feet to kilometers, pounds to grams, whatever you need, Google knows it. You should type something like this: “630 grams to pounds” and you will immediately get a screen like this

weird searches unit conversion

Why do I search up random things on Google?

It might be because you like looking at weird things or just want to get some excitement in your life from random, new things. This can mean that you need to do more exciting things so that you don’t feel this need as much.

What is an Internet rabbit hole?

Urban Dictionary describes its best: “When you stay up late at night on the internet, browsing random topics that lead you from one site to another, until you wind up in some weird part of the web.”

Considering you’ve landed on a website that covers the weird and bizarre, it’s safe to assume that you’ve been through this scenario quite a lot.

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