13 Weird And Fun Garden Decor Pieces For Extra Cool Gardens

Green thumb or not, a myriad of plants and flowers or just a green lawn, it doesn’t matter, really. Any outdoor space could benefit by having any of these weird and fun garden decor pieces. They’re budget-friendly, long lasting and guaranteed to gather funny and creeped-out looks.

1. Silly Gnome

garden decor solar funny decor jpg
A garden gnome is a must and if it’s a funny one, even better! This lovable character could brighten up any corner, you could even put it on the porch. Bonus: it has a solar panel so the yellow bottles light up at night.

In their own words: “Love this garden gnome. It’s solar powered so you don’t have to worry about batteries or plugging it in. It looks great in the garden, has vibrant colors, is sturdy and well crafted. “


2. A Gnome-Eating Cat

garden decor Mischievous Cat jpg
We all know cats are an almost perfect killing machine, this just draws on that idea. And it’s quite a statement piece, there’s no way your guests would walk past this statue without having a fun or snappy – most likely coming from dog owners – comment about it.

In their own words: “The workmanship on this is amazing. It will go great in my backyard with all the windchimes and statues. Glad I got it.”


3. “Sometimes I Wet My Plants” Sign

garden decor funny sign jpg

Despite our best effort, sometimes life gets in the way and our garden has to suffer for it. Truer than true, this sign is a fun reminder that things don’t always go as planned.

In their own words: “I bought this as a gift for a friend who loves gardening. She is obsessed! And it’s fun and unexpected because most gardening items are not cheeky.”


4. Metal Decorative Ants

garden decor metal art jpg

Dorky-looking ants that come in a set of four. Sporting hooks on their abdomen area, they can be easily placed on whatever surface you need. Let them hang from a pot or put them up on a tree, your call, they look fun wherever.

In their own words: “So cute and almost like they have personality with they’re expressions. Nicely made, not cheap and flimsy. My friend is going to love these”


5. The Party-Type Gnome

garden decor funny gnome jpgNothing says “Cheer up” better than a gnome that throws up, all while looking cross-eyed at you. To take things even further, the rainbow is the one thing that lights up,

In their own words: “Bought 3 of these. 2 for gifts and the other one for me. I like the way it lights up. I have a sick sense of humor so that’s why I like it. 👍”


6. Metal Wide-Eyed Bird Statue

garden decor metal art bird jpg
Another dorky and weird find, Made from durable 100% weather-resistant metal, this bird will stay in your garden for years and years. Loving it? Check the brand’s other bird garden decorations, you’ll love them!

In their own words: “This is a crazy bird that lights up your garden with those big big eyes. We love just knowing that all the other yard birds/animals are trying to figure this guy out.”


7. Banana Duck Garden Statue

garden decor banana jpgSay what now?! Someone was overflowing with creativity when designing this weird statue. If you resonate with this kind of humor, you just have to get this one and see what reactions you get. This is not the kind of piece that gets ignored, you will get a reaction for sure.

In their own words: “Where to even begin? I bought the whole set and they are just so stinking cute! They’re fun, silly, and a great addition to my flower beds.”


8. The Funny Chicken Sculpture

garden decor chicken jpg

Made from non-toxic resin, it’s both durable and environmentally friendly. Place it so it awkwardly hangs with his feet in the air, staring into the garden at god knows what.

In their own words: “We have this awesome chicken and he is the cutest, funniest, most awesome chicken ever!”


9. Oktoberfest Otto Fully Krausened Elf Gnome

garden decor oktoberfest otto jpg

A little party never killed nobody and this guy proves it. If you’re up to this kind of humor, then this statue is a must. The strategically-placed bottle cap was a stroke of genius! Hint: check the back view for this statue, you won’t be disappointed.

In their own words: “Absolutely love this! As a collector of gnomes he’s defo my fave just wish there was a full set!”


10. Funny Garden Décor Sign

garden decor funny sign jpg
Having a garden is no easy feat, guys! It comes with a lot of frustration, failed projects and wasted money. And having to wait on plants to grow to see if you did a good job is the absolute WORST! But this one for you or a fellow gardener and at least get a chuckle out of it.

In their own words: “Everyone who has seen it loves it. Well made. Sign stays on its pole.”


11. The Gnome-Devouring Dinosaur

garden decor dinosaur jpgThe gnomes have yet again fallen victims to another devious creature, this time a dinosaur. A rather small statue, coming at around 14 inches this would be a perfect gift for the kid that is madly in love with dinosaurs, the mayhem caused by this scaly creature is sure to be liked.

In their own words: “I love this so much. I like things that make me laugh.”


12. Tree Faces Decor

garden decor tree face jpg
Place these a la Picasso and you’re shoo-in for a weird looking tree. They’ll last for years, they’re bright and funky colored and rather unique, you don’t expect to see them popping up.

In their own words: “Absolutely adorable! The colors are vivid and the pieces are heavy/solid. Very nice quality. “


13. Dachshund Garden Gnomes Statue

garden decor dachshund jpg

The closest thing to having your dog in the garden if you don’t have the time or the space for the real thing. Plus, it will look so weird at night with all those gnomes when your friends decide to pop in for a quick visit.

In their own words: “PERFECT GIFT FOR THE TACKY GARDEN CONTEST. Trust me, no garden in an upscale neighborhood is complete without one of these.”


While some of these statues may seem bizarre or even disturbing to some, they are a testament to creativity and imagination. So, if you’re a fan of the unusual or simply looking to add a touch of quirkiness to your garden, these weird but fun garden statues are sure to inspire and intrigue. So go ahead, embrace your eccentric side and let your garden be a reflection of your individuality.

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