31 Weird And LOL Gifts For Work Colleagues

17 Apr

Whether it’s for a work anniversary, birthday, or just to show appreciation, finding the perfect gift can be a tricky task. We’ve put together a list of some great gifts for work colleagues that are sure to make them feel valued and appreciated or simply entertained. From gag items to practical gifts that will make their workday easier, we’ve got you covered so let’s dive into some awesome gift ideas for your colleagues!

1. My Last F*ck Candle

Gifts For Work Colleagues - My Last F*uck candle

We know! Some days are truly unbearable and all you want to do is call in sick and spend all day in bed, binging your favorite shows. Since this is rarely possible this sassy candle might come in handy, even if just to let your colleague know you’re not in the best of moods. 


2. Novelty Memo Pads Bundle

These memo pads come in 4 prints that will brighten up whatever boring stuff you have to scribble on it. They’re fun, workplace appropriate and sooo relatable! Plus, they’re a tad bigger than your usual sticky notes which makes them way more versatile. 


3. Offensive Pens

Having a pen for every mood/workplace scenario is possible with these 5 pens. If your colleague has an in-your-face approach then these gag gifts are a perfect fit. No room for subtlety here, guys, just raw honesty. 


4. Sheets Master Mug

Freak in the Sheets funny Gifts For Work Colleagues

Every office has that sheets ‘geek’, that colleague that knows all the shortcuts, all the tidbits. Stroke his ego and get him a mug that shows your appreciation for the countless times he saved your day. 


5. Snarkasms 2023 Wall Calendar


A demotivational wall calendar for the anti-motivational quote colleague. They’re fun, they’re snarky and they work in most offices. We know, rather late in the year to be buying a calendar but 2024 is still, far, far away, especially in terms of office hours. 


6. Desktop boxing


When work is just too much, just take two minutes and go into a quick boxing round using just your index fingers. It’s fun, it’s quick and best of it, your colleagues will be unharmed. 

7. Passive-Aggressive Memo Pads


The memo pads that will get everyone talking, guaranteed! Sarcastic humor hits differently when used among coworkers, nothing brings people together more than a common enemy, be it another coworker or a task. 

8. Dammit Doll


The gift that keeps on giving. This stress-relief doll might be just what the doctor ordered: your colleague can crawl out of a moment of pure despair after giving the doll a proper smacking. Let’s face it, we all could use a Dammit Doll in our lives.

9. Tell It Like It is Sticky Notes



These are the fun providers, you can get a serious note on a ‘Duh’ sticky without at least cracking a smile.

10. Tricks To Appear Smart In Meetings


A hilariously take on dealing with those soul-sucking meetings the fun way. This is the kind of gift you might end up buying for yourself as well.

11. Affirmations Cards


Affirmations might not be for everyone but these hilarious ones sure are. These are not the classic “I can do everything”, “I attract a gazillion dollars in my bank account”, they’re fun and the best part about them, they work.

12. Pop-Up Note Dispenser


An insanely cute but practical note dispenser that would make for the perfect gift for your cat-loving work bestie. 

13. Pencil Holder


Of course a novelty pencil holder made its way onto our list. It’s fun, affordable and guaranteed to make a statement on every desk it’s placed on. 

14. Novelty Message Stamp



Are colleagues sometimes overarching in asking your colleague to do something for them? Say no more! This stamp will allow for clearer boundaries or just fun office banter between colleagues. 

15. Seven Days of The Week Pen Describing Their Mood


More on the expletive side, these pens, one for each day of the week, would work best in a work-from-home scenario or in a less formal office setup. They’re funny like hell but obviously they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. 

16. Mug Warmer


Practical. Minimal. Affordable. Portable. Both for coffee and tea lovers. The kind of gift people want to buy for themselves but never get to. 

17. Door Opener Stylus


The IT gift for the germaphobe of the office. They will get a set with three stylus tools that can be easily kept in the purse or on a keychain. A fun but thoughtful gift. 

18. Work Bestie Mug


Nothing says work bestie more than enjoying your coffee together. Go for matching mugs to seal the pact. 

19. Cordless Desktop Vacuum


The gadget they had no idea they needed. Crumble-free, dust-free, hair-free desk with just one product. 

20. The Official BS Button


For when people are overstepping some very clear boundaries, for when enough is enough or for when they simply aren’t in the mood. Add to cart. 

21. Cat Mousepad


Cat lovers beware, this mousepad is all that and more. 

22. Desktop Tetherball


A fun way to take your mind off work for a couple of minutes. Even better if your colleague was big on tetherball while growing up.

23. Funny Note Pads


If your colleague has a strong sense of humor, these are sure to do the trick. 

24. Novelty Socks


A fun gag gift that’s perfect for that colleague that seems to be constantly thinking of something else while he’s at his desk. 

25. Coworkers Stickers


Show your gratitude and give a “Sent out an email that replaced an email sticker” to the colleague that got you out of yet another boring meeting. 

26. Fun Coloring Book


A great way to pass the time between meetings or for when they need to put work aside for a couple of minutes. It’s fun, relatable and you don’t have to be an artist to color away. 

27. Assorted Note Pads


Each notepad comes with a different title so all they have to do is to let the notepads do all the talking.

28. Conversation Starters


The perfect team building game that is not cheesy or with a 4-page rulebook. Fun for the whole team and could work in so many scenarios, not just for team buildings. 

29. Tangram Wooden Puzzle


This one is for all the puzzle lovers at your office. A fun and entertaining way to take your mind off work for a sec. 

30. Morse Code Bracelet


Trust us, most people will be oblivious to the hidden message behind this bracelet and this makes it even more fun. 

31. Funny Coffee Mug


After more than two years of working from home, I think we all realized some meetings are huge time wasters. This self explanatory mug should be the norm. 

These gifts for work colleagues pave the road to a funnier and more relaxed workplace, we all need to laugh more. Choose a gift that reflects your colleague’s personality and shows how much you value their contributions to the workplace. It can be a small token of appreciation or a more elaborate gift, it’s your call. Happy gifting! 

PS: If your colleague has a dog then maybe consider getting him or her one of these interesting dog products on Amazon. He’s sure to enjoy it!


What are the best gifts for coworkers?

It depends on who you are buying the gift for. What does your coworker like? Maybe some plants, clothes, a watch? For something funny or weird, check out our ideas above. What is a great gift for someone might not be a good idea for another person so do your research before you commit to anything. Get to know your coworkers, ask around about them and you’ll be able to get them the right gift.

What are small homemade gifts for work colleagues?

Anything made by you could become a gift. Things like: cookies, any type of bakery they’d like, painted ceramic mug, roped cup cozy, concrete coasters, wine cork pencil holder, etc.

What gifts to get for a workaholic?

Here are some gift ideas: anti-fatigue mat, anti-glare glasses, memory foam seat cushion and wrist rest (a must), stress toy.

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