15 Weirdest Laws In Florida You Didn’t Know Existed

If you’re not from Florida but want to visit you should definitely be aware of these weirdest laws in Florida (just to stay on the safe side). You never know when you can get a fine or even end up in jail for something that seems trivial at first sight. Better safe than sorry, right? 

Steal a horse = death by hanging

Yes, that is correct! Offenders can be punished with death by hanging if they are caught stealing a horse. This law is no longer enforceable and is usually punished with up to 5 years in prison and a $5000 fine. 

No parking in intersections 

Busy intersection

This law is not really weird but it is strange that this needs to be mentioned. No one should ever park at an intersection. It can cause accidents and the road would be blocked for other traffic participants so it’s a clear violation.  

Singing, on the beach, in a swimsuit is a no-no 

One of the weirdest laws in Florida - no singing on the beach in swimwear

Is it illegal to sing in a swimsuit in Florida? Yes, yes it is. If you like singing while wearing a swimsuit then you’d better do it indoors. Can you believe this is still illegal? This law is generally not applied but you never know what kind of a cop you’ll run across so be careful out there 😉 

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Illegal to fall asleep under a hair dryer at a hair salon for women

hair dryer at a hair salon

Have you ever fallen asleep while under a hair dryer? Make sure you’re not in Florida if you do this as you’ll be fined alongside the salon owner. I wonder if this is still the case if a man falls asleep like this? 

Sunday parachuting is prohibited for unmarried women

woman parachuting

Care for a bit of parachuting, on a Sunday, as an unmarried woman? Don’t do it. This is actually a law if you can believe it and you could (in theory) be fined. It’s usually not enforced. Again, men can do it without problems which isn’t really fair, is it? 

No strapless gowns for men

We don’t want you to think that men can do anything in Florida. They can’t. For example, they can’t wear strapless gowns in public at any time. 

Don’t sell oranges in Miami Beach

Orange cart 

Miami doesn’t seem to like oranges for some reason. And the punishment is no joke: up to 30 days in jail! We’re not kidding! 

No farting after 6PM

This is just for public places but still, it’s weird. If you’re doing it before 6PM it’s apparently alright but after that time, well, you are in for a fine. Makes one wonder how they would catch someone doing this? And who thought it would be a good idea to add that 6PM? Why is it ok to fart earlier? 

Doing things that may offend or disturb someone, can get one fined

Things like setting off fireworks near someone’s house could get you into serious trouble in Florida. We understand that there are certain limits that must not be crossed but what is too much? Even playing loud music or making very loud noises can lead to fines if you are reported. 

Riding a skateboard in a Miami police station is not allowed

Riding a skateboard

Why is this even up for debate? Who thought riding a skateboard in a police station was a good idea? 

There’s a myth/lie circulating online regarding this, some people stating that skateboarding would be illegal without a license. This is false. Like we mentioned above, only skateboarding within a police station is prohibited. 

If in Pensacola don’t roll a barrel down the street

Because who hasn’t thought about rolling a barrel down a street, right? Well we sure didn’t but maybe someone has or else this wouldn’t be another weird law in Florida. In Pensacola, you will be fined if you are seen doing this and here’s the kicker: the fine depends on what is in the actual barrel! Weird, no? There sure are some strange laws in Florida…

In Cape Coral one isn’t allowed to hang your clothes on a clothesline 

This one is weird to say the least. Where should you hang your clothes to dry? Indoors? We wonder what people actually do in Cape Coral when it comes to drying their clothes? Do they use electric clothes dryers? 

When in Tampa, no eating cottage cheese after 6PM on a Sunday

woman eating cottage cheese

What’s up with Florida and Sundays? Can’t parachute if you’re an unmarried woman and you can’t eat cottage cheese if it’s 6PM? What happens if you do both at the same time? We can see it now: people eating cottage cheese, hiding in their homes so the police won’t fine them… 

It’s against the law to keep a pregnant, female pig, in a cage or tied up

pigs running

Since potbellied pigs are very popular pets in Florida, this law makes a bit of sense in a way. While we understand why we should have laws that deal with animal cruelty, we must also point out that there may be times when a pregnant pig might need to be in a cage. Maybe while transporting it to the vet? What then? 

You can’t tie your elephant to a parking meter without paying a parking fee – FALSE

elephant near a parking meter

There is a myth/lie being shared online that you need to tie your elephant to a parking meter without paying a parking fee. This would have been one of the weirdest laws in Florida and in the world at that, wouldn’t it? Fortunately this is not true and is just a sort of myth heard sometimes in forums. There is no mention of such a law so you can tie your elephant to a parking meter without any problem. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the weirdest laws in Florida. Make sure you take care when you’re there and not get into trouble. We tried to warn you… 

Also there are some very interesting things on this page if you’d like to know more about the history of Florida law.


What is illegal in Florida after 6PM?

Eating cottage cheese but just on Sundays and just in Tampa.  

Is cursing illegal in Florida?

Usually, cursing in public wouldn’t be an illegal offense but it all depends. Are you trying to incite violence or illegal activities with your language? Then disorderly conduct charges can be brought against you.  

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