21 Weirdest Fast Food Items That Will Make You Go Gaga

You have your burgers, your chicken wings, and then you order up some pickle juice. Wait, what?! You gotta love the drive these fast food chains have to create something out of the ordinary or to satisfy certain cultural cravings. Sometimes they sell the weirdest fast food items. And in some cases they end up overdelivering, leaving people asking for more.

1. McSpaghetti, McDonald’s (Philippines)

McSpaghetti, McDonald's (Philippines)In the 1970s McDonald’s decided to try its hand at spaghetti. Imagine your favorite fast-food joint serving up a plate of saucy spaghetti. Discontinued several years later, this dish still continues to exist in the Filipino cuisine. It’s a fusion that raises eyebrows but apparently it has its own devoted fanbase.

2. Crown Crust Carnival, Pizza Hut (International)

Weirdest Fast Food Items: Crown Crust Carnival, Pizza Hut (International)

Pizza Hut unleashed the Crown Crust Carnival in several countries. This is a pizza with mini cheeseburgers or even mini pizzas all around the crust.

3. Double Down, KFC (International)

Weird Fast Food: Double Down, KFC (International)

The KFC Double Down is a sandwich that replaces the bun with fried chicken patties. Between them, you’ll find bacon, cheese, and sauce. A breadless wonder, this is a great choice if you’re trying to cut down on carbs or if you follow a gluten-free diet.

4. Cottage Cheese McMuffin, McDonald (Poland)

Cottage Cheese McMuffin, McDonald (Poland)

Cottage cheese and radish come together to bring this McMuffin to life. You get a vegetarian and somewhat healthier alternative.

5. Kuro Burger, Burger King (Japan)

Kuro Burger, Burger King (Japan)Here you have the standard burger with a gothic twist. The Black Burger features black buns and black cheese, all thanks to bamboo charcoal. The ketchup and the onions are colored with squid ink and bamboo charcoal.

6. Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider, Taco Bell (Canada)

Weirdest Fast Food Items: Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider, Taco Bell (Canada)Taco Bell Canada decided to up the crunch factor by adding Cheetos to their Crunchwrap Slider. It was a mashup of cheesy goodness, combining the classic Taco Bell flavors with the iconic crunch of Cheetos.

7. Shrimp Burger, McDonald (Japan)

Shrimp Burger, McDonald (Japan)

And yes, the patty is made entirely of shrimp coated in breadcrumbs. And double yes, people seem to go crazy for it.

8. Chizza, KFC (International)

Chizza, KFC (International)

Pizza? Chicken? Both? KFC’s Chizza is a culinary Frankenstein’s monster – a pizza with a fried chicken crust. Topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and various pizza toppings, it’s an explosion of umami.

9. Kit Kat Quesadilla, Taco Bell (United States)

Weirdest Fast Food Items: Kit Kat Quesadilla, Taco Bell (United States)

For a limited time, US Taco Bell experimented with a dessert quesadilla featuring melted Kit Kat bars. It’s a sweet and savory combination that leaves you wondering whether your taste buds should be in dessert mode or craving Mexican flavors. And a dessert you could easily put together at home. We dare you! If you do go for it let us know how it goes 😉

10. Pickle Juice Slush, Sonic Drive-In (USA)

Pickle Juice Slush, Sonic Drive-In (USA)
Yes, with this one you get to drink pickle juice. Apparently it tastes just like the real deal and after a short hiatus it made its way back to the fast food scene due to popular demand.

11. Windows 7 Whopper, Burger King (Japan)

Windows 7 Whopper, Burger King (Japan)

Burger King introduced in Japan the Windows 7 Whopper to celebrate the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 7. Quite the whopper, indeed!

12. Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich, Dunkin’ Donuts (United States)

Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich, Dunkin' Donuts (United States)
A breakfast sandwich that used glazed donuts as the “bread.” Stuffed with bacon and eggs, it’s a sweet and savory combo that challenges the traditional notions of a breakfast sandwich.

13. Prosperity Burger, McDonald’s (Malaysia)

Prosperity Burger, McDonald's (Malaysia)
McDonald’s in Malaysia rolls out the Prosperity Burger during the Chinese New Year season. It has a beef or chicken patty, black pepper sauce, and sliced onions in a sesame seed bun.

14. Marmite Stuffed Crust, Pizza Hut (New Zealand)

Marmite Stuffed Crust, Pizza Hut (New Zealand)
This one had a crust with a touch of marmite, a yeast extract spread known for its strong and divisive flavor. The result was a love-it-or-hate-it crust that sparked strong reactions.

15. McRice Burger, McDonald’s(Asia)

McRice Burger, McDonald's(Asia)
McDonald’s offered the McRice Burger, where the traditional burger bun is swapped out for rice patties. People are still waiting for it to make a big comeback.

16. Naked Chicken Chalupa, Taco Bell (United States)

Naked Chicken Chalupa, Taco Bell (United States)
They took the idea of a taco shell and replaced it with a shell made entirely of fried chicken. This is a protein-packed, carb-free alternative for those looking to ditch the traditional tortilla.

17. Coriander Sundae, McDonald’s (China)

Coriander Sundae, McDonald's (China)
A hell yeah or hell no kind of treat, there is no middle ground here. If you like coriander you might find this a pleasure for your taste buds but if you’re on the fence when it comes to this divisive spice, just say no.

18. The Real Cheeseburger, Burger King (Thailand)

Weird Fast Food: The Real Cheeseburger, Burger King (Thailand)
Hold the meat, hold the sauce, give me all the cheese kind of situation. People went crazy for it, reception ranging from disgust to total awe.

19. Soused Herring Sandwiches, Norsee (Germany)

Soused Herring Sandwiches, Norsee (Germany)
This one is for all the fish lovers out there. Imagine pickled herring on a bed of lettuce, accompanied by tomato and onion slices, all nestled in a bun. It has its fans, believe it or not.

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20. Kimchi Quesadilla, Taco Bell (South Korea)

Kimchi Quesadilla, Taco Bell (South Korea)
While this still is a favorite in South Korea with almost zero chances of being launched in other countries, at least not anytime soon, you can try an at home recipe if you crave one.

21. Chicken-Flavored Chocolate Truffles, KFC (United States)

Weird Fast Food: Chicken-Flavored Chocolate Truffles, KFC (United States)
Nothing says “love you, mom” more than a box of chocolates that actually taste like chicken, spices and all. No joke, these look super fancy but taste like the trademark KFC chicken.

These are the weirdest fast food items we’ve heard of. Know of any others? Share them in the comments and we might include them here.

Thanks and have a good one!

And don’t forget to Stay Weird 😉

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