35 Weird California Laws You Won’t Believe Are Still In Effect

There are many, many weird California laws, as there are strange or unusual laws in most states in the US. We’ve gathered a few of the juiciest ones for your amusement. Enjoy!

1. Like pouring salt on highways?

Who doesn’t? But in Hermosa Beach that’s an illegal act.

2. Illegal to curse on a mini golf course?

Yes, in Long Beach this is illegal if you can believe it. We wonder what happened that they made this sort of thing a law?

3. The LAW that takes the cake

weird California laws: too ugly to walk the streetsIn San Francisco, if you’ve been classified as “ugly” then you aren’t allowed to walk on ANY street! Can you believe this? Why is this a law in the first place? And why is it STILL a law? One of the weirdest, stupidest and dumb laws in California for sure.

4. In Palm Springs, you aren’t allowed to walk your camel

But only between 4-6 p.m. after which all is well. It’s illegal to do so just on Palm Canyon Drive, in that timeframe for some reason.

5. Growing oleander in Norco is a no-no

weird California laws: no Oleander in NorcoWhy would this be illegal in Norco?

6. In Glendale, you can’t jump in or out of a moving vehicle

All sorts of weird here. Why would you want to jump into or out of a moving car? Or what happens if you’re abducted and just try jumping out of the car? Is that ilegal? Very strange.

7. Again, in Glendale, it’s not legal to drive in reverse

What? Why? What’s going on in Glendale?

8. If you own an elephant you’d better avoid Market Street

elephant in the street

In San Francisco this is still a law. You are not allowed to do this unless your elephant is on a leash. Why only on Market Street? How’s the leash going to help if the elephant decides he wants to go for a run?

9. Women must not drive vehicles wearing a housecoat!

So if you’re in a hurry and get into your car wearing a housecoat you are going to be fined?

10. In Downey you aren’t allowed to wash your car in the street

Well, this is perhaps not so bad because some people make a real mess when they do this.

What do you think of these 10 weird California laws? Have they made you say “What the…?” yet? Well, here’s more to think about:

11. In LA, you can’t wash a neighbor’s car if they didn’t give you the green light

We wouldn’t mind really since it’s a free car washing session and who doesn’t like that? But we can understand why some people wouldn’t want their property touched by someone else.

12. Two dogs and two cats are just too many for San Jose

It might sound weird but this law actually makes sense since there are people that want to have way too many animals and end up not taking good care of them.

13. If you like bowling on the sidewalk then Chico is not for you

It’s illegal to bowl on the sidewalk here. It’s clear someone actually did this so they had to enforce it with a law but still, pretty weird.

14. In San Diego, Christmas lights must be removed before February 2

If that doesn’t happen, you will be fined $250. Now that’s a way to get your husband to remove the lights in record time, right?

15. In Fresno, you are not allowed to bother lizards at city parks

Honestly, this should be the case with any animal within city parks and even zoo.

16. In Long Beach, your garage must ONLY contain your car

If there’s anything but the car in there you are going to get into trouble. Can you imagine getting a fine for having stuff in your own garage?

17. In Arcadia, peacocks are kings

Here peacocks have the right of way on all roads or driveways! We’ve heard of protecting peacocks and other animals but this is ridiculous. If you see a peacock in the road, you have to wait for it to pass before being able to drive away? What if it doesn’t want to go?

19. In LA you are not allowed to (drum rolls please)… hunt moths under street lamps!

We’ll give you a bit of time to think about this. If you always believed this was legal guess again.

20. Don’t wear high heels in Carmel

In Carmel city, women are not allowed to wear high heels. This must be a very old law or something because nowadays this is just absurd.

21. Autonomous vehicles (driverless cars) must not exceed 60 mph.

This is not a bad decision since driverless cars are still a new thing and we must make sure they are completely reliable. But it’s still a bit weird.

22. In San Francisco, you can’t carry open baskets with pastries, bread or cake

It’s illegal and unless it’s in a closed container, you will get into trouble. Are people craving carbs THAT bad?

23. In Blythe, if you own two cows you are allowed to wear cowboy boots otherwise you’re not

It’s a select club, you know? But we wonder: if you own one cow, can you wear one boot?

24. In Walnut, it’s illegal to dress as females if you’re a boy or man

UNLESS it’s for drama or amusement. This means anyone could dress up as a woman and just say it was for amusement purposes, couldn’t they?

25. In Walnut (again), you are not allowed to fly a kite higher than 10 feet

How can you realize it’s within or over 10 feet? And why 10 feet? Is there someone that starts measuring when you take your kite out for a spin?

26. In Prunedale, two bathtubs are just one too many

If you’d like to have two or more bathtubs in your own house and live in Prunedale, that will be impossible as they don’t allow it. Why? Who knows?

27. If you’ve lost your canary don’t start whistling

Not unless it’s after 7 a.m. because if it’s not then it’s illegal. Sounds very weird and it happens in Berkeley.

28. In Fresno it’s against the law to disturb or injure… rocks

Yes, you’ve actually read that correctly! Do this in Fresno City Park and you are in for trouble.

29. In Carmel, the fashion police will get you

If you aren’t wearing pants and a jacket that matches then you just can’t leave the house.

30. Like owning a smelly animal hide? Not in Chico you don’t

Remember Chico? Well it seems this city has a lot more laws that are very strange to say the least.

31. Throwing hay in a cesspool is permissible in Chico

You must obtain a permit for this.

32. If you have a herd of cattle you can’t drive it down a street

Where? In Chico, of course.

33. Kids are NOT allowed to play on the sidewalk

Why Chico? Why won’t you allow children to play there?

34. One of the weirdest laws ever

You’ll get a $500 fine if you… detonate a nuclear device within Chico. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Detonating a NUCLEAR device will cost just $500. Some laws are just way too weird to even think about them.

And if you thought that was one of those weird California laws, you are correct but wait until you hear this next one.

35. In LA, there’s a law that prohibits a man from BEATING his wife with a strap wider than 2 inches!

Not unless the wife consents to it! So beating your wife is allowed in San Francisco? What in the world is this? Can you believe this is actually a LAW? In 2023?

That’s all the juicy, strange, unusual and downright weird California laws we’ve found. We’ve sure there are others and you can always share them in the comments and we will include them. Thanks for reading or 35 weird California laws and make sure to continue reading other of our wacky and weird articles!

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Is jaywalking legal in California?

Yes, starting with Jan 1 of this year this was made legal in California. Many people already did this so they made it a law.

Does California have the most laws?

Yes, California is one of the states with the most laws, with 395 608 regulations and restrictions.

Is street art illegal in California?

Yes, graffiti is illegal when done on public or private property without specific authorization from owners.

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