22 Weird Pennsylvania Laws: No Fireworks Or Dynamite Fishing

All US states have all sorts of crazy laws and Pennsylvania doesn’t stray from this. We’ve got a few really mindbenders in this one folks so grab your favorite drink and take a sit for a few minutes as we go through some amazingly weird Pennsylvania laws.

1. In Pennsylvania, residents will not be able to buy fireworks

weird Pennsylvania laws: no fireworks for residents!Why? Because firework stores are not allowed to sell them to residents. Can you believe this? How are firework stores even in business here if they can’t sell to their biggest market?

2. No singing in a bathtub

Showers aren’t specified so who knows? And we wonder how they will know if you are singing in the bathtub? Do they have people listening to your bathroom door?

3. In Bensalem, felons (people who have been convicted of any felony) are not allowed to operate a bingo game

weird pennsylvania laws bingo scaledAnd people who are allowed to operate bingo games must never advertise their prizes. But how will bingo participants know about the prizes they can win?

4. Don’t use a gun at a wedding

If you’re one of those people who likes to use guns at weddings, don’t do it. Discharging a gun or cannon during such an event is illegal.


Pennsylvania Jumbo State Magnet jpg



5. What’s up with Sundays and selling cars?

weird Pennsylvania laws: don't sell cars on Sunday

We’ve seen this “law” in a lot of states and we think it’s about time this wasn’t the case anymore, in any state. If someone wants to sell their car, the day shouldn’t matter at all.

6. In Allentown, you must not become “aroused” in public

It would be interesting to know what they understand by “aroused”. That would be an explanation worth hearing, no?

7. Catching a fish with ANY body part EXCEPT your mouth is ILLEGAL!

weird pennsylvania laws fishing scaled e1687431281517So if police see you grabbing that fish with your hands then you’re in for trouble.

8. 16 women living under the same roof = brothel

Are you a woman and living with another 15 women? Tough luck. You seemingly are a part of a brothel right now and will surely get into trouble.

9. In Carlisle, parking on a particular block means $50

This happens in the middle of Carlisle where you’ll have to pay that amount if you park there. Hey, the state must get their money from somewhere, right?

10. In Pittsburgh, bringing a mule onto a trolley car is not appropriate at all

muleIt’s actually illegal so don’t do it no matter how much you’ve always wanted to do this.

11. Also in Pittsburgh, sleeping on a… refrigerator is a no-no

Warm summer day. What better way to cool off than to get on top of that cool refrigerator and take a nap. Not in Pittsburgh you don’t. You can’t do this OUTDOORS but it’s perfectly ok to do it if you are inside.

12. In Morrisville, women can’t wear cosmetics without a permit!

cosmeticsNow this is one for the storybooks. It didn’t make any sense back in the day and it surely doesn’t make sense nowadays.

13. Like duels?

Then you can’t be Governor as this is prohibited. But since duels are not a thing anymore, why is this still an active law?

14. In Ridley Park, you aren’t allowed to walk backwards if you’re eating peanuts in front of the Barnstormers Auditorium IF a performance is under way there!

Yes, this is an actual law, folks!

15. All liquor stores MUST be run by the state!

So a regular person can’t run a liquor store here? This doesn’t seem fair.

16. Sticking to alcohol, buying more than 2 cases of beer is not going to happen

Unless you buy them from a “beer distributor” this is illegal. What does a “beer distributor” mean? That’s a good question.


Penn State Nittany Lions Logo Series Cutting Board jpg


17. Anyone driving any vehicle, who sees horses approaching, must immediately stop and cover the car with a blanket

The blanket must be from a material that blends with the surroundings so the horses don’t get scared. After the horses pass and only after, you are allowed to continue your travels.

18. Can’t use DYNAMITE to catch fish

Hmm… that doesn’t sound too safe. No wonder they banned this. It might sound like a weird law but shouldn’t this be applicable everywhere?

19. If you’re a motorist and traveling on a country road then you MUST stop every mile, if it’s night, and send up a signal.

weird pennsylvania laws driving scaled

Then you must wait 10 minutes for any potential livestock to dissipate and only afterwards get on the road again. And the best part? You have to do this all over again in just a mile. Isn’t that fun?

20. One of the worst offenses in PA

Guess what it could be? Putting pretzels in bags, of course?! It’s not the worst offense but why should this even be illegal? Like we said at the beginning, there are some really weird Pennsylvania laws in effect (still).

21. Tying your horse to a parking meter is not permitted

parking meterIf you do this in Tarentum, PA, then you are in for trouble.

22. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you can’t sweep dirt under the rug indoors

What about outdoors? They don’t specify that.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of weird Pennsylvania laws. Some were something, no? It’s good to have an idea of the laws of a certain state if you plan on visiting but we wonder how many of these laws are still enforced today.

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Is it illegal to sweep dirt under your rug in PA?

Yes. Believe it or not, this is illegal in Pittsburgh, PA.

Is it illegal to sing in the shower in PA?

It’s illegal to sing in the BATHTUB. The shower is not mentioned.

Is it legal to catch fish with your mouth in PA?

Yes. Using any other body part to catch a fish is illegal.

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