Shopping Wonderland: 11 Unusual And Weird Amazon Gadgets You Can Buy


Amazon, the rabbit hole of stuff you browse for at 2 am only because you can’t sleep only to discover something that fixes a problem or the other. We’ve all been there. We tried looking for weird Amazon gadgets that cover a wider array of interests, from cooking to keeping your baby entertained so he doesn’t cry. We hope you find a cool one or at least a decent Christmas stocking stuffer.

1. Otamatone

weird amazon gadgets otamatone jpg
World’s best and easiest instrument has just landed. The hype is real! We’ve watched several tutorials on how to master the Otamatone and we gotta hand it to the guy who invented it, it’s soooo addictive. How do you change the tone you ask? You squeeze that adorable face, that’s how.

What the reviews say: “Son wanted one for his birthday. Had no idea what it was. Turns out it’s really cool. You can play songs on it and make all kinds of sound of effects.”


2. Decompression Toy

weird amazon gadgets decompression pen jpg
Stressed out? Meet your new desk buddy! This toy is like a squishy stress therapist, squeeze, twist, and fidget your worries away. Plus, you get to work on your creativity as well. Feel like going overboard? Buy more than one pen so you can create some cool stuff.

What the reviews say: “My sons both love to mess with this pen and create things with it.”


3. Chop Sabers

weird amazon gadgets chop sabers jpg

Totally unnecessary? Yes, regular chopsticks work just fine. Totally cool and a must buy? Absolutely! Turn sushi night into an epic lightsaber battle with these Chop Sabers! Perfect for Star Wars fans and anyone who wants to dine in galactic style.

What the reviews say: “These are so perfect! I used them for a costume prop but I totally just want to use them as chop sticks! The battery on them has lasted really well”


4. Flower Power Steam Releaser

weird amazon gadgets steam releaser jpg

Not all pot lids have that tiny hole to release the steam and even if they have it, in some cases it’s not enough. This is why this daisy does the trick. It elevates the lid just enough to release some of the extra steam. Best thing about it? It freakin’ spins!!!

What the reviews say: “I got it to keep the lid tilted on my pot. It does the trick, and it entertains me as well.”


5. ToiLight – The Original Toilet Night Light

weird amazon gadgets toilight jpg

A gag gift that has so much potential! If bright light in the middle of the night during your trip to the bathroom annoys you, this little gadget might have a fix for that. Not only that, but it’s also available in fun colors so it makes it perfect for kids’ bathrooms, especially boys, it helps them to find the target easier.

What the reviews say: “This is a great item for every household regardless of age. It works as a nightlight and a target illuminator. I have been able to turn off the hall light as this gives enough light to see the way to the bathroom without tripping on a dog toy.“


6. Rechargeable Flashlight

weird amazon gadgets flashlight gloves jpg
If you have to do handiwork and the lights are out. When you’re going camping. For magic tricks. Whatever. The second we heard flashlight gloves we knew this was a quickly-add-to-cart item. You have a power indicator so they never run out of juice in a weird moment and when they do, you can charge them through the USC cable they come with.

What the reviews say: “This set is bright enough, rechargeable, comfortable and stay on your fingers. Having the charge state displayed is also great. Good design.”


7. Portable Neck Fan

weird amazon gadgets neck fan
Most of us are already going through fall but that doesn’t mean a neck fan is out of the question. You could wear it during your meal prep session, during your workout, or if you travel to an exotic country and the heat is just unbearable. Quick warning though: keep your head in a pony, wearing your hair down and putting this around your neck is asking for trouble.

What the reviews say: “ The high speed is a little loud, but not so much as to be distracting. They charge up pretty quickly and are easy to toss in a bag when you’re not using them. “


8. Prepara Eco Herb Savor Pod

weird amazon gadgets Prepara Pod jpg
We swear, we live in an era where there’s a fix for everything and this proves it. Wilting herbs? Apparently that is no longer an issue with this cool invention. You pop them in, add water, and make sure to refresh it every 3 days or so. It seems to keep the herb fresh and salad-ready for up to 3 weeks.

What the reviews say: “This is a great product!! It keeps my cilantro fresh. Prior to using, I typically was only able to get through 1/2 to 3/4 of a cilantro bunch before I had to toss. I can now use the entire bunch. “


9. Baby Shusher

weird amazon gadgets baby shusher jpg

This is a best seller product and the reviewers seem to vouch for it. Regardless if you’re a new parent or you’re already on your fifth, a crying baby can be quite a nerve wrecker. Baby Shusher calms almost any crying baby and it’s endorsed by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Katy Perry.

What the reviews say: “This is the best purchase ever if you have a newborn!!! My baby is nearing 2 months and clings to me. I can really not get anything done. I tried it out the minute I bought it and he’s asleep and calm almost instantly.”


10. Garlic Crusher

weird amazon gadgets garlic crusher
Perfect for Halloween or to have around just for fun. It works just as well with ginger, nuts, chili or herbs. Just twist it a couple of times and enjoy your dish. The only drawback is the washing process, you’re gonna have to wash it by hand since this won’t last in the dishwashing machine.

What the reviews say: “This is my absolute favorite kitchen gadget. We use a lot of garlic and I’ve tried garlic presses, rockers, etc. With no luck. The Gracula minces garlic so quickly and perfectly every time.“


11. Retro Toaster

weird amazon gadgets retro toaster jpg
A gadget that looks like it was brought here by a time machine. It has a retro design and is able to cook two hotdogs at once. Drip tray for easy and quick cleaning. A mini tong for better handling for hot weenies. Aaaand, it even works with vegan hotdogs.

What the reviews say: “Let me just say that I never used to eat hotdogs as much as I do now with this toaster. We first got ours as a funny wedding gift, but it literally blew my mind how useful this was!”


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