Snowflake Surprises: The 14 Weirdest Winter Gear Out There

This winter was all about the Arctic blast, we felt like every week we had an update on how bad things will soon be. So layering up in cozy clothes and accessories is an absolute must. But why go for copycat looks when you can opt for the weirdest winter gear money can buy?

1. Nutella hoodie

Nutella hoodie

If you want to rock a cool print, this could so be it. You will stand in a crowd of sad blacks and grays, this is not a hoodie people might overlook. Go, go, Nutella, go!


2. Blanket hoodie

weirdest winter gear- Blanket hoodie

Ever since that cheese teleshopping ad that seemed to be everywhere, blanket hoodies never stopped being a thing and they seem to be going strong lately. Funny print or not, the sheer gigantism of this hoodie is enough to make a statement. Brave ones might take for a quick ride to the supermarkets but for most it’s just a cozy option for homewear.


3. Chicken onesie

Chicken onesie

Onesies have long stopped being a clothing piece worn mostly bi babies and toddlers, us grownups need this luxury too. The comfiness, the warmth during long and colinter nights, the sheer weirdness of some onesies, you gotta love it! This chicken onesie is just that, comfy and weird.


4. Wool nose cover

Wool nose cover

What now?! At first we thought these were just an example of good Photoshopping skills but low and behold, this is an actual product. That is sold in sets of four, because apparently just one nose warmer is never enough. Handmade from wool and available in four colors, this could be a huge game changer for those who are prone to red noses the second they get out in the cold.


5. Bunny hat

weirdest winter gear - Bunny hat

Available in a gazillion other designs, kawaii banana included, this bunny hat with fully functional ears will keep you warm in the toughest of storms. Plus, it’s cute and a tad weird when worn by an adult with bushy beard but hey, we all have our quirks, right? And by the way, aren’t bunnies cute and cuddly? Yes they are. And you know who else is that way? Dolphins. Yep they’re pretty nice, aren’t they? Or are they? You will probably want to know about these 11 creepy facts about dolphins that not many talk about. Be warned! These will change how you see dolphins forever! 


6. Stubble beanie

Stubble beanie

Speaking of beard, how about a fake one for those baby-faced guys? Slip this on and voila, cold no more. Plus, you get to rock that bearded look in an instant, no need to wait for months to get to a decent length. Plus, it’s detachable, so if you want to rock just the beanie, go ahead.


7. I’d rather be living on Mars socks

I’d rather be living on Mars socks

Nothing tells those around you to leave you alone more than these socks. Straight to the point, they get the job done. Yeah, you might get the odd pissed look but hey, they won’t bug you that much.


8. Goggle hat

Goggle hat

Buyers seem to agree, “better than I thought” pops up in most reviews. Bought as a gag gift at first or just for fun, this beanie ended up being the go-to head accessory for when the wind makes it almost impossible to make your way through the city. Hey, doesn’t this hat look like something one would wear when trying to commit a burglary or a murder? Yep, it seems like it. Well, how about some interesting and very weird crimes around the world then? 


9. USB heated slippers

weirdest winter gear - USB heated slippers

The slippers that won’t leave your feet once you get to experience the warm coziness it can deliver. Put these bad babies on and binge Netflix like your life depends on it. Connect them to a powerbank so you can walk around the house instead of being bound to a socket.


10. Viking beard beanie

Viking beard beanie

There’s no way this could go unnoticed. Wear this on your way to work, around the block when you take the dog for a walk, or just for kicks when you open the door for the food delivery guy.


11. CVS receipt scarf

CVS receipt scarf

The old expression “ I like my money where I can see them” came to life in a weird-ass scarf. Not exactly a go-to scarf for freezing temps but rather a fashion statement for milder temperatures.


12. Burrito blanket

Burrito blanket

Activate hibernating mode with the right accessories, a warm and totally appropriate burrito wrap blanket. Because winter is made for chillaxing like a couch potato, nature’s taking a breather, we’re taking a breather too. Oh, and it’s double sided as well.


13. Mittens for couples

Mittens for couples

This is for the couple that is always holding hands, rain or shine. Upgrading to these couple gloves will keep frostbite at bay and allow you to roam the streets without worrying your fingers might fall off.


14. Deez nuts socks

Deez nuts socks

Well, well, well, I think we have a winner. These socks are a mix between funny and weird, but they’re full-on weird if you were them on an inappropriate occasion. These are NOT what you should wear on a first date or to a job interview. Unless you really, really hate monotony.


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