Quirky Gigs, Big Bucks: 19 Weird Jobs That Pay Well

Ready to discover the quirkiest and most lucrative gigs out there? Dive into our wild world of weird jobs that pay well. From professional cuddlers to professional line standers, these unusual money earners prove that you can turn your quirks into cash.

1. Professional cuddler

weird jobs that pay well: professional cuddlerYup, you heard it right! Some people get paid to cuddle others and provide comfort. Whether you’re a hugger by nature or just have an uncanny talent for making people feel cozy, this job could be right up your snuggly alley. The pay? Up to $100 per hour!

2. Dog food tester

weird jobs that pay well: dog food testerWe all have that ONE friend that thinks it’s funny to have a go at Fido’s bowl and see what the fuss is all about. Now imagine getting paid to taste-test dog food. The requirements are simple, you must have a strong stomach and a discerning palate to make sure our four-legged friends are dining in style. You get paid around $23/hr which allows you to amass $40.726 per year in the US.

3. Professional mermaid/merman

blurry picture of a mermaid

Dreams do come true, or at least you could play pretend in case they don’t. Channel your inner Ariel or Triton by becoming a professional mermaid or merman. Entertain crowds, teach swimming lessons, and dive into the world of aquatic fantasy, all while making a splashy $67.39 an hour income. Talk about weird jobs that pay well!

4. Odor tester

weird jobs that pay well: odor tester

If you’ve got a literal nose for things, consider applying for a job as an odor tester. Sniffing things like deodorants, perfumes, and even mouthwash (the before and after test) might be an odd gig, but it pays surprisingly well for those with a finely-tuned schnoz. This is more of a side gig that comes at a $38.66 an hour pay.

5. Waterslide tester

weird jobs that pay well: waterslide testerGet ready for a wet and wild ride! As a waterslide tester, you’ll slide down slides all day, testing their speed, safety, and fun factor. Forget all those naysayers that keep saying you should grow up, stay a kid and get paid like an adult, between $30,000 and $60,000.

6. Professional line stander

waiting in lineHate waiting in line, don’t have either the time or the patience? Well, guess what? Some folks get paid to stand in lines for others – whether it’s for concert tickets, the latest gadgets, or that fancy new food truck yumminess. Queue up for cash and save someone else’s time. With the average hourly pay at $20 this is a simple and easy way to boost your income.

7. Professional mourner

casketBelieve it or not, some cultures hire people to attend funerals and mourn as a way to honor the deceased. In some eastern European countries the louder the scream of sorrow, the better, so do your research. Shed a tear, offer condolences, and lend emotional support during difficult times – all while earning your keep. As always, hourly pay ranges but people reported somewhere between $120 to $500 per funeral which is huuuuge.

8. Crime scene cleaner

crime scene signEver seen those scenes on TV where people in hazmat suits clean up crime scenes? Well, someone’s gotta do it. If you’re not squeamish and have a strong stomach, this gig could be your path to a not-so-ordinary $50k paycheck. Also, you might want to tune in to The Cleaner, a hilarious TV series starring Greg Davies.

9. Fortune cookie writer

fortune cookies

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself who writes those quirky messages inside fortune cookies? If you’re witty and have a knack for putting on paper concise, cryptic wisdom, you could be the one sprinkling good vibes into dessert. No stress, no worry, just a $56,000 annual salary.

10. Snake “milker”

snakeIf you’re not afraid of slithery reptiles, consider becoming a snake milker. And nope, you’re not going in for milk, duh! These brave souls extract venom from snakes, which is then used to create antivenom. It’s a high-risk job with a high-reward paycheck, starting at $30,000 and going as high as $80,000 per year, depending on your skills, experience, location etc.

11. Professional whistler

kid with a whistleIf you find yourself whistling just for the fun of it, you might be surprised to know that some folks make a living doing just that. Whether it’s in commercials, music, or even sound effects, your whistling skills could be music to your bank account’s ears. The pay? Well, Geert Chatrou put it like this : “I do between 75 and 100 concerts a year and earn twice as much as I did as a nurse.”

12. Ostrich babysitter

baby ostrichsOstriches are big, feathery, and can be quite unpredictable. Ostrich babysitters are there to ensure these flightless birds are well taken care of and out of trouble. All for a $10/hour pay and all the fun you can cram.

13. Professional ethical hacker

weird jobs ethical hacker scaledAlso known as a white hat hacker, this is the good guy in a hacking scenario. Ethical hackers are cybersecurity experts hired to find vulnerabilities in systems, websites, and networks before the bad guys do. With an average salary of $121,875 a year, we’d say this is a pretty nice way to earn your keep.

14. LEGO designer

Lego pieceFreakin’ yes! LEGO sculptors bring the popular colorful bricks to life by creating impressive sculptures for displays, events, and even theme parks. Your childhood hobby could become a creative and profitable career that comes with a $55,000 annual pay.

15. Private island caretaker

islandThere are jobs where you get paid to take care of private islands. From maintaining the landscape to ensuring the luxury amenities are top-notch, this job is like a dream vacation that never ends. Staging on a private island and getting paid $48,500 to do so? Sign us up!

16. Professional bridesmaid or groomsman

groomsmanFor those who love weddings and know how to rock a bridesmaid or groomsman role, there’s a job for you. Be a pro at celebrating love and making sure everything goes smoothly, all while earning some wedding cake cash at a whooping $67.39 an hour.

17. Furniture tester

weird jobs furniture tester scaledImagine lounging on sofas, bouncing on beds, and sinking into armchairs – all in the name of quality assurance. Furniture testers make sure that couches are cozy and chairs are comfy before they hit the stores. As a kid you were asked to stay still or you’ll end up wrecking the furniture. Now you’re getting paid $52,000 for not standing still.

18. Golf ball diver

golf ballsGolf courses are full of water hazards, and guess what? These golf ball divers collect those errant balls that take a swim. While it may sound unconventional, retrieving golf balls from ponds and lakes can be surprisingly lucrative, with a pay ranging between $30,000 and $100,000.

19. Iceberg mover

icebergIn some regions, icebergs pose a threat to shipping routes. Iceberg movers use tugboats to gently guide these massive chunks of ice away from danger. It’s a unique gig that requires quite a handful of skills but if you think you have it in you, go ahead and apply. You’ll have a part-time job and $20,000 a year to spare.

Remember that the job market is evolving, we’ve all seen just what the AI technology can do. The unconventional can become the norm when it comes to your career. Embrace your uniqueness, explore your passions, and who knows, you might stumble upon the perfect quirky job that fits in the weird jobs that pay well category.

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Are these weird jobs actually legitimate careers?

Absolutely! Granted, some of them do sound bizarre but many of these unique vocations are genuine and thriving careers. In fact, some people have turned their unconventional interests into lucrative jobs. Whether it’s being a professional mermaid, a video game tester, or a Netflix binge-watcher, these weird jobs that pay well exist, and they’re paying the bills. If you’d like to learn more about such jobs you can always watch Dirty Jobs, a show focused on this.

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