5 Crazy Escape Rooms For People Who Like Challenging Puzzles

A team building experience, a night out with your friends, a family fun outing, there’s a ton of scenarios on which an escape room might be the answer. But how about some crazy escape rooms that focus on the gore and eerie? These 5 rooms have all the ingredients to keep you and your squad entertained and on top of your game.

1. RoomEscape Stockholm by Fox in a Box – Stockholm, Sweden

crazy escape rooms: RoomEscape StockholmRoomEscape Stockholm by Fox in a Box is not just your average escape room experience—it’s a thrilling adventure that will test your wits, teamwork, and problem-solving skills like never before. Their escape rooms are both fun and weird so if you ever find yourself in Stockholm we suggest checking them up.

Scenarios include:
“Prison Break”: You’re trapped in a maximum-security prison so you and your team have to come up with a plan in order to escape. This means you have to solve puzzles, outsmart the guards, all while working together to break free before time runs out.
“Zombie Lab”: As you might have guessed it by now, this is all about zombies. You’re in a secret laboratory where a dangerous experiment has gone awry, turning everyone into zombies. Your mission is to find the antidote and save humanity from a zombie apocalypse. Can you find the cure before it’s too late?

2. The Official SAW Escape – Las Vegas, USA

crazy escape rooms: Saw Escape, Las Vegas

This one takes the thrilling world of the iconic horror franchise, SAW, and transforms it into a heart-pounding, immersive experience unlike any other. Prepare yourself for a true test of courage and ingenuity as you navigate through a series of elaborately designed rooms and challenges inspired by the SAW movies. You’ll get to experience the eerie atmosphere and spine-chilling scenarios that fans of the franchise have come to love. The mix of stunning set designs, chilling special effects, and intense storytelling creates an unforgettable adventure that will give you a few jump scares.

3. The Basement – Las Vegas, USA

The Basement, Las Vegas

The Basement Escape Room in Las Vegas plunges you into a world of mystery, suspense, and thrills. This popular attraction invites you to test your noggin and unravel the secrets hidden within its dark and enigmatic walls. With a variety of scenarios to choose from, the Basement Escape Room ensures that every visit is a unique and captivating adventure.
Scenarios include:
“The Elevator Shaft”: Find yourself trapped in a malfunctioning elevator shaft, several stories below the surface. As panic sets in, you must work together to repair the elevator and escape to safety. If you’re claustrophobic you should skip this one, the space is pretty tight and if you add the fact that you have to solve puzzles and inspect EVERYTHING you might not have a great time.
“The Basement”: As you step into the room you’ll find yourself in a dimly lit, chilling environment that immediately sets the stage for an intense and suspenseful experience. The scenario unfolds as you discover that you and your team have been kidnapped by a deranged serial killer, who has imprisoned you in their twisted domain.

4. Sherlocked – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sherlocked, Amsterdam

If you love a good mind-twisting mystery, this one’s for you. Your detective skills will be put to a test, as well as your patience.

Scenarios include:
“The Vault”: You’re about to pull off the heist of your lifetime. The mission is simple: break into a highly secure vault, bypass the security system, and make off with the loot. Can you outsmart the state-of-the-art security measures and escape without getting caught?
“The Architect”: Here you’ll be investigating the mysterious disappearance of a brilliant architect. Go on and explore his abandoned office, pick up on whatever clues you can find, and you’ll be closer and closer to unraveling the mystery and finding the poor guy.

5. Horror Escape – Victoria, Canada

Horror Escape, CanadaThis last escape room features a variety of thrilling scenarios to choose from, combining immersive storytelling, intricate puzzles, and atmospheric settings to create an experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Each scenario is meticulously designed to transport you into a different horror-themed narrative, where your wits and teamwork are put to the ultimate test.

Scenarios include:
“Motel 66”: A creative take on the whole motel murder genre. You check in only to discover that things are not as they seem. The owners are out to get you so you’d better run if you want to live.
“The Wishmaster”: The premises for this one are simple: a magical book can make any wish come true, but only if you’re a kid. One boy stumbled upon the book, wished for something and suddenly disappeared. Your job is to find out what happened and to bring little Johnny home.
Their survival rates are between 20% and 40%. However, the reviews for this place are off the charts, people love being challenged “Great atmosphere! A group of us did Motel 66, didn’t survive but had an amazing time! Our hostess Bonnie was great and added to the whole adventure! Will definitely be back to try more rooms.”

If you’ve watched enough CSI or other detective/mystery series you will have no problem figuring out most of these scenarios. The trouble lies in how well you manage your emotions when placed in one of these crazy escape rooms. Cause this is where you might have a hard time controlling yourself.

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Which country invented escape rooms?

The first live escape room was designed by SCRAP in Japan in 2007 and it was a huge success. Now they have thousands of players in the same shared location and they only seem to grow more and more.

What are 3 common escape rooms?

Think of puzzles in all shapes, sizes and forms. From hidden clues aka look under tables to harder ones like math puzzles or funky riddles, there’s no limit to what you can encounter. Ciphers, magnets, visual cues, anything and everything that tests your mind.

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