Are These 12 Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets Actually Worth It?

We all love some useful kitchen gadgets, but there are so many gadgets on the internet that will leave you wondering what is wrong with the world.

These gadgets usually look very useless but, let’s not judge a book by its cover and find out whether they are actually worth it or not.

Kitchen gadgets don’t usually are weird and absurd. So, let’s see how exactly brands managed to turn even the most useful things into a pile of weird stuff.

Top 12 Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets

We have listed the 12 strange kitchen tools that are not only going to blow your mind but will also make you wonder that who exactly needs all these things. So, let’s get right into it:

1. Avocado Slicer

Avocado Slicer

Do you like egg and avo sandwiches as a delicious breakfast food, and it is getting harder for you to cut your avocado with a knife? Don’t worry because this avocado slicer is at your rescue.

Well, we are not sure why people would need a slicer specifically for their avocado when you can actually scoop it out quite easily with a spoon.

Scooping avocado is even easier than eating out of a soggy cereal bowl.

This slicer does look like a cute addition to your kitchen gadgets, but it is weird and not very useful. So, we won’t list avocado slicer as a product worth it because it does not do wonders.


2. Juice Sprayer

Juice Sprayer

Now, this is the weirdest gadget we have come across in quite a while because it is a sprayer for citrus fruit like oranges and lemons.

To be perfectly candid, this citrus juice sprayer is a very useless and weird product because why do you even need to spray your citrus fruits? Just squeeze them up on your salad; there is no difference.

But in a world where you have gadgets to mold hard-boiled eggs, the sprayer should not harm anyone.


3. Carrot Sharpener

Carrot Sharpener

Now, this is something that we can surely get on board with because when you are making a salad or just trying to make a very formal dinner, this sharpener can help you make those cute little flowers.

But, if you are buying it just because it looks cute, then it obviously is not worth it.


4. Meat Shredder

Meat Shredder

Okay, we might get on board with this product, and even though it makes you look like the wolverine, it still has some practicality.

Though the design of the shredders themselves is very weird they could help shred meat if you don’t have a beater or the time to use a fork.

It certainly is one of the obscure kitchen utensils.


5. Pancake Pen

Pancake Pen

It is the weirdest thing I have come across because who is having difficulty in pouring their pancake batter? Is there any logic for having a pancake bottle like this?

Okay, it might help make your pancakes of your desired size, but you could do the same with water bottles; no need to spend 12 extra bucks on one such quirky item.


6. Microwave Bacon Rack

Microwave Bacon Rack

Tired of trying to avoid fat? If you have finally decided to eat healthily but can’t get your hands off of bacon, then this rack might be of help for you as the fat from bacon does not get reabsorbed in it but drips on the tray.

However, it is really weird to even think that someone just came up with the idea of hanging up your bacon in the microwave.

The good thing about frying bacon is fat, but we still think this gadget deserves a fair chance.


7. Banana Slicer

Banana Slicer - Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets

Okay, let’s just all agree that a banana is one of the easiest things to slice, but we still thought that it is necessary to invent the weird banana-shaped slicer.

It is not only strange but also it will make a lot of mess because you will have to press your banana on the slicer. A knife is a lot better than this so, this weird slicer is not worth it for sure.

So, this banana slicer actually is one of the most unusual kitchen gadgets but perfect for those who don’t want to slice their bananas with a knife.


8. Bogey Man Egg Separator

Bogey Man Egg Separator

Now, this is something that we can actually use in our kitchen because separating eggs is the biggest hassle of all, and this egg separator could be one of the cool kitchen gadgets.

But the weirdest thing is the outlook of this gadget because let’s get it straight, this is very gross, and it would feel like the egg white is coming right out of the bogeyman’s nose.

The usual separator sucks egg yolks, but this one just strains the egg white easily so, if you can get on board with this whole boggy thing, it is the perfect gadget for you.

It would have been better if this was a pluck egg separator because you then would have gotten to pick the white bogey from it.


9. Whisk Wiper

Whisk Wiper

A whisk wiper is a weirdest and most useless thing anyone has ever made because if you think your whisk is dirty, you can simply wash it.

We have tried washing, and it does clean your whisk, so what is the need for a really weird and useless product? Well, the world is like that sometimes.

It could be considered one of the weird old kitchen gadgets as people in the 90s might use it.


10. Hot Dog Slicer

Hot Dog Slicer - Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets

Again, hot dogs are the easiest thing to slice, and we don’t really understand why anyone would need a separate hot dog slicer.

The time consumed on setting this slicer ready could actually be used to cut the hot dog. Also, this slicer is actually shaped like a dog which is not only weird but very creepy.

This slicer has a very sharp blade and a convenient condiment bowl that is just perfect.


11. Heating Knife

Heating Knife

Cutting frozen butter could be hard, and it seems like someone really hates frozen butter because this knife is specifically made for melting and spreading cold butter.

It beautifully melts butter and helps deposit perfect butter pats to your bread. It actually is worth it because who even likes cold butter?

But it is weird as well because a whole gadget is made that uses technology just to melt butter. Could you not just wait for a while?


12. Chork

Chork - Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets

So these have to be the weirdest gadgets you saw on the internet today because these are a combination of forks and chopsticks, which, to be very honest, is a really, very weird combination.

But it looks creepy too, and you can just have a pair of chopsticks and a fork; no need to have them together. For us or for any sensible person, the chork is just not worth it.


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So, there is a whole lot of madness and weirdness out there, but we never knew it could even reach our kitchens, but after going through these weird kitchen utensils, we got to say that people have really gone overboard with laziness.

We hope that you enjoyed these weird kitchen tools because we did, and we are excited to purchase some of these quirky gadgets. Are you planning on buying anything from this list?


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