Weird And Convenient: 15 Animal-Shaped Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Adore

Cooking should be fun and these animal-shaped kitchen gadgets do just that. You could buy them for yourself, like the independent adult that you are, or you could add them to the table to keep a busy kid entertained so he could finally go through his meal.

1. Peleg Design Silicone Egg Separator

Animal-Shaped Kitchen Gadgets: egg separator

If you’re tired of battling the dreaded yolk, meet your new bff. This little guy makes things easy peasy: squeeze it, bring it close to the yolk, release to swallow the yolk, squeeze again to release, and scene. If you’re the baker kind, this will save you a lot of time and frustration.

What the reviews say: “It makes it easy to separate eggs works fantastic wish I had it sooner”


2. Penguin-Shaped Egg Holder

animal-shaped kitchen gadgets: peleg egg holder

This adorable penguin squad is here to make your morning eggs more egg-citing than ever! Breakfast goals, anyone? Get your penguins now and upgrade your egg game to the next level.

What the reviews say: “I just can’t get down boiling hard-boiled eggs (judge all you want). But this, THIS, does it for me and now I can have hard boiled eggs! “


3. Barry The Bear Grater


Even his name is cool! This Grater is the swankiest stainless steel grater in town. Whether you’re a cheese enthusiast, veggie ninja, or just love a bit of kitchen bling, this sounds like a cool purchase.

What the reviews say: “Perfect size for smaller gratings. Can sit upright on the counter as a cute decoration until you need it – no need to cram it into the grater/juicer/potato masher drawer.”


4. Sponge & Scrubber Holder
animal-shaped kitchen gadgets: Pelix cloth and sponge holder

Say goodbye to messy countertops and hello to organization nirvana. This nifty holder keeps your sponges and scrubbers in check, a good strategy regardless if you’re a clean freak or not. It’s a total game-changer for anyone who’s tired of searching for their scrubber in the sink jungle.

What the reviews say: “I love these! I’ve had two of them in my two sinks for over 1 1/2 years.“


5. Jonah Toothpick Holder

Jonah Toothpick Holder

This whale toothpick holder isn’t just practical; it’s a conversation starter, and a cute one to boot. Plus, it’s super easy to refill, so your whale friend will never run out of toothpicks, he’ll have his teeth in the right place.

What the reviews say: “Super cute! Doesn’t include any toothpicks. You have to turn it upside down to get the toothpicks out. For some reason I thought they would pop out the top.”


6. Talisman Designs Bacon Bin Grease Strainer

Talisman Designs Bacon Bin Grease Strainer 

Heat resistant and funny looking, this bacon bin grease trainer is designed to be kept both on the counter or in the fridge. Makes it so much easier and you get to save your pipes from all that grease.

What the reviews say: “Love the bright red color of these bacon jars. Makes it very easy to locate my bacon drippings in the fridge. The jar is metal but has a silicone sleeve which makes it possible to hold the jar even when pouring hot bacon grease into it.“


7. Garligator Garlic Press

Garligator Garlic Press

If you’re a garlic lover (who isn’t?), this quirky crocodile-shaped press is here to make your cooking both fun and efficient. It’s super easy to clean, so you can spend less time scrubbing and more time savoring the aroma of fresh garlic in your dishes.

What the reviews say: “Originally ordered because of the cute crocodile design but once it arrived I loved it!!!”


8. Crocodile Lemon Squeezer

Crocodile Lemon Squeezer

This adorable citrus-loving croc is the coolest way to extract that zesty goodness from your lemons and limes. Its toothy grin and vibrant green color will bring a pop of fun to your kitchen. Plus, it’s super easy to use – just place your citrus in its jaws and squeeze!

What the reviews say: “I bought it because yes it is cute and yes I love everything this brand makes.”


9. Pasta Servers

Pasta Servers

This won’t revolutionize pasta serving but will make it way more fun for sure. Durable and dishwasher safe, these serving tongs will be a hit with the kids.

What the reviews say: “So cute! A bit awkward to store. Don’t easily stand in a canister or fit in a drawer. But adorable so I will deal.”


10. Nessie Ladle

Nessie Ladle
Meet Nessie, the lovable ladle that’s ready to dive into your soups and stews! One of OTOTO’s bestsellers, this ladle has a long neck and tiny feet that make it easy to stand in your pots, always ready for action.

What the reviews say: “A ‘pure fun’ item that was too expensive but loved it anyway!”


11. Cat Paw Tongs

Cat Paw Tongs
We really don’t need a reason to buy these, they’re cute, they’re cat-themed, add to basket and be done with.

What the reviews say: “So I thought I’d have nothing really to use the smaller tongs for.
I was wrong!! We had taco night last night so we used the smallest for shredded cheese.“


12. Fred Pasta Server

Fred Pasta Server
The toothy guy that’ll always make you chuckle. This prehistoric-inspired server adds a fun twist to your spaghetti experience, we’re ready to bet our lunch money on it.

What the reviews say: “I absolutely love this item. Easy to use, easy to clean. And most importantly it’s a dinosaur hehe”


13. Peleg Design CatPeeler

Peleg Design CatPeeler
Meet the CatPeeler – the cutest way to peel your veggies and fruits. It’s not only adorable but also highly functional, making peeling a breeze. Say goodbye to boring peelers and hello to a purr-fectly delightful kitchen companion!

What the reviews say: “I’m a cat lover, so I couldn’t resist.”


14. Multi Monster 2-in-1 Cheese Grater & Spaghetti Spoon

Multi Monster 2-in-1 Cheese Grater & Spaghetti Spoon

You don’t need an excuse to go for this guy, that lonely eye makes him so darn cute. Spaghetti night gets a new and fun upgrade.

What the reviews say: “Love this ! Fun at the table”


15. Pasta Timer

Pasta Timer
A bonus entry and technically not an animal but people seem to be loving it so we made an exception. This little guy whistles fun songs when the water is boiling: “That’s Amore” after 3 minutes, “The Godfather Theme” after 7 minutes, “Tarantella Napoletana” after 9 minutes and “Prisoners’ Choir” after 11 minutes.

What the reviews say: “What a silly idea, but it works.“


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