15 Weird Animal Behaviors: From Gambling To A Built-In AC Unit

Step into the wild and prepare to be amazed as we dive into the wacky and wonderful world of weird animal behaviors. Get ready to meet the creatures that engage in everything from gambling to naming their offspring. Buckle up, because this is one wild ride you won’t want to miss.

1. Crows Remember If You’ve Wronged Them

weird animal behaviors: crows rememberCrows are incredibly smart and social birds, and they have a surprising behavior: they hold grudges. These clever creatures have an amazing memory that enables them to remember individuals who have caused them harm or posed a threat before. When they come across these individuals again, crows react with a certain level of animosity. They display aggressive behavior and make vocalizations, all as a way of safeguarding themselves and their group.

2. Octopuses Engage in Aggressive Throwing

Octopuses are known to exhibit a fascinating behavior when engaged in fights. Instead of resorting to physical combat, these intelligent creatures rely on their dexterity and flexibility to pick up objects from their surroundings and skillfully throw them at their opponents, creating a unique and visually stunning display of aggression.

3. Turkey Vultures Have A Built-In AC Unit

weird animal behaviors: turkey vultures have a built in AC unit

When these awesome scavengers start feeling a bit too hot, they have this special adaptation where they excrete their own pee onto their legs and feet. As the liquid evaporates, it cools them down, kind of like a natural air conditioning system. It may sound a little gross, but hey, it works for them!

4. Ants Have Graveyards

weird animal behaviors: ants have graveyarsYou won’t believe this, but ants have their very own graveyards! Yeah, those tiny little workers have a surprisingly organized system when it comes to dealing with their fallen comrades. When an ant dies, its fellow ant buddies don’t just toss it aside. No, no! They actually carry the deceased ant away from the colony and place it in a designated area, almost like a proper ant cemetery.

5. Elephants Conduct Funeral Rituals

weird animal behaviorsElephants, known for their remarkable intelligence and social complexity, exhibit a behavior that closely resembles mourning and funeral rituals. When a member of their herd passes away, elephants gather around the deceased individual, displaying a solemn and respectful demeanor.

6. Fainting Goats

fainting goatGoats “faint” because they have a funny and somewhat peculiar condition called “fainting goat syndrome” or “myotonia.” Basically, when these goats get startled or excited, their muscles tense up and lock for a few seconds, causing them to temporarily lose control of their movement and, well, “faint.” It’s not actually fainting like humans do—it’s more like a temporary muscle stiffness that makes them freeze in place. It might seem a little strange, but don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt them. After a few moments, they bounce right back up and continue on with their goat business as if nothing happened.

7. Pigeons Tend To Gamble

weird animal behaviors: gambling pigeonsBelieve it or not, pigeons have a surprising penchant for gambling! These seemingly ordinary city-dwelling birds have been found to exhibit a fascinating behavior—enjoying games of chance.

8. Male Clownfish Undergo Gender Switching for Dominance

Male clownfish exhibit a fascinating reproductive strategy known as protandrous hermaphroditism. In their social groups, when the dominant female – the only female in the group – dies or disappears, the largest male will undergo a biological transformation, transitioning to become the new dominant female. This unique behavior ensures the survival and stability of the clownfish group.

9. Parrotfish Makes Its Own Cocoon

Get ready for some cozy underwater bedtime stories because parrotfish have a fascinating sleep habit – they sleep in cocoons! These vibrant and quirky fish don’t just find a cozy nook and call it a night. Nope, they take it to the next level. When it’s time for some shut-eye, parrotfish surround themselves with a self-spun, mucus-like cocoon.

10. Ravens Imitate Wolf Howls for Opportunistic Hunting

Ravens, highly intelligent and resourceful birds, have been observed using their vocal mimicry skills to their advantage. In order to attract potential prey, such as small mammals or birds, ravens mimic the howl of a wolf. This clever strategy lures unsuspecting animals into the open, making them easy targets for the ravens to swoop in and steal the coveted meal.

11. Flatworms

Hold onto your seats because flatworms have some seriously strange and wild mating behavior! These peculiar creatures engage in a bizarre practice known as “penis fencing.” aka a battle with their own genitalia! When two flatworms meet and want to mate, they go head-to-head, or rather, penis-to-penis, in a fierce duel. They use their extended reproductive organs like swords, trying to jab and stab each other. The goal is to inseminate the opponent while avoiding being inseminated themselves. The loser of this peculiar genital combat gets stabbed, injected with sperm, and transforms into a female. It’s like a bizarre wrestling match mixed with a gender-switching showdown.

12. Goats Sound Different Around the Globe

Just like how people from different regions have their own unique way of speaking, goats seem to pick up on the sounds and tones of the place they live in. So, if you have a bunch of goats from Texas hanging out with a group of goats from Scotland, over time, they might start “baa-ing” a bit differently.

13. Cows Align Themselves When Eating

When it’s chow time, they have this bizarre habit of all facing the same direction while munching on their grub. Most of them have a tendency to align themselves either facing magnetic north or south. Picture a field full of cows, and every single one of them just lining up and pointing their heads in the exact same direction like they’re in cow formation. It’s like they’re having a synchronized eating session or attending a secret cow meeting.

14. Parrotfishes “Name” Their Babies

Rainbow Parrotfish on the Great Barrier Reef

Parrotfish have a seriously adorable habit – they actually name their little ones! Talk about weird animal behaviors. Yeah, these colorful underwater critters don’t just go with generic names or random calls. They assign unique names to their offspring, kind of like we do. It’s their way of keeping track of their little fishy family members. Imagine a proud parrotfish parent saying, “Hey, come here, little Fred!” or “Time for dinner, Sally!”

15. Horned Lizards Spray Blood as a Defense Mechanism

When these spiky little creatures feel threatened and want to scare off predators, they go all-out with their secret weapon – they spray blood! These clever lizards have a special trick up their scales. When a predator gets too close for comfort, the horned lizard will puff up its body and then forcefully squirt blood out of its eyes! It’s like a scene straight out of a horror movie.

As we conclude our exploration of the strange and fascinating world of weird animal behaviors, we’re left in awe of the incredible diversity and peculiarities that exist within nature. These extraordinary behaviors remind us of the endless wonders that surround us.

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Why are animals walking in circles?

Scientists aren’t sure. Sometimes this can be caused by injuries or illnesses. Other times animals could just do it because they might have just ingested something toxic.

What is Zoochosis?

A form of psychosis found in zoo animals can manifest because of the feeling of being captive. Animals will start to do certain actions, again and again, without any clear reason or purpose.

Which animal never gives up?

If you said honey badger then you are correct. These amazing, almost invincible animals will never back down. It doesn’t matter if they have to protect their meal from hyenas, leopards or lions, even multiple ones! They are really something and there are plenty of Youtube videos showing their bravery, here’s one:

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