17 Weirdly Funny Bathroom Decor Ideas You’ll Love Instantly

Hey there, lovely ladies and gents, and welcome to the wonderful world of wacky and delightfully weird and funny bathroom decor! You might not think of your bathroom as the most exciting space in your home, but with a little imagination, you can turn it into a veritable playground. From psychedelic shower curtains to whimsical wall art, there’s no shortage of quirky and cool decor ideas to spruce up your space. Keep on scrolling for a tour of the wildest and most wonderful bathroom decor trends out there. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

1. “Close The Lid” Decal

funny bathroom decor: Close the lid

The age-old problem, the toilet sit down or up debate. And this toilet seat decal – or whatever you might want to place it – has already chosen a side, the lid should be DOWN, regardless if you have a doggo or not.


2. “Get Naked” Mat

funny bathroom decor: get naked mat

Going for a bit of a cliche here but this one felt right. The simple font and minimal color combo makes it too good to pass. Hint, though, it’s available in several other colors as well, from rainbow mush to random colors.


3. “Forgot Your Phone” Art

funny bathroom decor: forgot your phone art pieces

Sure, you could be reading the shampoo bottle label aaagain but hey, this is way more fun! That maze will make you cross-eyed in two minutes tops.


4. Cast Iron Tentacle Hook

iron hook

Skip boring wall hooks and hook yourself an antique, statement piece. This one looks the part and it’s super sturdy as well, made from cast iron metal.


5. Snail Soap Dispenser

Snail Soap Dispenser

Shtop it! The perfect soap dispenser just landed and it rocks. If your favorite soap has an ooey gooey texture, even better, it adds to its overall charm, n’est ce pas?


6. Stay Positive Skull

stay positive skull image

Spreading joy and calmness all around the house, bathroom included! Nothing brightens up your spirit more than a happy happy joy joy skeleton wishing you nice vibes, plus who would expect a skeleton to be the bearer of positive messages?


7. Unpleasant Odor Figurine

funny figurine

There’s no eating around the bush with this one. Any bathroom out there has a very clear and distinct purpose and this little fella blends right in, he’s right on the money. Marketed as a decor intended for children, this works for any bathroom, if your humor is spot on.


8. Rate Your Bathroom Experience

rating bathroom experience

The guest bathroom sign that would leave all your guests in a huge cackling fit. One hilarious line after the other, this bathroom sign makes any boring bathroom pop up.


9. Funny & Weird Prank Sticker

funny stickers

I’m going to give you a little scenario: you’re visiting your friends, pop in their bathroom quick and lift the lid, only to see this monstrosity of a joke there. What do you? LOL so hard that they hear you from downstairs or take a pic to make sure you never forget the praise you got?


10. The Ultimate Bathroom Reader Book

bathroom reader book

Facts that you are very likely to need in your life, unless you’re big on trivia nights. Questions include “Why did the people of New York riot over the price of flour in 1837?” , “Who took the first ever selfie” or the gem “Where do 9 out of 10 lobsters caught in America come from?”


11. Roto Wipe

the roto wipe

No water, no toilet paper, barely no effort, ahem… Yeah, we know this is a novelty gift but guys, who sat late at night scribbling down this idea? We swear, we could never…


12. Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book

bathroom guest book

You have to check this one out, even if just to admire the amount of copywriting that went into a simple bathroom guest book. If you feel your bathroom needs a tad more oomph or weirdness, this one is sure to overdeliver.


13. Funny Bathroom Art

funny bathroom art

The collage you never knew you needed! Inclusion is everything and you do want to make your guest feel seen, right? Hang this beauty up and let them spend a couple extra minutes figuring exactly where their posterior lays.


14. Toilet Fishing Game

toilet fishing game

Another novelty bathroom game that would work perfect as a gift. For a dad, for your quirky work bestie, whatever, it doesn’t matter because this just works.


15. Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Cram two toilet papers and you’re done. An adorably weird bathroom decor element that is sure to get a giggle or two. Don’t like the color? Go for a bright neon and make it your own. Go all the way and add some googly eye to keep the weirdness alive.


16. Scary Toilet Lid Decals

scary toilet

Not just for Halloween! Available in 10+ weird designs, this would keep the eerie spirit alive for months to come. Nothing says sweet home like a bloody face staring at you from the bottom of your toilet.


17. “Your Butt Napkins My Lord” Wall Art

bathroom wall art

Who can say no to a moment of praise right after a moment of pure vulnerability? The serious yet humble expression made us laugh a lot!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this wild ride through the world of bathroom decor. Whether you’re a fan of bright colors, bold patterns, or just love a good pun, there’s something out there for everyone.

So why settle for a boring old bathroom when you can turn it into a haven of weird and wonderful design? Let your creativity run wild and make your bathroom a space you can truly call your own.

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What is the most relaxing color for a bathroom?

Well, studies show that Navy blue is the color that calms us the most. Add a splash of silver if you want to create a more modern bathroom.

What is a sensory bathroom?

A sensory bathroom is that place that makes you feel safe and calm. It’s a place with color changing lights, music and anything else that stimulates your senses. Spending time in such a place recharges, reduces pain and anxiety.

What are the four features bathroom?

The four features bathroom is formed of a bathtub, shower, sink and toilet. These are the 4 main elements a bathroom should have.

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