Cornfields And Chuckles: 25 Amusing And Weird Indiana Laws

When you say Indiana, you may first think of Indianapolis or maybe the huge Garfield sculptures from Fairmount or perhaps a trip to Amish country? Whatever your heart desires, Indiana’s got you covered. There’s Turkey Run State Park (with hiking trails, horseback riding, fishing, canoeing), Children’s Museum of Indianapolis which is a must visit, Antique Alley (you’re sure to find something cool here) or you can take a ride on the “Spirit of Jasper” Train.

So if you’re thinking of visiting make sure you take some time to visit a few of these beautiful and special places. And also make sure you know about the somewhat weird Indiana laws. Every state has some and Indiana is no different. It’s best to be aware of these so you don’t break them without knowing and get into some kind of trouble.

1. In Indiana, you’ll have to pay a $3 fine per pack if you’re caught playing cards

playing cards

That’s sure to deter anyone from playing, right? They are trying to reduce and prevent gambling but this sure doesn’t look like it would work. Or does it? Let us know in the comments.

2. Young girls must not ride bicycles to school!

Why? you ask. Well, that should be obvious: because they could unknowingly show a flash of white manties to passing men. We’re not making this up. Yeah, some of these weird Indiana laws are really something.

3. In South Bend, it’s illegal to make a monkey smoke a cigarette.

weird Indiana laws: illegal to make a monkey smoke a cigar

How about playing the banjo? Or the guitar? Or bake a pie? Or play weird games for pc? Oh, the possibilities…

4. In Terre Haute no one is allowed to spit on the sidewalk.

There’s a similar law in most states so nothing out of the ordinary here. Also, in Auburn you can’t spit within buses, public institutions or within places or worship like churches.

5. Throwing stones at birds can only be done in self-defense


A sensible law that protects birds and should be present everywhere, not just in Indianapolis.

6. In Warsaw, you can’t throw an ottoman at your neighbor.

You need written permission to do it. Just kidding about this last part. Did we get you? No, but you aren’t actually allowed to throw an ottoman (or other missiles) across the street at your neighbor. Who knows what happened that they had to enforce this in such a way? And if you think this sounds strange just get a look at these 20 dumb laws in Pennsylvania!

7. In Indiana, mustaches are not that great

weird Indiana laws: no mustaches

You can’t have one if you are a “habitual” kisser of other humans. Yep, it’s strange to say the least.

8. Park your car the right way

In Indiana you can’t back into a parking spot as it stops police from seeing the actual license plate of the car. This right here can easily get you into trouble. A lot of people aren’t aware this is considered a no-no here.

9. In Indiana, males must work on public roads

public road

If you’re a male, between 18-50 years of age then you must work 6 days a year on public roads.

10. No baths in Indiana

How about a warm bath after a hard day of work? Not between October and March, if you’re from Indiana.

11. Carrying your own cocktail from the bar to a table can get you into trouble!

drinks on a bar

Yes, believe it or not this should be the job of the waiter and you should never do this and in Indiana they stick to it.

12. Hypnotists can be ok but beware

If you want to lose weight or quit smoking then a hypnotist is ok. Otherwise you will need a referral from a licensed physician. This is something you could do without knowing and get into trouble in Indiana.

13. No Bob Dylan songs

Bob Dylan show
Photo by Chris Boland.

It seems they don’t really like Bob Dylan in Indiana. Singing any of his songs in public can be considered a criminal offense.

14. In Elkhart, Indiana, a barber must not ever threaten to cut off a child’s ears

What?! We know, we know. It sounds weird but there probably was at least one barber that did this so a law had to be created. Just imagine going to the barber with your child just for the barber to tell him or her that they will cut off their ears! What a magical day that would be, no?

15. Selling laughing gas to induce laughter is a no-no

man laughing

Never do this or you’ll get into trouble as this is illegal.

16. No funky business in public

It’s illegal for a man to be nude or engage in sexual dealings in public. Well, this is not a bad law as sometimes people can take things way too far in public, but it is weird to read things like “illegal for man to be sexually aroused in public”.

17. No glue sniffing

A classic that’s present in a lot of states.


18. No watermelon eating in the park in Beech Grove

That’s it. You just aren’t allowed to eat a good, juicy watermelon in the park there. Who knows what happened there…

19. Drinking at the bar can be dangerous


Imagine this: you’re at the bar, enjoying a beer when an officer approaches and arrests you for drinking from your own bottle! It seems you need to pour that drink into a glass and drink from that, otherwise you could face an arrest.

20. A very strange one

On Fridays, Indiana residents must not eat their own severed body parts! Yeah, you just read that.

21. In Gary, eating garlic and going out can be problematic


You’re not allowed to go on a ride in a public car or enter a theater within 4 hours of eating garlic. This can be problematic for a few people that really love eating garlic.

22. Is there a loophole here?

“Anyone 14 or older who profanely curses, damns or swears by the name of God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost, shall be fined one to three dollars for each offense, with a maximum fine of ten dollars per day.” So if they’ve already paid $10 for the day, they can use profanity for the rest of the day without having to pay for it?

23. Black cats and Friday the 13th

weird Indiana laws: all blacks cats must wear bells on Friday the 13th

In French Lick Springs, all cats that are black must wear bells on Friday the 13th. Because you need to know when bad luck is around the corner.

24. Immoral puppets

Running a tumbling act, wire dancing or puppet show (and getting paid for it) will be fined $3. It seems this is against the Act to Prevent Immoral Practices. Those immoral puppets, right?

25. Catching a fish with your bare hands is illegal

bare hand fishing is illegal

Sounds weird but this is another one that’s present in a lot of other states. Sometimes it’s also specified that you can’t use dynamite to catch fish. Yeah, some people will do that. 

So, as you can see, there are plenty of weird Indiana laws. We’ve just highlighted some of the weirder ones. Hope you found a few good ones.

Is it illegal to gossip in Indiana?

Yes. In Indiana gossip or talking behind a person’s back are illegal.

Is it illegal to shower between October and March in Indiana?

No. It’s illegal to take a BATH between October and March in Indiana. Taking a shower is ok.

Can you drink on the sidewalk in Indiana?

Yes. Any person over the age of 21 can drink or carry alcoholic beverages on sidewalks or in public.

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