17 Weird Wyoming Laws: No Spitting, Tattooing Horses Or Rabbit Photos

If you are looking to visit Wyoming or even if you’re a resident, there are some crazy weird Wyoming laws you should know about. Chances are you don’t know about at least a few of these so keep reading. It’s better to be aware of them since you could easily be breaking some without even being aware of it and could end up with a hefty fine or worse.

1. Women must not stand within five feet of a bar… while drinking!

weird Wyoming lawsSounds odd? That’s because it is. So ladies are not allowed inside a bar if they are drinking but if they aren’t then they’re good to go? Who thought this would be a good idea?!

2. Hunting with drones is illegal

Some hunters were using drones to scout their prey but now this has been banned. Score one for the animal team as this was no way near being fair to them.

3. In Cheyenne, spitting in school is not ok

weird Wyoming laws: no spitting in schoolThe law actually states that you must not spit on the steps of a school and while this is surely not an ok act did they have to turn this into a law? Isn’t that just a bit too much?

4. In Jackson, spitting is not allowed on the sidewalk

Wyoming isn’t a big fan of spitting in any way, are they? If you’re in Jackson take extra care if you’ve somehow choked or done something that requires you spit on the sidewalk. This can happen and you can get into trouble for sure.

5. Skiing while drunk or high is not permitted

skiing while drunk or high is not permitted

And it’s not safe either. Why would you want to endanger yourself and others by doing this? Doing this can mean a misdemeanor for you and can even mean 20 days in jail.

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6. Tattooing a horse is illegal

IF you are doing this to hide its owner. Trying to hide a horses’ rightful owner is clearly not ok and the law is there to back this up.

7. In Newcastle, making love is not ok if it’s done in a… freezer

Chilly isn’t it? On a more serious note, we wanna know what incident triggered this law.

weird Wyoming laws: no freezer love
8. Junk dealers are not allowed to do business with drunk people

If you’re dealing with anything junk related like metals, rubber, rags, etc. you are prohibited from doing any sort of business with a person that is intoxicated. We’re guessing a lot of drunk people would usually visit such places since this law needed to be enacted.

9. Drinking and mines never mix well

no drinking miningYou are not allowed to enter a mine while you’re drunk. While we understand this can be extremely dangerous and understand why a law had to be created to combat this, this is a very hard job and one of the reasons why someone would want to drink when doing it. Not excusing the behavior but maybe miners deserve more respect and better pay for the important job they do that could perhaps be better paid? Oh, and did we mention that breaking this law could send one to jail for up to 1 year?

10. A permit is needed to take pictures of a rabbit!

This is the case from January to April and it’s very, very odd! Why do they ask for a permit to take pictures? Now this is an explanation we’d like to hear.

11. Wearing a big hat in a theater is illegal

theaterIf that hat is blocking the view of others, you could be fined and appropriately so. Doing this is not in order. Why would you wear a big hat during a performance?

12. Pollution must not be photographed

Why would this be illegal? Is someone just trying to cover companies that pollute? Not being allowed to take pictures of pollution doesn’t look natural, does it?

13. Not closing a gate can mean a $750 fine

weird Wyoming laws: close all gates!This law is there to protect livestock that might be protected by fences and gates and leaving one open would lead to animals getting lost, stolen or killed. Wyoming relies on cattle and sheep ranching so this makes sense. Even more, there have been lots of instances where accidents were the result of such gates being left open.

14. Fishing with a firearm is banned

And why wouldn’t it be? Fishing should be done with poles and rods, not with firearms.

15. Hunting from a vehicle is illegal

vehicleJust like with the law about drones and scouting, hunting from a vehicle is not fair at all and should be discouraged. If you want to hunt you need to get out of your car. Fully automatic firearms are also banned from being used on wildlife here.

16. Martinis and sawmills don’t go well together

You can be sent to jail for upwards a year for drinking martini while in a sawmill! Weird enough for you?

17. 1% of money goes to artwork if a building costs more than $100.000 to build

Invest in art

This law might sound odd but it does encourage people to invest in art and $1000 is not that much for all things considered.

MYTH: It’s Illegal to take a shower on Wednesdays

There’s a local myth going around stating that in Chayenne, Wyoming you are not allowed to take a shower on a Wednesday. We’ve checked and this is clearly false. We don’t know how this myth started but there’s no truth to it.

You’ve hopefully found plenty of weird Wyoming laws to satisfy your cravings for something strange, peculiar or odd. And it’s also useful to be aware of these laws, some of them being quite out there.

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What are the outdated laws in Wyoming?

There are quite a few of them from women not being allowed to drink five feet near a bar to needing a permit to take pictures of a rabbit (only between Jan and April). Wyoming surely has a lot of laws that should be changed or scrapped altogether.

What are the weird alcohol laws in Wyoming?

Most alcohol related laws are there to protect all parties involved. They might seem weird at first glance but most are good. For example not being allowed to work in a mine while being inebriated can protect people from accidents and even death.

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