Cultural Quirks: 15 Weird Beauty Treatments From Different Cultures

Plump, young skin, long locks, a detox body, the things we go to achieve all of these. The following weird beauty treatments from different cultures cover all these; some are innovative, some a bit on the gross side but apparently they all have the intended results so if you fancy a makeover, these might be it.

1. Bird poop facial

bird on a ledge

Dating back to the Geisha era, nightingale droppings were used for facial treatments due to their enzymes and skin-brightening properties. Who would’ve thought bird poop could be a skincare secret? It’s an age-old beauty hack that’s both bizarre and oddly effective, making your face as radiant as a peeling. The name is just as fun: Uguisu No Fun.

2. Bee venom facial

weird beauty treatments: bee venom

Apparently an Australian thing, they use abeetoxin, a formula that tricks the skin into thinking it had been stung by a bee, thus producing more collagen and elastin, making the skin appear brighter and younger.

3. Snail slime


Ancient Greeks used snail mucin for its skin-healing properties. Fast forward to modern Korea, and snail slime has become a staple in skincare products. Why? Because it’s like Mother Nature’s own moisturizer. Slathering snail slime on your face might sound weird but don’t expect to put the real deal on your face, you will get creams and serums that have snail mucin as main ingredient, you won’t lather yourself in snail goo.

4. Gold facial

gold facial

Gold facial treatments have roots in Ayurveda, with gold believed to boost blood circulation and impart a radiant glow. It’s impossible not to feel like Cleoptra while getting a gold facial. It’s bling for your skin and while it may not make you a pharaoh, you will feel like one for sure.

5. Fish pedicure

weird beauty treatments: Garra Rufa fish

Originating from Turkey, the Garra Rufa fish nibble dead skin off your feet, leaving them smooth and rejuvenated. Having fish give you a pedicure might sound fishy, but people seem to swear by it so if you happen to travel to Turkey add a fish spa to your itinerary.

6. Facial cupping

cups for facial cupping

Ancient Chinese medicine embraced cupping therapy for various health benefits, and it found its way into beauty routines. Suction cups on your face might look weird, but the Chinese believed in stimulating energy flow. PSA: don’t book any important meeting after your cupping session as you might have to deal with some redness and skin sensibility for a couple of hours.

7. Cow dung facial


In rural India cow dung has been used as a skincare remedy for its antiseptic properties. Yes, it sounds like a load of… well, you know. But the antibacterial properties are legit, making it a rural beauty tradition that’s as earthy as it gets. Plus, it seems to work in treating psoriasis and eczema.

8. Seaweed bath


Irish seaweed baths have been a coastal tradition for centuries, believed to detoxify and nourish the skin. It’s like taking a plunge into the Irish sea without leaving your tub. The slimy seaweed might seem odd, but it’s a salty skincare secret for the softest skin if we’re to believe the reviewers.

9. Snake massage

weird beauty treatments: snake massage

This one involves non-venomous snakes slithering on your back, creating a unique sensation believed to relieve muscle tension. Feeling these cold reptiles on your spine might sound eerie but people swear by the relaxing benefits. If you ever try it out don’t forget to come back and give us an update. And if not, why not try a snake soup? Or one of the other 20 or so weirdest soups out there!

10. Urine therapy

weird beauty treatments urine therapy

History: Ancient Egyptians believed in the healing power of urine, using it for various skincare and medicinal purposes. Wait, urine on your face? Well, It’s a historical beauty ritual that might make you wrinkle your nose, but the ancient Egyptians swore by its purifying properties.

11. Infrared blanket

woman in infrared blanket

Infrared sauna blankets use infrared technology to create a sauna-like experience at home, promoting detoxification and relaxation. We’re guessing it feels like being wrapped in a space-age cocoon to sweat out toxins. While it might look a bit sci-fi, the reviews for these are insane!

12. Red wine bath

bathtub filled with red wine

The Spanish have been known to indulge in red wine baths, believing the antioxidants enhance skin health. Dating back to ancient Roman times, the idea of soaking in red wine might sound eccentric, but it’s a luxurious tradition for vino-loving skin that’s available in selected spas.

13. Ice rollers

ice roller

Korean beauty enthusiasts swear by ice facial rollers for depuffing and tightening the skin, with origins in ancient Chinese medicine. Rolling frozen orbs on your face might give you frosty vibes, but it’s a refreshing and cool beauty trend that seems to be everywhere lately.

14. Vampire facial


The “vampire facial” involves using a person’s own blood to rejuvenate the skin, with origins in the field of regenerative medicine. It’s like a skincare ritual straight out of a horror movie, just imagine your whole face covered in blood that’s been in a centrifuge in order to separate its main components. Despite its somewhat eerie reputation, the vampire facial has gained popularity since more celebs started being open about using this procedure, Kim K included.

15. Velaterapia

weird beauty treatments: Velaterapia

A fancy name for a technique that gets rid of split ends by twisting your hair into sections and then going with a lit candle near it. Split ends will stand out and they’ll be instantly fried by the heat of the candle.

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