Wisconsin’s Legal Shenanigans: 21 Weird Wisconsin Laws

Wisconsin has a lot to offer from great fishing lakes, Milwaukee’s Summerfest, many hills and mountains to explore, beautiful beaches to The Harley-Davidson Museum or many winter activities. It’s a beautiful place, especially in the winter, in the northern parts but there are also some weird Wisconsin laws you should be aware of.

1. No watering the lawn in a way that annoys your neighbor

weird Wisconsin laws: No watering the lawn in a way that annoys your neighborWhile it makes sense that this shouldn’t be done on purpose, to annoy or disturb someone, it seems there are people that do it thus the law in Sheboygan, WI.

2. Women must be accompanied by a man while walking on a street, at night

This does sound weird and we’re at least glad it’s only a law in Racine, WI and not the whole state.

3. A sleeping fireman must not be woken

weird Wisconsin laws: don't wake a firemanWhat?! What if there’s a fire? This very strange rule comes from Racine, WI and is quite the puzzle to say the least.

4. If someone is “offensive looking” he shouldn’t be out in public in the daytime in Milwaukee

What does “offensive looking” mean? What happened here that they thought such a strange rule must be enforced? How can you not allow someone to walk around outside during the day?

5. Parking a car without a HORSE tied to it is not allowed for more than 2 hours

weird Wisconsin laws: don't park your car without a horse nearby

Sounds funny? That’s because it is. So you need to have a horse tied to your car if you plan on parking for more than 2 hours. Clearly an old and outdated ordnance that should not exist anymore. Now wouldn’t it be cool to have a police officer come to you and ask why there’s no horse tied to your car?

6. Shooting any type of missile at parade is prohibited

Basically you shouldn’t throw stuff at people or things during a parade. We think you shouldn’t do this at any other time as well but this law from Racine, regards parades and it’s participants.

7. No sparklers within Milwaukee city limits

weird Wisconsin laws: No sparklers in Milwaukee

While there are people that love them, these are bothersome to most people and animals and should probably be banned in more cities.

8. Don’t “worry” squirrels

In La Crosse, WI, they are probably trying to protect squirrels from any noise or wrongdoing that could harm or scare them. But it does sound funny to think you shouldn’t “worry” them 🙂

9. It seems an unclothed mannequin in the store window is just too much in La Crosse

store mannequinDisplaying one is illegal here and is very frowned upon. Seems like lawmakers in La Crosse don’t have a lot to do since they focus on such trivial things.

10. No checkers in town

If you’re a fan of checkers you will be disappointed to know you can’t play them in public within La Crosse city limits.

11. Using a friend’s telephone to make prank phone calls is illegal

pair of headphonesNo prank phone calls then? This happens in Brookfield where if you allow someone the use of your telephone so they can prank call someone, you’ll be in hot water soon.

12. Livestock goes first

If you meet livestock on public roads they always go first.

13. No riding a bicycle without your hands on the handlebars

man riding a bicycleLook ma, no hands! Not in Sun Prairie, you don’t!

14. No tattoos if they’re not for medical purposes

In Brookfield, WI, people aren’t too fond of tattoos so don’t go there in search of some.

15. Cars can’t be sold on Sunday

car speedometer This is the case with a lot of other US states that usually prioritize this day for church activities or want people to rest on this day and not do things like selling cars.

16. Using a laser pointer to… start a riot is illegal

Wait, what?! Did someone actually manage to start an actual riot using just a last pointer? That must be one heck of a laser pointer.

17. No butter substitutes in state prisons

man eating

Hmm… we wonder why?

18. No cats or dogs in cemeteries

In Sun Prairie, WI, no cats or dogs are welcome in cemeteries except for dogs that help the blind.

19. In St. Croix, women must not wear… red in public

womanJust when you think you’ve heard them all, they pull you back in.

20. No shooting off a gun while your female partner is having an orgasm

Yeah, read that one again. In Connersville this is the law which means at least one person has done this.

21. No playing the flute or drums on the street to attract attention

drumsIf you thought you could drum up some business this way, you’re wrong. Can’t do this in Milwaukee.

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Myths or Repelled Laws

You can marry YOUR house – False

This one is present on some sites that claim it’s actually ok and lawful to do so. The truth is there’s no such ordinance or law. It’s all a myth. You can find more details about this here.

What is the obscenity law in Wisconsin?

Making obscene or indecent signs or drawings in a public place makes one guilty of a Class C misdemeanor.

Are you legally married after 7 years in Wisconsin?

No. Regardless of the time two people have been together for, this is not recognized as a legal marriage until the two have been legally married by an officer of the law.

What is the age of marriage in Wisconsin?

18 years of age is the minimum age of marriage in Wisconsin.

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