11 Most Bizarre and Weirdest Crimes Ever Committed Around The World

When we hear the word crime, we immediately think about murders and planned robberies, but you won’t believe that there are certain crimes that will crack you up for sure.

We have made a list of all those bizarre crimes so that you can get a good laugh and find out that there are people in the world that are charged for the weirdest crimes.

So, let’s get right into it:

Top 11 Weirdest Crimes Ever

We are going to find out the top 12 weird crimes in history so, keep reading.

1. A Drunk Thief Decorates The House

A Drunk Thief Decorates The House

Okay, so it would be a little harder to believe, but there was a thief who broke into a house in the neighborhood, and he was high on bath salts for real.

So, he basically did not steal anything from the house but decorated the whole house as it was Christmas, so apparently, the thief was into a very festive spirit.

He was still charged for theft and burglary, but the act is kinda cute.

2. A Man Submits Job Application at the Store he Robs

A Man Submits Job Application at the Store he Robs

This might surprise you, but a person does that, lol!

You often want to leave an unforgettable first impression but stealing from your employers might not be the first thing you think about, right?

A 36-year-old man entered a store and bought some ammunition and sunglasses, a deadly combo. Then, he left the store without paying; typical Karen move.

But what happens next will shock your ass off because the man returned after a couple of hours and submitted a job application at the same store.

Though police took him in and recovered all the items, it is still weird to come back for a job in the same place you were trying to rob.

3. A Thief Tried to File a Complain

A Thief Tried to File a Complain

A thief enters a bank, all set to rob it, but to his surprise, there is no money in their safe! What a twist!

So, the thief decided to literally launch a lawsuit against the bank for not having any money. He was even about to call the police but later ran away, and the police arrested him after a while.

With this common sense, he should be making short videos on Tik Tok, what is he even doing robing banks. But this crime is one of the most bizarre crimes for sure.

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4. A Robber Gives his Name and Address to the Teller

A Robber Gives his Name and Address to the Teller

So, a robber went to rob a bank but not every one of them is up for concealing his identity, and in August, Michael Harrell took one for the team by handing out a paper of demand to the teller.

This paper included his name and address, and the police say that when a criminal himself hands us this kind of information, there is very little that is left for us to do

So, apparently, Michael was either too dumb or too proud of his robbery that he wanted everyone to know. Well, they took him in anyways and charged him for robbery.

5. A Thief laughs at Family’s Joke

A Thief laughs at Family's Joke

Things don’t always turn out the way we want them to, and this is exactly what happened to the burglar in the Oak Hill Community incident.

He was just upstairs, going about his day, trying to steal a couple of things when he heard a joke from a man downstairs and started laughing.

When the couple downstairs heard the laughter, they called the police, and thus, a man got arrested for just laughing.

6. The Doctor Steals Einstein’s Brain

The Doctor Steals Einstein's Brain

You might not have heard about the burglary of the brain, but it happens, and in this case, the brain was of the most intelligent man.

When Einstein died, he wanted to be buried at a regular place so he could rest in peace but, his doctor stole his brain before burying him.

It was not until years that a journalist found out that the doctor was conducting research on Einstein’s brain and he was charged for theft.

It is one of the very strange crimes in history and that is for sure.

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7. Thieves Stealing Bridge

Thieves Stealing Bridge - Weirdest Crimes

It was a very well-coordinated theft because the burglars stole the steel from a bridge in Pennsylvania slowly.

They removed about $100,000 worth of steel from the bridge so basically. They were stealing the bridge bit by bit until the police found out.

8. Thieves Steal The Whole Shed

Thieves Steal The Whole Shed

You might not expect the thieves to steal something as big as a shed but, when a family went for a small vacation, they came home to an empty backyard.

The family said that when they got home, there were just tools on the floor. And the whole shed was stolen somehow.

Stealing a shed has to be on our list of weird crimes.

9. Tiger In A Residential Complex

Tiger In A Residential Complex - Weirdest Crimes

It was 2003 and a resident at Harlem society decided to get a tiger for his apartment which was surrounded by living people.

Though the tiger was adopted as a cub initially so no one really knew about it but soon. It grew up and became a proper tiger.

The man also had an alligator in the building just to keep him company. But the tiger and alligator did not get along well.

The police soon found out and the New York post clearly released a statement saying that it is one of the cutest cases of endangerment.

10. Thieves Stealing X Rays

Thieves Stealing X Rays

Apparently, thieves are very interested in X-rays these days. Because some of the thieves stole a whole bunch of X-rays from a hospital and ran away with them.

Reports are that X-ray thefts are actually pretty common and people extract silver from these X-rays. Well, it certainly is weird crime news for us.

11. Woman Driving a Toy Truck

Woman Driving a Toy Truck - Weirdest Crimes

A woman in South Carolina was charged for driving under the influence, but even the police were shocked upon discovering that she was not driving an actual vehicle but a toy car.

It was Megan Holman, and she drank a little too much that day and said in her statement that she was on a scavenger hunt on her toy truck and that she is all set to be a wrestler, according to her father.

Well, we don’t know about a wrestler, but the situation is strange concerning here toy truck ride.

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So, we know these are not very outrageous crimes or serial killer stories but let’s be real. They are really weird and some of them are even hilarious.

There is no shortage of strange crimes in history and it has made things a lot more interesting for us.

So, we hope you enjoyed it and just be safe from poop-smearing people and shed stealing maniacs.

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