Crazy Kleptomaniacs – 17 Strangest Things Ever Stolen

You would think that having a safe for your valuables is enough to consider yourself safe. Well, actually not, especially if you cross paths with a cooky thief. Some of the strangest things ever stolen include a lawn, a freakin’ green, lush lawn. No one gets out of the house wondering if the lawn is still there or if someone parted ways with it. We particularly liked number 7 on this list! What about you? Which item were you shocked someone tried stealing? Leave a comment and let us know.

1. Einstein’s Brain

strangest things ever stolen: Einstein's brain

After Albert Einstein passed away in 1955, his brain was removed during the autopsy by a pathologist named Thomas Harvey, all of this happening without proper authorization. Harvey wanted to study the brain and unlock its secrets. Harvey didn’t just hide Einstein’s brain in some secret vault. Nope, he actually cut it into pieces and stored them in jars filled with formaldehyde!

2. Beach Sand

strangest things ever stolen: beach sandA significant amount of sand was stolen from Coral Springs, a Jamaican beach. It caused quite a stir, as it was not your ordinary petty theft, we’re talking about approximately 500 truckloads of sand disappearing never to be seen again. The stolen sand was suspected to be destined for the construction industry, where it could be used for various purposes like building projects or landscaping.

3. Bull Semen


An odd one indeed. In 1989 the staff from California Polytechnic University noticed that a container that housed $10,000 worth of frozen bull semen and embryos was missing, presumably stolen. While the embryos were later found, the semen is still missing to this day. A more recent incident happened in 2022 in Olfen, Germany, when 60 containers of bull semen went missing again. The outcome was the same, no culprits found.

4. Dog Poop

dog sitting down

The action takes place in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. A bold guy tries to steal a truck and when he fails to do so, he decides to grab what he can and make a run for it. The bag that he grabbed was a dog poop bag. The police report doesn’t provide additional reports but it’s fair to say the robber won’t be too happy when he decides to check his loot.

5. Bridges


In 2012 in the Czech Republic, some guys decided to plan a bold heist: the theft of a 10-ton steel bridge. The fun began when local police saw them in action and asked to see their IDs. The guys provided fake ones, saying they were taking the bridge apart to make way for a bike path. The policemen were duped and they managed to sell the bridge for scrap metal.

6. 5,000 Jars of Nutella

jars of nutellaIn April 2013, 5,000 jars of Nutella, worth an estimated $21,000, were stolen from a railway station in Niederaula, Germany. This had to be a planned theft, who on earth just stumbles across a Nutella stash that’s up for grabs? All, can you imagine the sugar rush?

7. Parts Of A Glacier

glacierIn 2012, a man embarked on a courageous journey, to steal five tones of ice from the Jorge Montt Glacier. Apparently the ice had one destination: fancy bars and restaurants where glacier ice is in high demand. Estimated at around $6,100, the theft caused a lot of commotion at the time, mostly because Chile, like the rest of world, is dealing with global warming aka glaciers disappearing at a faster than usual rate.

8. Ski Lift

stolen things ski lift scaledWe’re going back to the Czech Republic for this. And again with the same scenario: big theft, including pylons, pulley and 0.62 mile-long wire without anyone batting an eyelid, disappeared with no trace, the final destination being overly obvious: scrap metal.

9. Lawn

man holding a piece of lawn
Photo credit: Darren Ballas

In May 2023 Bryan Michael Stoller woke up to discover almost 30 feet of artificial turf missing from his front lawn. The guys came equipped and all, you can’t just unroll it and go home with it, the whole thing has thousands of nails into it.

10. Condom Machine

stolen things condoms scaledThe time a drunk guy committed a felony in the name of safe sex. In 1994 Keith Bradford went to the toilet of a pub and suddenly decided he must go home with the condom machine. He carried it home being so tipsy he didn’t notice the police following him.

11. Fiberglass Bison Testicles

Edmonton, Canada was the host of the 2001 World Championships in Athletics. In honor of this event, the city commissioned bison statues to represent the flag of each of the countries participating. While the police caught the two guys responsible for ‘depriving’ one bull of its pride and joy, 19 other cases remained unsolved. Memorabilia? Just for the rush of it? Kids these days? We’ll never know!

12. High-End Buttons

stolen things buttons scaledThis one has a weird twist, guys. In 1992 a woman was caught stealing 27 buttons, worth $305, all while exploring the store pretending to look for clothes to buy. Cops discovered she was Felicidad Noriega, the wife of Panamanian Manuel Noriega, a dictator that at the same time his wife went shopping, was awaiting sentencing for a cohort of criminal activities. He got 40 years in prison for his deeds while his wife got away with some fines and community service.

13. A Small Fortune In Calculators

calculatorsBetween Feb. 19 and March 7 2023, a gang of teens broke into several school from the Bronx area and stole calculators and small school-related items worth around
$42,500. They’re easy to carry, to stash and easy to flip, no brainer here.

14. Hearse And Corpse Duo

hearseImagine how desperate you are for a quick buck that you decide to steal a hearse that has a body in the back. Deon Howard from Illinois stole the car then suddenly abandoned it on the side of the road. Aaaaaand, no body inside, the corpse was found only a day later.

15. A Wienermobile’s Catalytic Converter

stolen things weinermobile jpgCatalytic converter theft is on the rise, the metals used, palladium, rhodium, and platinum, are sold for big bucks. Or the thief just wanted to have a rare piece of automobile. It can go either way.

16. Beef Jerky Stash

beefApparently DeeDee’s Finest Beef Jerky is the real deal cause it was hit twice, once at 10 pm and then again at 4 am, only several hours later. The thieves were later identified but provided no reason for their $3,000 worth of jerky joyride.

17. Napoleon Bonaparte’s Privates

painting of NapoleonWe’re on a slippery slope here, from Einstein’s Brain to Bonaparte’s private parts. Napoleon died, an autopsy was conducted and the doctor in charge of the procedure cut it off then gave it to a priest that smuggled it from St. Helena to Corsica. As expected, it was not preserved well, shriveling beyond recognition. It was sold to John K. Lattimer – a famous urologist – in 1977, and it’s now part of their private collection.

What made you gasp more? The last one? The condom machine? Regardless, these are just some of the strangest things ever stolen, the human mind went to unexpected depths, we could have easily listed 100 things and still we wouldn’t have captured everything.

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Which are the vehicles most likely to be stolen?

According to, the following cars are beloved by car fans around the world, being them owners or thieves:

1. Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

2. Dodge Charger HEMI

3. Infiniti Q50

4. Dodge Challenger

5. Land Rover Range Rover four-wheel drive

6. Land Rover Range Rover Sport 4WD

7. Nissan Maxima

8. Kia Rio

9. Dodge Charger

10. Honda Accord

11. BMW X7 4WD

12. Chrysler 300

13. Kia Sportage

14. Ram 3500 crew cab LWB 4WD

15. Ford F-350 SuperCrew 4WD

16. Kia Sportage 4WD

17. Ford F-250 SuperCrew 4WD

18. Honda CR-V

19. Dodge Durango 4WD

20. Hyundai Accent

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